High school students who will lead the next generation learn about SDGs and hold the “3rd SB Student Ambassado r National Convention” aiming to realize a sustainable society

High school students who will lead the next generation learn about SDGs and hold the “3rd SB Student Ambassador National Convention” aiming to realize a sustainable society
15 high schools nationwide that have passed the essay selection will participate!

Hakuten Co., Ltd. will collaborate with Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. at the “Sustainable Brand International Conference 2023 Tokyo Marunouchi” (hereinafter “SB ’23 Tokyo Marunouchi”) to be held in February, with high school students who will lead the next generation. We will hold the “3rd SB Student Ambassador National Convention”, a training program for co-creation towards the realization of a sustainable society.
In addition, 111 high schools (59 in the previous year), the highest number ever, applied for this program from the schools that
participated in the block competition held in the fall, and 15 high schools to be invited were decided after a strict essay selection. rice field.
Special site: https://www.sustainablebrands.jp/event/sb2023/special-student.html [Image 1d39931-100-0ca2f939ac8378f1df3f-0.jpg&s3=39931-100-f570a9ae54a1e0b84322fbc64a66dbbe-1890x678.jpg
Approximately 60 students from 15 participating schools will receive information about the latest sustainability initiatives through the two-day SB ’23 Tokyo Marunouchi program on February 14 (Tuesday) and 15 (Wednesday), 2023. At the same time as having them deepen their knowledge, we will provide a place where they can convey their values ​​and what they want from society to companies (society).
Invited high schools and themes of each school (in order of prefecture) -Representative of Hokkaido Block-
・Hokkaido Iwamizawa Agricultural High School (Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido) “From the Northern Snow ~Establishment of Year-round Cultivation Technology for Vegetables Using Natural Energy in Hokkaido~”
-Tohoku Block Representative-
・Tohoku High School (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture) “Self-sufficient clean energy”
-Representative of Hokuriku Block-
・Toyama Prefectural Takaoka Minami High School (Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture) “A chance has arrived in the car society! The future of Toyama is Momentary!!”
・Fukui Prefectural Takefu Higashi High School (Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture) “Echizen culture for multicultural coexistence”
-Representative of Tokai Block-
・Gifu Prefectural Gifu High School (Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture) “Kairanban” connecting the community”
-East Japan Block Representative-
・Ikubunkan High School (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) “Possibility of seaplanes on remote islands”
・Chuo University Suginami High School (Suginami Ward, Tokyo) “Even high school students can start a business! ~ Saving food loss and hunger ~”
・Toshimaoka Girls’ High School (Toshima Ward, Tokyo) “Achievement of Qantas’ SDGs through fusion with Australian Aborigines”
・ Hakuho Girls’ High School (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) “Eco Rail Mark Point Card, abbreviated as ‘Ecorel Point’ Proposal” -West Japan Block Representative-
・Osaka Gakugei Secondary School (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) “Vacant House x Kirubeji x Local Residents ”Vacant House Farm” ・ Kansai University High School (Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture) “BCWs ~ A bridge to the invisible world ~”
・ Hibarigaoka Gakuen High School (Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture) “Utilization of Shopping Streets and Regional Utilization”
-Chinese block representative-
・ Okayama Prefectural Sozan High School (Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture) “Re-Take SDGs two axes self-help tools x bamboo” -Representative of Shikoku Block-
・ Otemae Marugame High School (Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture) “Train de Camp” -Kyushu Block Representative-
・Miyazaki Daiichi High School (Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture) “Poop Prefecture MIYAZAKI”
Overview of the event
Program name: 3rd SB Student Ambassador National Convention
https://www.sustainablebrands.jp/event/sb2023/special-student.html Date and time: February 14 (Tue) and 15 (Wed), 2023
Venue: JP Tower Hall & Conference (KITTE 4th floor, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku) * Inside the venue of “SB ’23 Marunouchi, Tokyo” Number of participants: 60 students and 15 teachers from 15 high schools nationwide (planned)
