Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Strawberry Afternoon Tea with LADUREE-The World of Marie Antoinette-

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Strawberry Afternoon Tea with LADUREE ~The World of Marie Antoinette~ [Limited time] Have an exciting time with a colorful afternoon tea in collaboration with Ladurée

At the Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay (location: 1-16-2 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo; general manager: Hiroyuki Miyata), “Strawberry Afternoon Tea with LADUREE ~ Marie Antoinette’s World ~” will be offered for a limited time from March 1st to May 31st, along with Ladurée’s tea “Te Marie Antoinette”.
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Marie Antoinette-themed afternoon tea is offered for a limited time A special afternoon tea in collaboration with the long-established patisserie Ladurée in Paris, which was founded in 1862, expresses the world view of the iconic Queen Marie Antoinette of the French royal family, and offers sweets that incorporate fashion icons such as bags and hats. did.
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A lineup of sweets that are colorful and visually pleasing to the fullest in collaboration with Ladurée.
Ladurée’s representative patisserie “Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise”, where you can enjoy the scent of rose reminiscent of Marie
Antoinette’s dress, will be delivered on a separate plate. It is a patisserie with a gorgeous taste and appearance, with three chouxes containing rose-flavored custard cream, layered with fragrant rose chantilly and raspberries. In addition, two types of macaroons are available, one with the scent of Ladurée’s tea “Te Marie Antoinette” and the other with the fruity sourness and aroma of raspberries. In addition, we offer Ladurée’s tea “Te Marie Antoinette” with roses, jasmine flowers and citrus dried fruits added, and you can enjoy an elegant tea time wrapped in a sweet scent.
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Prepare colorful macaroons that are synonymous with Ladurée
Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay’s original petite gateau is a gentle strawberry pudding with a refreshing jelly and sweet and sour strawberry sauce accented with verrine, a smooth strawberry mousse with a bag motif, and a queen’s hat. We offer a lineup full of attractiveness with a sense of volume, such as pistachio mousse with a rich taste that looks like a chocolate, and a framboise opera that allows you to enjoy the crispy texture of chocolate and the sweet and sour taste of raspberries.
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Savory made with seasonal ingredients is provided by the adjoining French restaurant.
The hotel’s special scones include scones where you can enjoy the rich flavor and texture of fragrant pistachio, and fragrant strawberry scones kneaded with cranberries. For savory bread, a generous amount of olive oil is sprinkled on bread, and fresh vegetables and tuna mayonnaise are sandwiched between Nicoise-style sandwiches from the south of France, “Pain Bagnat.” Enjoy traditional French pie wraps with chicken and truffles, delivered authentically from the adjoining French restaurant.
Spend a moment of ultimate happiness while enjoying the elegant world of Marie Antoinette’s tea party with a special collaboration afternoon tea like no other.
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“Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise” with a rich rose scent
[Period] March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to May 31, 2023 (Wednesday) [Place] New York Lounge by Intercontinental Tokyo Bay (1F)
[Offering time] 11:30-20:00 (L.O.19:30)
*For the time being, business will be shortened, so please check the website for details.
[Reservations/Inquiries] 0570-000222 (Navi Dial) Details of Strawberry Afternoon Tea with LADUREE ~The World of Marie Antoinette~ [Price] Weekdays ¥7,370 / Weekends and holidays ¥7,920 *All prices include consumption tax, service charge not included
[Contents] 4 petit gateaus, 1 macaron, Saint Honore Rose Framboise, 2 scones, 5 savory
[Drinks] Ladurée black tea “Te Marie Antoinette”, 3 classic teas, 2 herbal teas, 5 flavored teas, 3 Chinese teas, 2 Japanese teas, 6 coffees, iced coffee, iced cafe au lait, Ice tea, chocolate, non-alcoholic wine, 3 kinds of juice, mineral water (30 kinds in total)
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Ladurée’s gorgeously scented tea “Te Marie Antoinette” is also available [Petit Gateau]
* Macaron will offer either “Macaron Te Marie Antoinette” or “Macaron Framboise”. You cannot choose.
・Macaron Te Marie Antoinette (Ladurée)
Ladurée’s black tea “Te Marie Antoinette” cream-filled macaron, made by blending Chinese tea leaves with citrus fruits, roses and jasmine, and adding dried fruits and honey.
・Macaron Framboise (Ladurée)
A sweet and sour macaron sandwiched with raspberry confiture. ・Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise (Ladurée)
Puff pastry topped with rose fondant puff pastry, raspberry compote and rose-scented cream in the center, petit puff pastry filled with rose-flavored custard cream, fresh raspberries, rose-scented crème chantilly, on top. A gorgeous Saint-Honoré decorated with rose petals. ・Rouge au phrase
Composition: Strawberry mousse, joco de chocolate, white chocolate, rich strawberry mousse with a chocolate bag motif. The moment you put it in your mouth, the sweet scent of rich strawberries spreads. ・Queen’s Hat Mousse au Pistache
Composition: pistachio mousse, streusel chocolate, white chocolate, fresh cream, bell rose
A smooth pistachio mousse that looks like a hat. You can enjoy the rich flavor of fragrant pistachio.
・Jewel pudding
Composition: Strawberry pudding, strawberry sauce, jelly, fresh cream, selfeille Accented with refreshing jelly and sweet and sour fresh strawberry sauce, this is a dish where you can enjoy a gentle texture and elegant sweetness.
・Framboise Opera
Composition: raspberry cream, jocod, jam, white chocolate
The rich sweetness of white chocolate and the sourness of raspberries are perfectly balanced, and you can enjoy the crunchy texture of chocolate.
[Scone (2 types)]
・Strawberries and cranberries
A scone with a spring-like color that spreads the flavor of
strawberries with plenty of cranberries.
A moderately sweet scone that uses plenty of fragrant pistachios to enjoy a rich flavor.
clotted cream, raspberry jam, marmalade jam
[Savory (5 types)]
French-style savory dishes made with seasonal ingredients will be delivered from the adjacent French restaurant.
・potage of potatoes
・Bacon and spinach quiche
·Salmon Tartare
・Chicken and truffle pie
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Plans with Marie Antoinette cocktails are also available
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Plans with Marie Antoinette flower arrangements are also available Laduree
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Ladurée was founded in Paris, France in 1862. Created the history of the Parisian “Salon de Thé” that fuses cafés and patisserie. As the Fabricant de douceurs (gourmet maker) who created macaroons, he attracts people all over the world. Colorful delicious sweets, sophisticated meals, beautiful packaging, and dreamlike interiors continue to provide a world of timeless beauty.

About “New York Lounge”
In a gorgeous store with sofa seats where you can relax in a high-quality interior, we offer gourmet food that is visually appealing. In addition to afternoon tea, parfaits, pancakes and other sweets made at the dessert studio “Atelier Dessert” in one corner, sandwiches, hamburgers, various set meals, etc., you can use it for various purposes from light meals to full meals. We offer a wide variety of menus. We also have a variety of alcohol, so you can enjoy it as a bar lounge at night.
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