Held a webinar on the theme “Tasks, Wikis, Project Management, Integrating Everything with ‘Notion'”

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
Held a webinar on the theme “Tasks, Wikis, Project Management, Integrating Everything with ‘Notion'”

Majisemi Co., Ltd. will hold a webinar on the theme of tasks, wikis, project management, and integrating everything with “Notion”. [Imaged54842-569-652641e908799f4996cb-0.jpg&s3=54842-569-6ba7cfb3edab25a170be4217900cd153-1280x720.jpg
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■ Expansion and disadvantages of asynchronous work styles
With the spread of remote work and the promotion of work style reforms, there are fewer opportunities to work while communicating in real time in the office, which used to be commonplace.
Instead, online asynchronous communication (chat, email, knowledge sharing tools, etc.) is increasing, but there may be some people who feel the following disadvantages and dissatisfaction.
・ It is difficult to convey the intention with only text
・Information is scattered and difficult to collect
・It is unclear whether the content you want to share is widely distributed ■ Is the tool suitable for your business?
The causes of these disadvantages include the low IT literacy of employees and the inability to create rules as a company. is one of the factors.
By customizing the tool according to the business, rather than matching the business to the tool, it is possible to realize the ideal of being easy to use at the site level and easy to operate at the administrator level.
■ Agile way of working achieved with Notion
This webinar will introduce you to Notion, a tool that can be customized for your business.
The following features have been well received by companies that have actually introduced it.
**・Although it is easy to enter information, there is a degree of freedom in the expression of information, and it is easy to share information inside and outside the company**
**・Cooperation with various apps that are optimized for each company and department**
**・Enriched with guides, tips and templates**
Why not use Notion to promote the visualization of project progress and tasks and realize an agile way of working?
This content is especially recommended for those at the management level who want to improve the efficiency of their work and
communication, and who want to achieve improvements in productivity. (Click here for details and application)
■ Organizer
■ Cooperation
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