Organizer: Sustainable Brand Japan (Hakuten Co., Ltd.)
Sponsor: Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
Background of the event
By 2030, as Millennials and Generation Z will dominate the workforce and shop, society will need to listen and respond to their priorities and diversifying values. . In addition, in the “SDGs Action Plan 2021” announced by the Cabinet Office SDGs Promotion Headquarters, “promoting education for sustainable development (ESD) and working to spread SDGs to the next generation” is listed as a priority issue. I’m here. ESD education (education for sustainable development) is expected to become more and more important in the future.
Purpose of high school student participation
High school students, who are the future leaders of the next generation, will deepen their knowledge of the latest sustainability initiatives. At the same time, we will share the values ​​of high school students and what they want from society, and work towards the realization of a sustainable society. as an opportunity for
Application guidelines and selection method
How to apply: Make use of the knowledge and experience you have gained from each block competition to come up with ideas that you can work with as a high school student to achieve the SDGs with companies and local governments! submitted a paper on the subject. Up to 1 point per school.
Application period: First half block-November 14, 2022 (Monday) / Second half block-December 5, 2022 (Monday)
■ Selection method
Mr. Shinsuke Suzuki, country director of Sustainable Brands Japan, served as chairman of the judging committee. Ability to think 3. Proposal ability In addition to the three screening criteria, the sustainability and innovation of the content of the proposal were comprehensively evaluated.
(Reference) About the 3rd SB Student Ambassador Block Tournament [Image 2d39931-100-0e0123be03574bf3fdeb-1.png&s3=39931-100-40012c1f6aca4f04ee7d5bd0e3f88b18-671x218.png
Prior to the selection process, the “SB Student Ambassador Block Tournament” was held in 9 regions nationwide as a place for
preliminary study, with a total of 1,253 high school students from 194 schools participating.
[Image 3d39931-100-3970c49ccd5348db5146-2.png&s3=39931-100-cac453d3af451a8b4b4f45da34c49b79-2400x2614.png
Aiming to provide opportunities for high school students from all over the country to learn about the SDGs, in addition to the nationwide blocks of eastern Japan (Tokyo) and western Japan (Osaka), regional blocks will be selected from the two venues of last year, Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokai, Hokuriku, Chugoku, and Shikoku. , Expanded to 6 venues in Kyushu, and was held at all 9 venues (with archive distribution). In addition to learning about sustainability in the “SDGs Basic Course” by opinion leaders who are engaged in cutting-edge activities related to SDGs, they also listened to lectures by theme by people who are actually active in sustainability-advanced companies and local governments. A workshop was held to discuss what can be done using the SDGs to realize a sustainable society.
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 https://www.sustainablebrands.jp/community/column/detail/1212399_2557.html What is the International Conference on Sustainable Brands?
An international conference network developed by Sustainable Life Media (SLM) in the United States, held in 9 countries (2022), with more than 13,000 participants worldwide. In Japan, Hakuten Co., Ltd. has partnered with SLM, holding the first event in March 2017, and plans to hold the seventh event in February 2023.
About Hakuten Co., Ltd.
Representative: Norihisa Taguchi, Representative Director, President and CEO Location: NBF Higashi Ginza Square 9F, 1-13-14 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045 Established: March 1970
Business description: We design communication for companies and organizations through the creation of experience value.
-Official site-
Corporate site https://www.hakuten.co.jp
Web magazine “THINK EXPERIENCE (TEX)” thinking about future
“experiences” https://www.hakuten.co.jp/tex
▼ Inquiries regarding this matter
-Regarding coverage and media partner requests-
Hakuten Co., Ltd. Mail:sb-press@hakuten.co.jp
“SB 2023 Tokyo, Marunouchi” Special site:
“Sustainable Brands Japan” website: https://www.sustainablebrands.jp Special site for the “3rd SB Student Ambassador National Convention”: https://www.sustainablebrands.jp/event/sb2023/special-student.html

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