Held a one-day course at the Japan Management Association

Single-minded Sith Association
Held a one-day course at the Japan Management Association
Re-skilling of information system/digital human resources for the manufacturing industry of small and medium-sized enterprises
General Incorporated Association Hitorijo Sith Association
(Secretariat: Hiroshi Shimizu, Location: Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and Japan Management Association (JMA, Chairman: Masami Nakamura, Location: Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo) The Japan Management Association will host a new “One-Day College One-Day Course” in spring and autumn 2023 for small and medium-sized companies who are struggling with the lack of IT personnel and are struggling with reskilling. agreed to do so.
Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, small and medium-sized enterprises have urgently needed to take measures such as remote work and BCP measures. Increased. Moreover, there is an increasing demand from management to respond to digital transformation (DX) to compensate for the shortage of human resources. However, 73% of IT professionals with less than 3 years of experience perceive themselves to be underskilled, so reskilling is an urgent need. Since understanding and improving the actual situation of
single-person sys and small-person sys The purpose is to accelerate the development of digital human resources in companies.
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Single-minded Sith University 1-day course
What is a single-minded Sith?
A “hitorijo system” is a person in charge of managing the company’s IT environment and information systems alone, and it is very common in small and medium-sized enterprises. In January 2022, the Single-minded Sith Survey 2022, released by the General Incorporated Association Single-minded Sith Association, found that 18,000 companies, which accounted for 37.6% of companies with 100 to 499 employees, had 20 to 99 employees. 200,000 companies, which is 85.6% of the companies up to this point, have less than one information system. As can be seen from these results, the problem of shortage of IT human resources is particularly serious for small and medium-sized enterprises. The number of concurrent and inexperienced single-minded Sith increased Due to the impact of the corona crisis, there is an increasing need for IT and digital utilization in small and medium-sized enterprises, such as remote work and BCP support. In the “zero information system” companies that have no IT staff until now, the number of inexperienced single information systems is increasing due to the appointment of new single information systems. It is difficult to recruit IT human resources, and even if they are hired, it is difficult to fit in with the company’s culture. According to the “Single Sith Survey 2022”, 24% of single Siths have less than 3 years of experience and are worried about their knowledge of IT and work.
Reasons for holding at the Japan Management Association
Established in 1942, the Japan Management Association has consistently promoted reskilling in anticipation of changes in the times as a “management innovation promotion organization” whose business is to support the resolution of management issues of Japanese companies. In particular, from fiscal 2021, we will have “DX (Digital
Transformation) promotion support and human resource development” as the theme of priority activities.
Among the survey results of “Management Issues for Japanese Companies 2022” conducted by the Japan Management Association, it was found that there was a “lack of human resources involved in promoting DX”, and companies that responded that they had already started working on DX ( n = 385), 85.9% answered that there is a shortage of human resources involved in promoting DX (development is not as expected), and that there is a shortage of human resources involved in promoting DX 83.1% of the respondents said that they have not been able to do it), and they are aware of the challenges of promoting DX. In particular, we decided to open the course because it is more pronounced in small and medium-sized enterprises.
The content of the course is a one-day course based on the
“Single-minded Sith University” beginner’s curriculum currently being prepared by the Solitary-minded Sith Association. The first seminar was held in 2022 jointly with the Osaka Industrial Association. 96.7% of the participants were satisfied, such as “easy to understand”. “DX Acceleration Program (R)” (Trademark Registration No. 6634545), which considers how to approach communication methods with management, troubles and security incidents, and digital transformation (DX) from the attitude of a single-minded system. It is a compact summary of the introduction of the day. The 191-page text includes almost all of the content of the lecture, and at the end of the book, there is a report on how to solve problems when single-minded Sith or small-minded Sith encounter problems, making it easy to review.
The lecturer will be a certified instructor from the General Incorporated Association Hitorijo Sith Association. A lecturer who has 18 years of experience in the information system and is also an active single information system with a lot of experience working in a manufacturing industry with 200 employees will give a lecture from the same perspective and position as the students.
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Single-minded Sith University Curriculum Map
Background focused on manufacturing
In particular, single-minded systems in the manufacturing industry tend to have a wide range of applications for IT and digitalization, such as IoT with production equipment, RPA for improving productivity, and CAD/CAM systems. In the course of business, data is often exchanged with business partners, so cyber security measures are essential. Therefore, one of the final chapters of the five curriculum was focused on the manufacturing industry. The other four curricula are also useful for people in other industries.
