Heiwado Co., Ltd. Heiwado × Yukiguni Maitake × Kyoto Sangyo University New products of “Maitake Recipe ” and “Label Design” devised by students!

Heiwado Co., Ltd.
[Heiwado × Yukiguni Maitake × Kyoto Sangyo University] New products of “Matake recipe” and “Label design” devised by students are now on sale! -Industry-academia collaboration-
Sales will begin at all Heiwado and Ale stores from Friday, January 20!
Heiwado (Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture; President and CEO: Masatsugu Hiramatsu) collaborates with Yukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd. (Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture; President: Naofumi Yuzawa) and Kyoto Sangyo University (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; President: Hikaru Kurosaka) Then, the original Maitake recipe devised by the students and the label design devised by the students will be posted on the “Snow Country Maitake Kiwami” package, and will be available as a special package product at all Heiwado and Ale stores on Friday, January 20, 2023. We will sell more.
January 24, 2023
[Image 1

-Special package product “Snow Country Maitake Kiwami”-
This initiative is a collaboration between the three parties with the aim of expanding the demand for mushrooms in order to help solve one of the social issues that young people are turning away from vegetables. As a background, due to differences in food culture, the consumption of maitake mushrooms in western Japan tends to be relatively low compared to eastern Japan. Kyoto Sangyo University’s Faculty of Business Administration Kazuaki Matsumoto’s seminar and Yukiguni Maitake teamed up, and Heiwado, which operates mainly in western Japan, cooperated to improve awareness of Maitake, increase the eating rate, and eventually solve social issues. In order to connect them, we decided to conduct industry-academia collaboration. Maitake mushrooms can be split by hand, so there is no need for a kitchen knife, and since almost 100% of the edible part can be used without waste, it is a product that matches the thinking of young people who avoid cooking and are conscious of food loss and
At Heiwado, our corporate philosophy is to be a company that continues to contribute to our customers and the local community, and we aim to be a community-based lifestyle comprehensive (creative) company. The basis of this is “community co-creation,” which is to create a bright, energetic, and healthy community by working together with the community to address the issues it faces. We believe that the “health of the community”, which revitalizes and makes society better, will lead to the growth of Heiwado and the realization of its philosophy. Based on this idea, Heiwado, which handles food, has various collaborations and events related to “community health” with “health”, “childcare”, and “elderly” as key themes.
Going forward, we will continue to promote local production for local consumption, food education activities, environmental conservation activities, and environmental learning for the sake of the health of the community, and actively contribute to the development and sustainability of rich and healthy communities. We will continue to. [About the content of the initiative]
■ Students of the Kazuaki Matsumoto Seminar, Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Sangyo University, who are active as one of the themes of historical research on regional and interregional
collaboration among companies and organizations (including educational institutions). I was.
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Photo left: Kyoto Sangyo University Faculty of Business Administration Matsumoto Seminar students and professor Matsumoto (upper right) [Image 3

Photo right: Yukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd. Mr. Hoshino (left), Buyer Taniguchi of our Fresh Food Division Fruits and Vegetables Section ■Maitake recipe devised by students
With the key words of “unexpectedness” and “convenience,” new student ideas such as recipes that use maitake mushrooms instead of chicken and donuts that can be easily eaten as a snack are utilized. The devised recipe is published on the Yukiguni Maitake website. [Image 4

-Yangnyeom Maitake-
[Image 5

Creator: Ema Ogata (left), Teppei Takahashi (right)
Recipe point: By using maitake mushrooms instead of chicken, you can make it delicious and healthy.
[Image 6

-Maitake Donuts-
[Image 7

Creator: Masashi Hotta (left), Yamato Takebe (right)
Key points of the recipe: An unexpected combination, but delicious! You can easily get vegetables as a snack.
[Image 8

-Maitake Fried Cheese-
[Image 9

Creator: Kazuya Kiyomoto
Key points of the recipe: The flavor of maitake mushrooms and cheese are perfect! The cheese is loose and looks fun.
➤Introduction URL of student devised recipe
Snow country maitake recipe site: https://www.maitake.co.jp/ “Yangnyeom Maitake”: http://www.maitake.co.jp/_recipe/recipe/?cd=731 “Maitake Donuts”: http://www.maitake.co.jp/_recipe/recipe/?cd=729 “Maitake Fried Cheese”: http://www.maitake.co.jp/_recipe/recipe/?cd=730 ■ Original label devised by students
Incorporating the characteristics and colors of the three, the main visual uses an original maitake recipe devised by students for young people as a cooking example. Recipes can be viewed from the QR code, and it is devised to stimulate the desire to purchase among young people. We aim to raise awareness among young people by displaying original POP posters at the sales floor.
[Image 10

[Image 11

[Image 12

■ At Heiwado cooking support stores, we will introduce recipes devised by students.
Period: January 20 (Friday) to 25 (Wednesday), 2023
* The implementation date and time differ depending on the store. For details, please contact the cooking support of each store.
【Product Summary】
■ Product name: Yukiguni Maitake Gourmet Pack
■ Sales price: body price 198 yen (reference tax-included price 214 yen) * Sales prices are subject to change without notice depending on the store, sale, purchase situation, etc.
■ Product planning: 120g/pack
■Product Features:・A superb dish that takes about 3 months to grow large maitake mushrooms that are similar to wild maitake mushrooms while cherishing the original flavor of the maitake mushrooms. ・The special taste that is full of umami, the thick kuki unique to large stocks, and the crunchy texture of thick and large caps. ・Since the broth does not turn black easily, it goes well with soups and stews, making it highly versatile in cooking.
■ Sales period: January 20, 2023 (Friday) ~ about 2 months
* Depending on the situation, the sales period of collaboration products will change.
■ Sales stores: Heiwado (156 stores in total), Ale (2 stores in total) “Al Plaza”, “Heiwado”, “Friend Mart”, “Super Friend”, “Yell” (Stores in Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Fukui Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture)
    *Depending on the situation, it may not be available at some stores. [Kyoto Sangyo University press release]
[Kyoto Sangyo University x Heiwado x Yukiguni Maitake] A special package product with a collaboration label devised by students of the Faculty of Business Administration will be on sale at each Heiwado store from Friday, January 20! (230118)
https://www.kyoto-su.ac.jp/news/20230118_345_release_ka01.html [Snow Country Maitake Press Release]
Yukiguni Maitake, Heiwado, and Kyoto Sangyo University collaborate with industry and academia! Proposal of original maitake recipes devised by students Collaborative package products will be on sale at Heiwado stores from January 20 (230119)
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・All information contained in this release is based on information available at the time of release.
・Perspectives, illustrations, photos, logos, signs, maps, etc. used in this release are images and may differ from the actual product. ・Please note that the content and schedule may change without notice due to circumstances.
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