Hotel Granvia Kyoto Participation of a new brewery! Eight beer breweries in Kyoto Prefecture are gathered here. Announcement of “Kyoto Craft Beer Expo”

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[Hotel Granvia Kyoto] Participation of a new brewery! Eight beer breweries in Kyoto Prefecture are gathered here. Announcement of “Kyoto Craft Beer Expo”
Enjoy more than 20 types of draft beer and the hotel chef’s cuisine
Hotel Granvia Kyoto (General Manager Shinji Sato), operated by JR West Hotel Development Co., Ltd. (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, President Masafumi Ise), is a food event “Kyoto Craft Beer Expo” where you can enjoy craft beer and hotel chef cuisine. Meeting” will be held on Sunday, February 19, 2023.
In this event, 8 breweries in Kyoto Prefecture will gather, and new breweries and breweries in areas that you cannot normally visit at the same time will participate! You can enjoy your favorite one from over 20 kinds of craft beer full of originality created by beer craftsmen. Beers recommended by each brewery using ingredients from Kyoto are also a must-see. In addition to tasting and comparing the
characteristics and differences of each beer, you can also learn about the depth of craft beer, such as the story of the birth of craft beer and the commitment to taste, by talking directly with the brewery staff.
In addition, you can casually enjoy the hotel chef’s cuisine that matches beer in a stall style. In addition to classic dishes such as “Spicy Spareribs” and “Assorted Sausages”, you can also enjoy “Fish & Chips” and “Beef Stewed in Beer” by dipping them in rich malt vinegar made with barley malt, which are unique to beer events. dishes will also appear. “Yosano Hop Beignet” is a bittersweet flavored tempura of vegetable hops, which is the raw material of beer.
In addition, visitors will be served a hotel chef’s special
“Kyoto-style paella” with Kyoto-style scents such as yuzu, Japanese pepper, and tree buds. The rice cooked in a large paella pan holds the soup well, allowing you to enjoy a full-fledged taste with condensed umami.
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Event overview
Date: February 19, 2023 (Sunday)
Venue: Hotel Granvia Kyoto 3F banquet hall “Genji no Ma”
Sales price: 5,000 yen for advance tickets / 5,500 yen for same-day tickets (including tax and service charge) with 8 use tickets Inquiries: 075-342-5511 (Hotel Granvia Kyoto direct sales department 9:00-18:00) [Complete ticket system]
In exchange for advance tickets/tickets on the day, 8 tickets (8GV/8 Granvia) that can be used for eating and drinking at the venue will be handed out at the reception on the day. “GV Granvia” will be the currency unit of the ticket, and you can enjoy each beer and food for 1GV to 3GV. There are also additional sales of same-day tickets. List of participating breweries/recommended beers
・Tango Kingdom Brewery (Kyotango City)
A brewery in Kyotango City, which is rich in history, culture and food. With a history of over 20 years, it has won numerous awards in international contests. Recommended beer: Kyoto Tango Yosano hop 100% “TK100-Session IPA”
・KOHACHI beerworks (Miyazu City)
Belgian-style beer made at Kamiseya on the Tango Peninsula. The robust flavor of yeast and the rich blessings of the region are played lively. Recommended beer: “HOMECOMING” Homecoming
・Kakehashi Brewing (Yosano Town)
Developed beer with the aim of utilizing local Yosano hops and addressing Amanohashidate’s environmental issues. In the spring of 2023, the brewery will start in front of Yosano Station. Recommended beer: “ASOBI”
・CRAFTBANK (Fukuchiyama City)
A brewery on the site of a bank in Fukuchiyama. A rich flavor that makes use of the ingredients of the Tanba region. “Let’s do something with beer in one hand” Recommended beer: “KUROMAME BLACK”
・Kyoto Ichijoji Brewery (Kyoto City)
Ichijoji Brewery, located at the foot of Mt. Hiei, aims to create Kyoto-style beer with new surprises hidden in traditional flavors. Recommended beer: “Terroir Kyoto Golden Ale”
・Spring Valley Brewery Kyoto (Kyoto City)
A brewery in a renovated 100-year-old townhouse near Nishiki Market. There are also initiatives that focus on Japaneseness, Kyoto materials, and cooperation with the local community. Recommended beer: “Kyoto YOSANO IPA”
・Kyoto Beer Lab (Kyoto City)
A brewpub located along the Takase River in Shichijo Kiyamachi. We offer beers made with ingredients from Kyoto, such as tea leaves, as well as advanced beers from around the world. Recommended beer: “Hojicha Stout”
・Kotokoto Beer (Kizugawa City)
Opened in May 2022 in Kizugawa City, the southernmost tip of Kyoto. Steadily, steadily, carefully. We make beer with time and effort. Recommended beer: “GO! GO! Weizen”
・ SIGHTS KYOTO (Kyoto City) [Sales cooperation]
A former teahouse bar and co-working space in Miyagawacho, Hanamachi. You can always enjoy two types of Kyoto craft beer on tap in a Kyoto-like space. We are planning to offer draft beer from Nishijin Beer (Kyoto City), Kyoto Brewery (Kyoto City), and Kemori Brewery (Kyoto City).
Organizer: Kyoto Craft Beer Friends, Kyoto Beer Expo, Hotel Granvia Kyoto “CO2 Zero MICE (R)” Powered by JTB Communication Design
This event will be held using renewable energy that does not emit CO2 using the “Green Power Certificate”.
About SDGs at Hotel Granvia Kyoto
As a company that coexists with the local community, we deepen our understanding of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and strive to create hotels that are friendly to everyone and the environment. In addition, with the aim of creating a safe and prosperous society where people meet and smile, the JR-West Group aims to achieve the SDGs through the realization of a West Japan area where everyone, including future generations, can continue to play an active role. We would like to contribute.
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JR-West Hotels New Sanitation Standard “Clean & Safety”
JR-West Hotels has established a new hygiene standard, “Clean & Safety,” and strives to create a clean and hygienic environment without compromise.
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