Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo An eel specialty restaurant of a long-established restaurant with over 130 years of history opens for the first time in Tokyo! Nara’s Kikusuiro “Unagiku” will open in the hotel garden on March 15

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[Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo] An eel specialty restaurant of a
long-established restaurant with over 130 years of history opens for the first time in Tokyo! Nara’s Kikusuiro “Unagiku” will open in the hotel garden on March 15
~ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Limited Menu “Unagi Teppanyaki” and “Unagi Zukushi Course” also Appeared ~

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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, general manager: Nobunori Yamashita) is a place where you can enjoy the taste of the Meiji era in a forest-like garden where you can feel the rich nature that changes its expression with the seasons and historic sites that make you feel the history. We have invited the unagi specialty store Kikusuirou “Unagi” to open on March 15, 2023 (Wednesday). Along with that, we will start accepting reservations from March 6 (Monday). ◇ A long-established restaurant that has been around the same time has opened an eel specialty store. A moment to think about history Our hotel is a scenic spot called “Tsubakiyama” from the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (1336-1392). It all started with the construction of a garden and mansion and naming it Chinzanso. In 1952, he opened Chinzanso as a garden restaurant. Since then, by valuing the good old things and adding new perspectives, we have spun history with our unique “hospitality” that conveys Japanese traditions and culture.
On the other hand, “Kikusuiro”, which was built in Nara Prefecture in 1891 (Meiji 24), has been loved by many nobles and dignitaries as a place where they can welcome distinguished guests from Japan and abroad. As a long-established restaurant that is touted as “a visit to Kikusuiro is the proof of being a celebrity,” the eel dishes have gained popularity as part of the cuisine that brings out the full flavor of carefully selected domestic eels that are the most delicious in each season. In 2016, we opened “Unagiku” as an eel specialty store with the desire to have more customers enjoy it.
This time, the eel specialty store Kikusuiro “Unagiku” will be opened in the garden with the idea of ​​​​”the depth of flavor created by the time of history and the new way of enjoying this era” by both parties who have been walking in the same time since the Meiji era. . While visiting the rich nature and historic sites of the garden, you can enjoy a moment that makes you think about history even more. ◇ Offers a menu of exquisite Edomae eel made with techniques that have been passed down for over 130 years
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Kikusuiro Unagiku uses Edomae eel, which goes well with kaiseki cuisine. In order to improve the texture, the abdominal and dorsal fins are carefully removed, steamed to remove excess fat, and finished plump and soft. Shirayaki, which is grilled while spraying kombu sake, can be enjoyed with wasabi soy sauce or salt. In addition, the kabayaki is slowly grilled over charcoal while dipped in a refreshing sauce. “Ainoseju”, where you can enjoy both kabayaki and shirayaki, has been the most popular product since Unagiku opened.
 This time, we will offer “eel iron pot mabushi” as an original menu of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo. This is a Tokyo-only menu that arranges the popular platter dishes at Ryotei Kikusuiro. Serves 3 people and is served in an iron pot, so everyone can share and enjoy. You can enjoy 3 different ways to eat. In addition, you can enjoy the newly composed eel course only at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.
Store overview
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■Store name: Nara Kikusuiro Unagiku Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
■ Opening date: March 15, 2023 (Wednesday)
■ Reservation start date: March 6, 2023 (Monday) from noon
■Business hours: Lunch) 11:00-L.O. 15:00
            Night) 17:00-L.O. 21:00
■ Number of seats: 34 seats
■ Regular holiday: None
■ Location: In the garden (the site of the soba restaurant “Muchaan”) ■ Main menu:
・Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Original Menu: Grilled eel in a hot pot (for 3 people) 13,200 yen
・ Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Original Menu Eel Course 12,100 yen
・Eel over rice 5,280 yen
・ Ainose-ju 5,455 yen
・Tsubaki Gozen Ainose (seasonal dish, served with chawanmushi) 6,490 yen ・Umaki 1,650 yen
*Consumption tax included, service charge not included
■ URL: (scheduled to open on February 15, 2023)
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What is eel at Kikusuiro in Nara?
Traditional Edo-style eel from the long-established restaurant “Kikusuiro”, which was founded in 1891.
Nara, formerly called Yamato, is considered to be the birthplace of Japan. It is a truly unique location where Japan’s oldest temples and shrines remain and world heritage sites are scattered. Its beauty, which has been written many times in Manyoshu, continues to fascinate people even today. Kikusuiro was built in 1891 in front of Kasuga Taisha’s first torii gate. It has been loved by many nobles and dignitaries as a place where they can welcome dignitaries from home and abroad in Nara. As a long-established restaurant that is said to be “the proof of being a celebrity when you visit”, we have a history of more than 130 years with carefully selected seasonal ingredients and dishes that bring out the full flavor of the ingredients. On the site of Kofuku-ji Temple’s Kozen-in Temple, the building, which was built using luxurious materials related to the temple and the rare craftsmanship of shrine carpenters, has been designated as a registered tangible cultural property of the country. “Unagi” cuisine has been popular as part of the kaiseki cuisine since its inception. There is also a sauce that has been added for many years. In 2016, “Unagiku” was born as an eel specialty restaurant.
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About Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
 Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, which is located in the heart of the city but is built in a forest-like garden, celebrated its 70th anniversary on November 11, 2022.
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Under the idea of ​​“continuing to be an oasis that each era needs”, we have created 7 superb views in 7 seasons, and “Tokyo Unkai”, one of the largest fog garden productions in Japan, and the 7 seasons will be held in 2022. Received the “Japan Kukan Design Award Silver Award” and “Prix Villegiature Awards Grand Prix” in 2016, it can be enjoyed all year round as a superb view of the city.
We offer a relaxing space and time where you can experience Japanese hospitality and world-class service standards in beautiful nature.  The 267 guest rooms are not only equipped with a full range of functions and amenities so that you can relax like your second home, but you can also enjoy the panorama of the city center or the garden view. In addition, there are 9 restaurants in the garden and inside the hotel, a directly managed spa treatment facility where you can feel the natural light, 38 banquet halls including a large venue that can accommodate up to 2,000 people, a chapel/temple, a bar/beauty salon, and a photo studio. etc.
In the vast garden where you can take a walk, there are a
three-storied pagoda, a tea house, and historical sites designated as national tangible cultural properties, as well as cherry blossoms in spring, sparkling fresh greenery, fireflies in early summer, cool waterfall spray in summer, autumn leaves, and camellias in the snow. And you can spend a special time in the atmosphere of the four seasons that will make you forget you are in Tokyo.
Thankfully, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has been awarded 4 stars in the “Hotel category” and “Spa category” announced by the “Forbes Travel Guide”. We are also a member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts L.V.X. [Image 7d1368-277-96e64107dd1efbfec752-9.jpg&s3=1368-277-7411bd31f93b42102ae5235c1751eac2-952x228.jpg

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