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HRBrain Co., Ltd. “HRBrain” won the highest “Leader” in five categories of “ITreview Grid Award 20 23 Winter”

HRBrain Co., Ltd.
“HRBrain” won “Leader”, the highest rank, in 5 categories of “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter”

The talent management system “HRBrain” provided by HRBrain Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hiroki Hori, hereinafter “our company”) has won the ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter in five categories (“talent management”, “HR We received the title “Leader” given to products with high user satisfaction and recognition in the evaluation/OKR, organization survey, labor management, and motivation management. In the “Personnel Evaluation / OKR” and “Talent Management”
categories, we have received awards for three consecutive years (12 terms).
As for other categories, we have also received awards for the 6th consecutive term for “organizational survey” and “motivation management” and for the 2nd consecutive term for “labor management.” [Image 1d23143-111-c8fbc01ec446ae2607a0-0.jpg&s3=23143-111-5aecbcc306a55922adf4cf07c0960fd4-1200x630.jpg

customer reviews
Here are some of the reviews we have received from customers using HRBrain.

[Image 2d23143-111-8b5562dc89cc0cb2629a-1.png&s3=23143-111-fd2d45d38dd6341ebb150f42cbabb64f-640x200.png
[Image 3d23143-111-5df4c6a8e57d37cca7b5-3.png&s3=23143-111-f1a7db9ebfaaa6d3352fa6b133647374-640x200.png
[Image 4d23143-111-74d7807f933d2fae147d-2.png&s3=23143-111-0e2ea6acf375b3b33251006c9c6507b6-640x200.png
Read reviews from other customers here.
What is the ITreview Grid Award?
“ITreview”, a review platform for IT products and cloud services for business, is a unique four-quadrant map “ITreview” that allows you to understand customer satisfaction and product recognition in the market based on the reviews of real users gathered. Grid” is being deployed. At the ITreview Grid Award, which is held once a quarter, based on the reviews collected on ITreview, products with excellent customer satisfaction and recognition are recognized as “Leaders” and badges are issued.
For details of the award, please refer to the dedicated page below.
About HRBrain
The “HRBrain” series has five cloud services: talent management, organizational diagnosis survey, personnel evaluation, labor management, and in-house AI chatbot. We provide a one-stop service from streamlining HR operations to centralized management, analysis, and utilization of human resource data. In addition to DX in the human resources area, we are expanding functions so that we can adapt to ESG management and information disclosure of human capital.
“HRBrain” service site:

HRBrain Co., Ltd.
Location: Shin-Meguro Tokyu Building 5F, 2-25-2 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative Director and CEO: Hiroki Hori
Established: March 1, 2016
Service URL:
HRBrain serializes media “Human Capital TIMES” focusing on human capital management such as information disclosure of human capital and improvement of employee experience.
We plan to provide the latest trends, tips, and know-how for practicing human capital management, and plan a wide range of activities such as interviews with experts and practitioners and holding conferences.
Please see the following pages for the series of articles.
Human Capital TIMES:

Details about this release:

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