Held a webinar on the theme of “Integrating distributed data with “data virtualization””

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
Held a webinar on the theme of “Integrating distributed data with “data virtualization””

Majisemi Co., Ltd. will hold a webinar on the theme of integrating distributed data with “data virtualization”.

■ The importance of data is increasing more and more
The utilization of data in companies has become an important management issue in an era of increasing complexity and
diversification. Complicating the situation, we process unprecedented amounts and types of data every day at unprecedented speeds, and generate vast amounts of unconnected data in the cloud and big data systems.
In today’s corporate management, it is necessary to be able to quickly utilize this data in real-time decision-making, and to construct a mechanism for this.
■ Issues with conventional data utilization platforms
Until now, companies have built foundations for each department, such as production, development, logistics, sales, marketing, and customer service.
However, as a result of using optimized tools in various places, the current situation is that data is “siloed”.
In order to realize data-driven management, it is necessary to “integrate” these data. But integrating siled data is no small feat. Despite the introduction of various solutions such as DWH, BI tools, ETL/ELT, data lakes, etc., the reality is that many companies have not solved the problem of scattered data due to the fact that it is time-consuming, costly, and difficult to use. am.
■ Logical data fabric and data virtualization enable easy data integration For customers who are dissatisfied with the current data
infrastructure or are not able to utilize the data as expected, this seminar will introduce data integration without the conventional time-consuming and costly collection and accumulation. We will explain how to solve the problem of “data silo” by “logical data fabric” that makes it possible and “data virtualization” that is the technology that realizes it.
According to a 2021 report by Forrester, Inc. in the United States, data virtualization can reduce costs and human resources, and generate revenue faster than traditional data integration approaches. Why data virtualization is being adopted by major companies in Japan and overseas – We will explain using examples and use cases. (Click here for details and application)
■ Organizer
NSW Co., Ltd.
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Denodo Technologies Inc.
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Open Source Utilization Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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