House cleaning 82.3% said, “It is better to choose who comes to your house.” What is the reason?

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[House cleaning] 82.3% said, “It is better to choose who comes to your house.” What is the reason?
Japan Trend Research Survey on unpleasant feelings during house cleaning
Japan Trend Research (operating company: NEXER Co., Ltd.) jointly conducted a questionnaire on “What did you dislike about house cleaning?” We will publish the results on our website.
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■Have you ever had a bad experience with house cleaning?
When you want to ask for house cleaning, where and how do you look for it? You may be able to check word of mouth, but I think there are many cases where you do not know the information of the people who actually come to your house.
Under such circumstances, how many people say “I have had a bad experience” after making a request?
This time, in collaboration with Lisdan Chemical Co., Ltd., which operates the house cleaning matching service “Senya”, we asked 249 people nationwide who had requested house cleaning at home, “I had a bad experience with house cleaning.” We conducted a questionnaire about “things”.
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“Questionnaire about unpleasant feelings during house cleaning” survey summary Survey period: December 25th to December 31st, 2022
Research agency: Japan Trend Research (in-house research)
Target: Men and women nationwide who have requested house cleaning at home Valid responses: 249 samples
Survey method: Internet survey
Question 1: Have you ever felt bad when you asked for house cleaning? Question 2: Please tell us what kind of unpleasant experience you have had. Question 3: Have you ever asked a house cleaning company that you had a bad experience with after that?
Question 4: Do you think it would be better to choose who will clean the house? Question 5: Why?
Question 6: Do you want to ask the same person for house cleaning every time? Question 7: Why?
* As a general rule, figures are rounded to the second decimal place, so the total may not add up to 100%.
■ 19.7% said, “I have had a bad experience” when requesting house cleaning. First of all, I asked if I had a bad experience when I asked for house cleaning. [Image 2

19.7% of respondents answered that they had an unpleasant experience when requesting house cleaning.
We asked those who answered “yes” about what kind of unpleasant feelings they had.
Bad experience with house cleaning
The air conditioner cleaner was using LINE while he was at work, and I didn’t know if it was for business or personal use, so it was somewhat unpleasant (female, 40s).
When I asked for the air conditioner to be cleaned, it seemed that the installation location was difficult, so I muttered that it was very difficult. (Female, 50s)
The work clothes of the staff who came to clean the air conditioner were dirty (male, 50s)
It wasn’t clean at all. There were untouched spots. (Female, 60s) When I made a reservation for air conditioner cleaning and waited, it was canceled suddenly due to the convenience of the contractor, which was very annoying. I was really angry even though I had planned it until I took a vacation. (Male, 60s)
When I pointed out that the cleaning was not perfect, I was lied to saying I had cleaned it properly (Male, 70s)
It seems that there are more people who complained about their “attitudes” such as using LINE rather than those who did not clean properly.
Also, some people have canceled their plans unilaterally.
We also asked if they had ever used a bad house cleaning company after that. [Image 3

93.9% of the respondents answered “no”, and it seems that most of them will not ask a contractor who has had a bad experience once. ■ 82.3% said, “It’s better to choose who will clean the house.” When asking for house cleaning, “I don’t know what kind of person will come” may be one factor that makes you feel uneasy.
So, how many of you think it’s better to choose who comes to the house cleaning? [Image 4

82.3% of the respondents answered that they thought it would be better to choose who would come for house cleaning.
We also asked those who answered “yes” to explain why.
Reasons why you should choose
I want to choose people who are popular or who are good at cleaning. Because I want to choose a veteran. (Female, 30s)
I don’t know what kind of people will come, so it’s better to be very polite and friendly to customers (woman in her 40s)
Because I want to ask someone who will work properly. (Male, 50s) Actually, I don’t know who to choose, but I think that such a system will allow the selected person to work with confidence (female, 50s). It’s safer to be able to nominate if it’s okay to ask once (Male, 60s) I got it done and this person is doing a good job. Because I want you to nominate the person who thought that next time. (Male, 60s) Since I let strangers into my house, I need someone I can trust. (Male, 70s) If you have experience in the past, you can rest assured that if you ask the vendor or person in charge, they will know the setup etc. (Male, 70s)
When requesting for the first time, there were people who wanted to choose a veteran as much as possible.
Also, it seems that there are many people who would like to be able to nominate the same person for the second and subsequent times if they are satisfied with the request once.
House cleaning is done by having someone come to your house, so of course trust is important, but how many people want to ask the same person every time as much as possible?
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79.9%, about 80%, answered that they would like to ask the same person every time.
We also asked those who answered “yes” to explain why.
Why you want to ask the same person every time
Because I think it will be easier to communicate with the same person. (Female, 40s)
If you are a good person, I want the same person to come every time. Also, I have a cat, so I want someone who is okay with cats. (Female, 50s)
They understand me to some extent, and I think they will do their job so as not to disappoint their expectations (female, 50s).
You don’t have to look for the same places every year, such as places that get dirty. (Male, 60s)
I don’t need to give detailed instructions, so I think it’s better to have someone who can continue to feel safe. (Female, 60s)
I understand the contents of the house, so I think it’s easy to ask. (Female, 70s)
Many people think that if the same person is the same every time, it will not only build a relationship of trust, but also understand the contents of the house and quickly find out where it is easy to get dirty, which will lead to more efficient work.
This time, we conducted a survey on the negative experiences of house cleaning and introduced the results.
19.7% of those who have asked for house cleaning answered that they had a bad experience when asking for house cleaning.
It seems that not only was the room not properly cleaned, but also that “attitude” such as complaining was an unpleasant experience for many.
It is difficult to nominate someone to come if it is an ordinary contractor, but it may be a good idea to look for someone who says, “I definitely want to ask this person!”
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