Target audience
The target audience for this course is beginners single-minded Sith who have less than 3 years of experience and single-minded Sith who want to relearn from the basics. In addition, the course content is also suitable for those who will soon be appointed to a single-minded Sith, and for those who are the second candidate to support a single-minded Sith.
・Beginners who have less than 3 years of experience in the
manufacturing industry
・Small-scale information system for small and medium-sized enterprises up to 500 people
・Single (small group) Sith who want to relearn from the basics ・ Those who will soon be appointed to a single (small group) information system ・ The second candidate to support single-minded Sith
For those who participated and answered the prescribed questionnaire, we will distribute a “Single-minded Sith Retsuden” (not for sale) on the day of the event, which is a compilation of 10 solitary-minded Sith biographies. A5 version, 280 pages, 115,000 characters, 48 ​​single-minded Sith experiences, 79 single-minded Sith advice. Overview of the event
Date and time June 07, 2023 (Wednesday) 10:00-17:00
       Wednesday, November 22, 2023 10:00-17:00
Venue Japan Management Association Training Room
3-1-22 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8522
Lecturer General Incorporated Association Hitorijo Sith Association Certified Instructor
Daisuke Masuyama (manufacturer with 200 employees)
Cost: 39,600 yen for member companies, 44,000 yen for non-members per person        ※All prices include 10% consumption tax
Remarks: Contains the lecture text.
A not-for-sale doujinshi “Hitorijo Sith Retsuden” will be distributed on the same day to those who have answered the questionnaire. [Image 3d72801-2-552fdcae405a6e92fe94-8.png&s3=72801-2-227989c37b8d649c5e4fff677ff2cc10-1280x720.png
Benefits: Distribution of doujinshi “Hitorijo Sith Retsuden” lecture program
1. A wide variety of single-minded sys staff jobs
・ What is a single-minded Sith?
・ Single-minded Sith fact-finding survey
・ Scope of work for single-minded Sith
・ Single-minded Sith type
2. Basic knowledge that you should understand
・How to study basics
・Network, Server, Cloud
・Concept of DX promotion (Introduction of DX acceleration program) 3. Single-minded Sith Knowledge and Required Skills
・Recognition of the current situation ・Environment construction ・Security measures
・Asset and document management
・Device settings
・Improve literacy
・Discovering the best partner
・Vendor management
・Communication with management
・Building relationships with user departments
4. Frequent troubleshooting on site
・There is trouble
Introducing various cases such as PC troubles, network troubles, vendor troubles, etc.
・Security Incident Files
Learn from actual security incidents
5. Concerns unique to information system personnel in the manufacturing industry ・Communication with factories
・How to tackle IoT, RPA, and AI
・Efforts for production management package
*Program is subject to change. Please note.
[Image 4d72801-2-37d74e23258f5877b035-5.png&s3=72801-2-727b3a443befc18c1d6b791fbe474f20-1280x720.png
course curriculum
[Image 5d72801-2-faaa7fb11156a461e61c-9.png&s3=72801-2-6e45a714fbea13cb85b707266a6abcbb-1280x720.png
Frequent trouble example (sample)
Instructor overview
Mr. Daisuke Masuyama, Certified Instructor of the General Incorporated Association Hitorijo Sith Association
After graduating from the university’s mechanical department, joined a measuring instrument manufacturer. Assigned to the Reform Promotion Office and participated in various projects in the Business
Improvement Team. After that, he changed jobs to a small and medium-sized manufacturing company that currently has 200 employees. Currently, he is leading projects such as RPA and AI. From 2020, we will start support activities for single-minded Sith.
[Image 6d72801-2-6610f0d506de7e55a4ef-7.png&s3=72801-2-4e1c1f82807e264a62688bd2355c233b-1280x720.png
Application site
Please fill in the following seminar application form of the Japan Management Association.
https://school.jma.or.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=152335 If it is difficult to apply from the web due to your company’s information security policy, please contact JMA Management School by phone. (TEL: 03 (3434) 6271)
Reference information
“Single-minded Sith University 1-day course” opening report (1)–Single-minded Sith gathers in Senba, Osaka
Report on the opening of the “Single-minded Sith University 1-day course” (2)-Certified instructor of the Single-minded Sith
Report on the opening of the “Single-minded Sys University 1-day course” (3)-Single-minded Sys in the manufacturing industry
accelerates digitization
What is the one-sided Sith Retsuden?

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