Hop Japan Co., Ltd. Released video of efforts to realize local sustainability!

Hop Japan Co., Ltd.
Video release of efforts to achieve local sustainability!
-Introducing the activities of Hop Japan, which aims to build a regional recycling production model-

Hop Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture, Representative: Makoto Honma) has released a branding movie that summarizes its efforts to realize local sustainability (Web site: https://hopjapan.com/effort/ ). This video introduces Hop Japan’s efforts to develop “all local craft beer” with the aim of building a regional recycling-oriented society, as well as the efforts to circulate the industry using red soba. I’m here.
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At Hop Japan, we have focused on the “circulation of resources” and “interaction between people” in the region, and have been working to create an industrial cycle centered on craft beer and make people smile. Domestic breweries generally use wheat, hops, and yeast, which are the raw materials of beer, from overseas, but at our company, we start with the cultivation of raw materials, and the cycle from the primary industry to the sixth industry is integrated. We aim to be a brewery that develops in two local communities and connects “people” x “things” x “things”. By presenting these efforts in an
easy-to-understand manner in this video, we hope that more people will learn about Hop Japan’s efforts and take an interest in them. ■ Efforts toward the realization of a recycling-oriented society by Hop Japan [Image 2

[Primary industry] Hop farming
In addition to three contracted hop farmers in the city, we have started cultivating hops on the premises of Hop Japan from the spring of 2020. In order to preserve the raw flavor, they are hand-picked so that they do not spoil and are used in brewing as they are without any processing.
In addition, with the cooperation of the National Agricultural Research Organization, we are currently working on the cultivation of seven types of wheat, and are working on the development of beer made entirely from local ingredients.
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[Secondary industry] Craft beer brewing
The Hop Garden Brewery, which opened in November 2020 by partially renovating a building in the public facility “Green Park Miyakoji” in Tamura City, always has about 7 types of high-quality beer that uses plenty of hops. brewed and served.

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[Tertiary Industry] Enjoy
Hop Japan not only has a brewery, but also has a campground, cottages, facilities where you can enjoy ultimate and disc golf.
Through the brewing and sales of beer, as well as the provision of events and accommodations, we are creating a circulation of people that attracts people from other regions.
[From 6th industrialization to 0th industrialization]
Utilizing these industries, we will lead to the 6th industrialization, such as holding a market mainly by local people on a regular basis. and hop fields as fertilizer, or provided to nearby ranches as livestock feed for reuse. By bringing smiles to people’s faces with the blessings of nature, and finally returning to nature through “zero-order industrialization,” we are able to make people feel the importance of recycling and their love and appreciation for the earth. ●Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud0khVXzdbY&t=3s        ※Videos and articles are also posted on the website of Hop Japan Co., Ltd.
– Release date: January 23, 2023
【Company Profile】
■ Hop Japan Co., Ltd.
Business description: Brewing and selling craft beer and operating a lodge in Miyakoji-cho, Tamura City, Fukushima Prefecture, and operating an outdoor park facility “Green Park Miyakoji” with a campground, farm, etc. as a designated manager of the city. doing. Recycling initiatives within the region have been evaluated as an SDGs promotion model and won the “Koriyama SDGs Award” in 2021. Nowadays, there are more and more opportunities to be selected as targets for reconstruction inspections and educational trips. Hop Japan not only engages in initiatives related to the environment and manufacturing, but also promotes attracting tourists to the region in the field of tourism and actively collaborates with various players in the region. Details about this release:



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