Higher Lou Co., Ltd. Higher Lou Co., Ltd. released an infographic on the usage results of the coding test. Interview costs reduced by 82% with test introduction

Higher Lou Co., Ltd.
Hieru, infographic release of coding exam usage results. Interview costs reduced by 82% with test introduction

HireRoo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kosuke Kuzuoka), which provides the coding test service “HireRoo”
(https://hireroo.io), commemorates the 2nd anniversary of the service. We have released an infographic that summarizes the results of using the coding test in the tool.
[Image 1

The language most frequently used by test takers is “Python” [Image 2

HireRoo allows you to select test answers from 18 languages, but the language most frequently used by examinees was “Python” at 41%. Next, “Java” 22%, “JavaScript” 7%, “TypeScript”, “C++”, “PHP”, and “Ruby” lined up at 6%.
The most frequently asked question format is “algorithm x choice question” [Image 3

HireRoo allows you to choose problems from four categories, but the most frequently asked combination was “algorithm x choice problem”. The second result was “algorithm x practice format x system design”, and the third result was “algorithm x practice format x multiple choice”.
Algorithms, which are basic knowledge of computer science, are ranked in all the top three, and the combination with general-purpose multiple-choice questions is especially popular.
A popular problem in algorithmic form is “addition of two elements” [Image 4

We have summarized the frequently asked questions in each of the above four categories.
・ Practice format: “TODO application (React)” to develop a simple TODO application using React
・ Algorithm: One of the basic problems “Addition of two elements” ・ System design format: “Design a service like note” that requires the ability to post articles composed of sentences and images
・ Multiple choice questions: “Basic programming knowledge 1.”, which asks for the characteristics of programming languages ​​and the minimum knowledge of data structures
Average exam time limit is 105 minutes
[Image 5

The time limit setting for coding exam answers resulted in an average of 105 minutes. We recommend 45 minutes to 1 hour for new graduates, and 1.5 to 2.5 hours for mid-career hires.
The average number of people involved in coding exams is 11 per company [Image 6

The average number of people involved in HireRoo operations was 11 per company. There were many cases where it was used not only with engineers but also with human resources.
The accuracy rate of algorithm problems is 60% on average. 29% in the system design format
[Image 7

We calculated the average and median accuracy rates for each of the four categories of question types.
Practice format: average 58% / median 58%
・System design format: average 29% / median 20%
・Multiple choice: average 50% / median 58%
・ Algorithm: average 60% / median 75%
The test pass rate is 18%. 82% reduction in interview costs
[Image 8

HireRoo had a test pass rate of 18%. Without the coding exam, the remaining 82% of those who didn’t have a skill match would be interviewed afterward, so we could say that the cost of interviewing was reduced by 82%.
What is HireRoo?
“HireRoo” is a coding test service for hiring engineers. Visualize candidates’ skills with automatic scoring by AI and a playback function that can play back the answer process as a video to prevent recruitment mismatches.
In addition, the questions can be selected from a wide range of questions, from those asking about algorithms to multiple-choice knowledge questions and system design questions. Not only can you significantly reduce the cost of creating exams, but you can create exams that match the demographics you want and the skills you want to measure.
[Image 9

This service, which has been available as a beta version since the end of March 2021, will be officially released in January 2022. It is used by a wide range of companies from startups to listed companies, and we will continue to add functions and expand services with the aim of further expanding the user base.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Hilaroo Co., Ltd.
Location: Room 302, 3rd floor, Manoir, 1-7-3 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kosuke Kuzuoka, Representative Director
Established: December 10, 2020
Business description: Planning and development of Internet services Management URL: https://hireroo.io
For inquiries regarding this article, please contact the following e-mail address.
pr@hireroo.io (Responsible: Kuzuoka, Takashiba)

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