Helte Helte Co., Ltd. has launched the website of the information matching service “Sakekatsu”, which collectively “takes care” of people from all over the world looking for employment / immigration to Japan, and has started distributing job inform

Helte Co., Ltd. has launched the website of “Serekatsu”, an
information matching service that collectively “takes care” of people from all over the world looking for a job or immigration to Japan, and has started distributing job information.

In order to help people around the world who want to live in Japan realize their dreams, we want to provide more reliable, smoother, and more enjoyable support.
Helte Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative: Manabu Goto, hereinafter referred to as “Helte”) is considering employment in Japan with companies that are considering hiring foreigners through “Okekatsu”. We will develop a hiring (employment) platform for all job seekers.
Background and purpose of the “care cutlet” service
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In Japan, where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, and the working population is shrinking, there are growing expectations for talented foreign workers who can revitalize corporate activities and become key persons for overseas expansion. “Sekekatsu” is a hiring platform for companies to hire and retain diverse foreign human resources with such an impact (potential).
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Employment process DX (exchange on Sail) that shares deeper aptitude judgments with companies by expressing the personality and
interpersonal skills of foreign human resources as a portfolio by utilizing the conversation data of the conversation application “Sail” provided by Helte. Analysis using AI / Big Data of data obtained from In addition, we have developed our own website that simplifies the complicated process of coming to Japan and provides accurate answers by consolidating questions and concerns about living in Japan. From learning Japanese before coming to Japan, job hunting,
immigration procedures, housing search, and life after coming to Japan, we will provide one-stop support for the success of foreign human resources in Japanese companies.
Disclosure of job information on the Carekatsu website
This time, “care cutlet” has started to publish job information on its website. ▼ “Take care cutlet” website
Japanese: https://sewa-katsu.helte.jp/ja/
English: https://sewa-katsu.helte.jp/en/
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[For companies looking to hire foreigners]
For people from all over the world who want to work in Japan, you can post job information on the “Sekekatsu” website for free.
In addition to the applicant’s basic information and CV (resume/CV), we will send an original CV that includes a conversation on the conversation community service “Sail” and supportive comments from Japanese people.
We support workers based on settlement support even after employment. Conversation community service “Sail” leads to retention support of workers.
[For job seekers who are thinking of working in Japan]
You can apply for any job that interests you for free on the Carekatsu website. Through “Sekekatsu”, you can receive practice and care before an interview, obtain a status of residence, and receive support for living after coming to Japan.
By using the Japanese conversation community service “Sail”, job hunting in Japan can be carried out more smoothly and according to your wishes.
By gaining real conversation experience with Japanese people, you can improve your Japanese skills.
You can hear about the culture and customs of Japanese companies from an experienced Japanese conversation partner.
From the content of the conversation, you can convey your
communication skills in Japanese and personality to the recruiting company.
With the advice and recommendations of your conversation partner, you will be able to appeal your skills more clearly to recruiting companies.
Even after you find a job and come to Japan, you can get tips for a smooth life in Japan.
Please refer to this page for how to use “Sail”.
▼Improve job hunting skills with Sail! (“Sakekatsu” website) Japanese: https://sewa-katsu.helte.jp/ja/sail/
English: https://sewa-katsu.helte.jp/en/sail/
What is Sail
Sail is a conversation community service that allows you to enjoy casual and safe interaction with Japanese-speaking people around the world.
▼Click here for the Sail website
For Japanese|for Japanese
For International | for International
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Operating company: About Helte Co., Ltd.
▼Helte – Image diagram of business overview
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▼ About main services
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▼ “Sail dream project”
▼ “Take care cutlet”
[About the demonstration support project with Kitakyushu City] Helte is developing a new business model for introducing foreign human resources, aiming to improve the employment rate of foreign human resources such as international students and the retention rate after employment in Kitakyushu City’s startup SDGs innovation trial project (demonstration support project).・Verification is underway.
We have already received applications for job openings for foreign workers at companies in Kitakyushu City through “Sekekatsu”, and some applicants are proceeding to interviews.
Helte will continue to solve the problem of lack of human resources at companies in Kitakyushu through demonstration support projects with Kitakyushu City.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Helte Co., Ltd.
URL: https://helte.jp/
Sail URL: https://sailglobal.helte.jp/
Location: 2-28 Higashigamicho, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture Daiichi Mitoya Building 3F Nob+
Representative Director: Manabu Goto
Capital: 130,181,703 yen
Business description:
・Management of Japanese conversation community service “Sail” ・Management of owned media
・Matching overseas human resources and companies
Inquiries regarding this release
Helte Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Tenkai Watanabe
e-mail: support@helte-corp.com

Details about this release:



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