HI LLC HI LLC, headed by Yorifumi Hirahara, has launched MONOSASHI, a web media led by Generation Z.

HI LLC, whose representative is Yorifumi Hirahara, has launched the web media “MONOSASHI” led by Generation Z.
Full-scale start of a new media business to find your own yardstick, launched from scratch by a student intern

HI LLC (Representative: Yorifumi Hirahara, hereinafter referred to as HI) launched the owned media “MONOSASHI” on January 10, 2023. “MONOSASHI” gathers a variety of yardsticks centered on the “axis” of many people without being bound by “frames” such as nationality, age, occupation, career, etc., and gives readers hints to find their own yardsticks. We aim to deliver.
This media was launched mainly by HI student interns aged 14-20 (Editor-in-chief: Hitomi Matsui) who asked, “What do you measure your own choices and life?” It will become a next-generation centered media operated by.
For more information about MONOSASHI, please click the link below. https://www.hi-parters.com/monosashi01

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Background and thought behind the release of “MONOSASHI”
We are measured and evaluated by a yardstick by which we compare ourselves with others.
Good boy or bad boy, test score, deviation value.
But in reality, there must be an unwavering belief that each person wants to cherish.
What if you could evaluate your own actions and choices with your own standards and yardsticks?
If you can find your own yardstick,
I feel like I can accept myself properly.
“MONOSASHI” began with such a feeling.
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Characteristics of “MONOSASHI”
1. Evaluate the past
What kind of yardstick have you used and what kind of choices have you made so far?
What criteria will you use to evaluate the choices you have made so far? We dig deeper into the unwavering standards that our guests value most. 2. Get close to the present
It reflects the true selves of our readers and guests, without comparing them to the evaluations of others.
3. Judge the future
It is neither a ruler for the reader to compare with others nor a yardstick for someone else,
We aim to be a media that allows you to make future choices with your own yardstick.
Representative comment
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Hitomi Matsui / Student Intern, Chief Editor of MONOSASHI
In this age of diversity, it’s kind of cramped for everyone to be evaluated by the same standard. I want to change this arrangement even a little. That’s what inspired me to start this media. Through this media, I would like to unravel the yardsticks of various people and reflect the colorfulness of those yardsticks. I’m really happy to have this release date with my best friends.
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Yorifumi Hirahara / Representative of HI LLC
I want to create a society where everyone can play an active role on their own unique “axis” without being bound by “frames”. For that reason, I want to dissolve the boundaries that exist around the world. With that in mind, I started my second business. When I was a child, I cared too much about what others thought of me as “the way I should be”. Against this background, when I heard about this project from editor-in-chief Hitomi Matsui, I was convinced that “this media will surely dissolve the boundaries of our way of life,” and decided to release it as a company business. I made it I think there will surely be many mistakes and failures in the media that we launched with zero editing experience. Life includes that, and I would like to create a society in which positive failures are also valued as an experience. About HI LLC
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HI LLC was established in 2022 by Yorifumi Hirahara with the purpose of “dissolving the boundaries of the world”. Focusing on education, training, consulting, and media businesses, we are pursuing a sustainable society and business model that allows each individual to shine through their own axis for companies and individuals in Japan and overseas.
HP: https://www.hi-parters.com/

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