Held on March 29th! JMC Series II Award Who will win the marathon title in Japan? ?

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[Held on March 29th! JMC Series II Award] Who will win the marathon title in Japan? ?

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We are pleased to announce that the “Japan Marathon Championship Series Series II Awards” (JMC Awards) will be held in Tokyo on Wednesday, March 29th.
The JMC Awards will recognize the 1st to 8th place men and 1st to 8th place women in the JMC ranking, which will be determined after the series II final round “Tokushima Marathon 2023” to be held on Sunday, March 19th.
The “JMC Series” is a new system established by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations in the fall of 2021 with the aim of systematizing official marathon events in Japan with the aim of strengthening athletes and revitalizing the marathon world. welcomed In this series, we will compete for overall results based on points so that we can develop and evaluate players who can stably achieve a high level of performance.
[Overview of JMC Series II Awards]
■Date: Wednesday, March 29
■ Time: Under adjustment
■ Location: Tokyo
■ Commendation target: JMC point ranking 1st to 8th place for men, 1st to 8th place for women
[About JMC Point Ranking]
◆Overall grades
JMC series overall results will be determined by the ranking of “JMC points”. JMC points are the total points of the 2 tournaments with the highest performance points (total of record points and ranking points) out of the 3 tournaments that were selected based on the conditions in the JMC series eligible tournaments participated in during the period of one series. That’s it.
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◆ Winner of the 106th Japan Athletics Championships
The 1st place in the JMC point ranking (series champion) at the end of Series II (at the end of the target race in March 2023) will be the winner of the 106th Japan Athletics Championships.
About selection of athletes to represent Japan at the World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023
The JMC series champion will be selected to represent Japan in the marathon at the 2023 IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Budapest.
About prize money (30 million yen in total for men and women) 1st place (series champion) will receive a trophy, medal and certificate, 2nd place (2nd place in JMC point ranking) and 3rd place (3rd place) will receive a medal and certificate, 4th to 8th place (4th to 8th place) ) will receive an award.
In addition, the series champion will receive 6.6 million yen, the 2nd place player will receive 3.3 million yen, the 3rd place player will receive 1.65 million yen, the 4th place 1.2 million yen, the 5th place 900,000 yen, the 6th place 600,000 yen, and the 7th place. Prize money of 450,000 yen for 8th place, 300,000 yen for 8th place, and a total of 30 million yen for men and women will be awarded.
◆ MGC (Marathon Grand Championship) acquisition right
The top eight players in the point ranking at the end of Series II will qualify for the MGC, which will be the representative selection race for the Paris Olympics to be held in Tokyo on October 15 (Sun) this year, and will receive the title of MGC finalist. to
(Athletes who have already qualified for the MGC will not be moved up even if they finish in the top eight in Series II.)
[JMC series special site]
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■ [JMC Series] Click here for the Series II point ranking (progress) https://www.jaaf.or.jp/jmc-series/series2/ranking/
■ [World Championships in Athletics Budapest 2023] Marathon Japan national team selection guidelines
■ [JMC Series I Award] Report & Comments: The first champions are Kengo Suzuki & Mao Ichiyama
■ [Road to MGC] Click here for the list of MGC participants (finalists) https://www.jaaf.or.jp/news/article/15748/
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