Heijoen Co., Ltd. Yakiniku Heijoen Winter recommended menu on sale! 《Limited time》January 17th (Tue)-Feb ruary 28th (Tue)

Heijoen Co., Ltd.
[Yakiniku Heijoen] Winter recommended menu on sale! 《Limited time》January 17th (Tue)-February 28th (Tue)
Reprinted popular menu! 3 items such as “Wagyu beef sirloin and oyster grilled Yuan style” | Twitter follow & retweet campaign also implemented!

Heijoen Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Adachi-ku, Tokyo / President: Hisato Tagana), which operates the high-end yakiniku chain “Heijoen”, offers “Superb Grilled Wagyu Beef Sirloin and Oysters” using the finest sirloin and beach-boiled oysters. Yuanfu” will be on sale for a limited time from January 17th (Tuesday) to February 28th (Tuesday) (excluding some stores).
We have been purchasing whole wagyu beef from all over Japan for decades, and offer seasonal wagyu dishes as a limited-time menu. This winter’s recommended menus are the finest sirloin and “Yuan-style grilled Wagyu beef sirloin and oysters,” which you can enjoy with top-quality sirloin and boiled oysters that have been boiled in Yuuan. There are 3 items: “Roasted Wagyu beef and red snow crab luxury nigiri sushi” that uses miso luxuriously, and “Winter Melting Tiramisu Parfait” that combines tiramisu with Häagen-Dazs ice cream, raw chocolate and macaroons.
In the future, we will continue to be close to our producers and customers, and without forgetting our gratitude, we will continue to serve our customers 365 days a year. We aim to be a store.
Sales period: January 17 (Tue)-February 28 (Tue), 2023
Sales store:
Yakiniku Heijoen
Ayase Main Store/Kameari Store/Edogawa Store/Adachi Iriya Store/Oizumi Gakuen Store/Aqua City Odaiba Store/Hachioji Store/Torie Keio Chofu Store/Matsudo Store/Noda Store/Kashiwa Store/Nagareyama
Store/Nagareyama Otakanomori S・C Store/Soka Matsubara Store/Kasukabe Store/Urawa Store/Koshigaya Lake Town Store/Hashimoto Store/Moriya Store/Tsukuba Gakuen Store/Makuhari Store
Tokyo Yakiniku Heijoen
Kinshicho Station Plaza Building Store / DiverCity Tokyo Plaza Store Product Summary
[Image 1d29315-65-ba9a6f74c57f1fc53ec1-2.jpg&s3=29315-65-4826e32104ddf2db7948ac1f701966ca-1620x1080.jpg
Wagyu beef sirloin and oyster grilled Yuan style
2,480 yen / 2,728 yen including tax
Half size 1,240 yen / 1,364 yen including tax
The popular menu is back!
The finest sirloin is lightly grilled, and boiled oysters that have been passed through a special Yuuanji are placed on top of the meat. You can enjoy the finest taste only in winter.
Yuuanchi: A refreshing fragrant bean paste made with sake, soy sauce, mirin, and yuzu. It is also familiar with Yuan-yaki.
[Image 2d29315-65-0500e0d75f8cc58e4a3e-1.jpg&s3=29315-65-4d10bc9ad1c133676d64245e60243c25-1439x1080.jpg
Seared wagyu beef and red snow crab luxury nigiri sushi 2 pieces 1,080 yen / 1,188 yen including tax
Marbled wagyu beef grilled directly over an open fire, topped with loose red snow crab meat and crab miso.
It’s a trinity of crab’s umami, broiled aroma, and meat’s sweetness. [Image 3d29315-65-064e657b0a3f70d78ec1-0.jpg&s3=29315-65-e31a11f11f251cdf378d12b48e4e1829-2040x2040.jpg
Winter melting tiramisu parfait
850 yen / 935 yen including tax
A gorgeous reward parfait that combines plenty of tiramisu with Haagen-Dazs ice cream “cookies & cream” and raw chocolate and macaroons.
Enjoy the sweet and melting sweets that are only available in winter. ※The photograph is an image.
* Sales contents and period are subject to change without notice. Valentine service
In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, we will carry out a campaign where you can win half-price coupons for desserts using chocolate, including the recommended “Winter Melting Tiramisu Parfait”. Twitter follow & retweet campaign
Application period: Thursday, February 9, 2023 to Monday, February 13, 2023 1. Follow Heijoen official Twitter account
2. Retweet the target tweet
3. Receive a “half-price coupon for desserts using chocolate” by lottery! @heijoen_honbu
About the Heijoen brand
Heijoen, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020, opened a yakiniku restaurant in 1970 after the founder, who had run a Japanese restaurant until then, was impressed by the deliciousness of the wagyu ribs. is the beginning. At that time, Korean-style yakiniku
restaurants dominated the market, but Heijoen established a style of yakiniku restaurant catering to Japanese tastes by Japanese chefs, and has maintained its pride to this day. I’m here. Our greatest commitment is to purchase whole Japanese black beef from well-known production areas all over Japan, and centrally manage the trimming, aging, and distribution at our own processing plant, and provide it to our customers. In addition to our discerning purchasing power and processing technology, we use our own delivery system to deliver to the kitchens of all Group stores, providing safety and security as well as deliciousness. Currently, the “Heijoen” group has 39 stores in the Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai regions and 1 store overseas in the four categories of steak, shabu-shabu, and hamburgers in addition to yakiniku restaurants (as of January 23, 2023). / including FC stores). https://heijoen.co.jp/
Company Profile
Company name: Heijoen Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hisato Tagana, President and Representative Director Founded: December 1970
Established: March 2012
Location: 1F, 3-15-5 Ayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 45 million yen
Business description: Restaurant business management
Brand: Yakiniku Heijoen / Tokyo Yakiniku Heijoen / Tokyo Yakiniku Ichitoya / All-you-can-eat Wagyu Beef Hall Nikuya Yokocho / BLT STEAK / Wagyu Burger / Yakiniku and Hormone Heijoen / Yakiniku Hiretotan Store openings: 39 domestic stores, 1 overseas store (as of January 23, 2023) Details about this release:



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