Holding a practical boot camp where you can learn everything from content marketing keyword design to content creation at once

Lucy Co., Ltd.
Holding a practical boot camp where you can learn everything from content marketing keyword design to content creation at once
Lucy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Isao Maruyama), which supports corporate content marketing, will hold “Buzz Club Content Marketing Practical Boot Camp 2023” in March 2023. [Image 1

Buzz Club Content Marketing Practical Boot Camp 2023


Practical background of the boot camp
So far, we have provided content marketing support for over 500 companies on site for 11 years. (https://lucy.ne.jp/bazubu/case) As a result, the buzz department has accumulated a huge amount of data and knowledge. We have decided to hold a practical boot camp this time in order to return this knowledge to everyone who is working on content marketing. In this seminar, we will provide you with all the know-how backed by the Buzz Club’s 11 years of on-site support.
We solve these problems
・ I want to re-layout the overall design of content marketing and produce results
・Though there is a lot of content, it does not lead to sales. ・I want to understand the actions that my company should really focus on in order to increase CV
・I want to know where the bottleneck of the company’s media results is

Seminar overview
[Owned media design practice course]
[Image 2

*Resume from last year’s event
This is a seminar that tells you the know-how of design to produce results in owned media management.
Focusing on the three basic elements of marketing: “Who,” “What,” and “How,” how to create a media concept, how to design a site to increase conversions, and how to use keywords. We will tell you how to think about and decide how to design owned media, such as how to choose. Design must be considered in terms of flow. Instead of thinking of topics like keyword selection and conversion acquisition as isolated dots, you should think of them as connected lines.
This is a practical course for realizing media design in which each topic meshes like a gear.
[Content creation practice course]
[Image 3d27523-20-14e2ef5471315cb10c0e-2.png&s3=27523-20-1bcbf66448cc5c36e2594d0ecd9e381c-798x595.png
*Resume from last year’s event
This seminar will teach you how to create quality content.
The important point is how to capture the needs. Needs are the user’s worries and desires, and the reason why the user reads the article. Explicit needs are factors that clearly affect search engine rankings, and latent needs are factors that greatly affect the number and quality of conversions.
In order to create high-quality content, gaps in needs and omissions must be thoroughly eliminated, and more than that, we should be particular about extracting and digging deep into needs.
This is a practical course that allows you to thoroughly learn the series of flows that capture such needs through work.
About Lucy Co., Ltd.
Lucy is a web marketing support company with a focus on content marketing. At the same time as its founding, the media “Buzz Department” was launched to provide marketing know-how, and it has grown into a media with over 100 consultations per month. We support content marketing for a wide range of companies, from SMEs to listed companies.
Company name: Lucy Co., Ltd.
Head office: 11th floor, CJ Building, 2-7-4 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Isao Maruyama, President and Representative Director URL: https://lucy.ne.jp
Established: May 2012
Number of employees: 31 (as of January 2023)
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