Hot topic in Korea! An original comic depicting a revenge drama for a gruesome bully!!

Creek and River Co., Ltd.
Hot topic in Korea! An original comic depicting a revenge drama for a gruesome bully!!

CREEK & RIVER ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. (CRE), a Korean group company of CREEK & RIVER Co., Ltd. (C&R), which operates a professional agency business, has announced that the e-comic service “LINE Manga” will be launched in Korea. We have started distribution of CRE’s original Webtoon*i work “From Dreams to Freedom” (text/illustrator: 2L), which is rapidly gaining popularity.
This work is a drama comic that has been distributed on the Korean web comic distribution site “NAVER WEBTOON” and the web content
distribution site “NAVER SERIES” since December 2021. The main character, Asuka Wakabayashi, is a high school girl who has been bullied severely since childhood. One day, in a lucid dream, she receives a proposal from a mysterious man to take revenge on everyone who bullies her… A fierce revenge drama is drawn along with gruesome bullying. In addition, although this work has not been specially promoted since the distribution of 50 episodes in Korea, the reader’s reputation is gaining popularity and the popularity is rapidly increasing. The rating on both Korean platforms (NAVER WEBTOON, NAVER SERIES) is over 9.9 out of 10. Currently, in addition to South Korea, it is distributed in a total of eight countries, North America, Spain, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan. “Freedom from Dreams” is becoming a popular work in South Korea just by word of mouth from readers. Episodes 1 to 7 are being distributed for free. Please read it!
*iWebtoon: Vertically scrolling, color digital comics suitable for viewing on smart devices, read from top to bottom.
Overview of CRE Original Comic “Freedom from Dreams”
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Asuka Wakabayashi has the worst high school life due to a bad relationship with Juri Hirayama when she was in elementary school. Her only solace was lucid dreams, where she could get revenge on Juri as much as she wanted without being disturbed by anyone. However, one day, a mysterious man suddenly appeared in Asuka’s dream and told her: “I like you. I will erase all the guys I don’t like…”
[Comic information]
Text/Picture: 2L
Content provided by: LINE Manga
Planning and production: CREEK & RIVER ENTERTAINMENT
▼ You can read it from here (LINE Manga)
CRE original comics that can be read in Japan
[Image 2d3670-2769-e49dd2e64b9076126a47-2.png&s3=3670-2769-bafc9c0ee566310fef1d35e518d0846b-299x419.png
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▼ Click here for “The Strongest Sub Character” (LINE Manga)

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