Human Resources DX New Year’s remarks: Solve all labor issues by utilizing digital human resources

Matchbox Technologies, Inc.
New Year’s remarks: Resolving all labor issues through the use of digital human resources

Happy New Year.
Last year was a year in which everyone sought to coexist with the new coronavirus. Various things have been digitized through the efforts of such people, and it can be said that this year has promoted DX (Digital Transformation). The scope of DX conversion has greatly exceeded the existing framework and has undergone a new evolution.  Our company has been entrusted with the implementation and operation of Yuzawa Matchbox, a gig work platform unique to Yuzawa Town, in a work environment provision and efficiency improvement project that utilizes digital technology with the local government of Yuzawa Town, Minami Uonuma District, Niigata Prefecture. This is a digital visualization of work in Yuzawa Town, allowing everyone to choose from short-term, one-off jobs and work at a convenient time. In addition, each company can register workers in its own talent pool and store it as a force of its own that can be called immediately. “Yuzawa Matchbox” has been highly evaluated by both companies and workers, and the number of registrants has surpassed 600 in half a year since its opening*.
*Yuzawa Town has a population of 7,893 (as of the end of November 2022) and a working population of 3,532 (2020 National Census). In addition, we will open a Hokkaido version of the service called “Lawson Matchbox” that allows easy matching with Lawson’s work and continuous connection with stores. has been selected as a partner considering joint development and commercialization of
Behind the popularity of these human resource platforms is a change in attitudes towards work. According to a 2021 labor force survey* conducted by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the top and third reasons for choosing non-regular employment were “because I want to work when it’s convenient for me” and “housework, childcare, 6.54 million and 2.17 million out of 20.64 million answered the reasons for choosing non-regular employment, respectively. In this way, in modern times, a new working environment that suits the convenience of workers is required. Platforms such as “Yuzawa Matchbox” have realized a working environment that meets the needs of these new workers.
*Source: Labor Force Survey (detailed tabulation) – Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications  Our company has acquired a trademark for the new framework of this platform, named “self-sourcing”, which is the antonym of “outsourcing” human resources. This is because companies create their own
communities of human resources and provide flexible working
environments within those communities. Overseas, this framework is called “direct sourcing.” Talent Tech Labs, a think tank in the human resources industry in the United States, says that “60% of companies will use it as a human resource strategy within two years.” It is said to be “the number one system that will drive the global human resources market for the next 20 years.” In Japan, there is a misunderstanding, such as the term “direct sourcing,” which refers to direct hiring by companies without going through a recruitment agency. We will call it “self-sourcing” to spread this framework in the right sense.
I believe that the current human resource issues can be resolved by maximizing the power of human resources using digital technologies. If the current 20.64 million non-regular workers are satisfied with their work environment, increasing the number of working hours per person by 10 hours per month will result in an increase of 210 million hours in the labor force. This is synonymous with an increase in the working population of 2.64 million people. We believe that “self-sourcing” will bring excitement to Japan as a whole.
Also, just as e-commerce sites called D2C shift from large platforms to individual distributed platforms, we believe that human resources platforms will also change to a distributed form like “self-sourcing.” This can be said to be the D2C of human resources.
Well, it’s been a long time, but this year, which is 2023, we would like to popularize these new human resource DX frameworks,
“self-sourcing”, mainly in local governments. This is because we believe that through our efforts with Yuzawa Town, we can achieve great results by having local governments play a leading role, and that the dynamism of small businesses such as SMEs and local communities will revitalize the nation as a whole. This is also consistent with the government’s digital garden city concept. Yuzawa Town is also a small unit, but it has succeeded in completing everything from hiring to payment of salaries digitally. Using today’s digital technology, it is not at all difficult to realize
“self-sourcing” from small units. The human resources theme is easy to understand as the start of digitalization, so any company can use it without difficulty.
We plan to set guidelines for the term “self-sourcing” and release the trademark within this year. No cost is required for usage that conveys the meaning correctly. Therefore, in order to revitalize Japan as a whole, I hope that local governments and large companies will play a leading role in practicing “self-sourcing.”
We would like to ask for your continued support for Matchbox Technologies and “Self Sourcing” this year.
The Matchbox Technologies Group aims to solve problems faced by people and organizations by digitizing human resource management, which integrates human resource employment and labor management.
Matchbox Technologies, Inc.
President Hiroaki Sato
About “matchbox”
“matchbox” is a self-sourcing (R) service that allows you to significantly reduce the time and cost required to recruit human resources by building your own human resource pool. Introduced companies can build their own human resource pool centered on active employees, OBOGs, retirees, and registered part-timers. The
application makes it easy to share shifts to talent pools and hire. When work is confirmed, employment procedures, payroll calculation, payment, etc. are all automated according to the personnel. We will realize a community based on the relationship of trust between companies and workers. It is a unique application that can manage current employees and external human resources at the same time, and is an innovative service that advances the way people work. Currently, we have applied for more than 10 related patents in Japan and overseas, of which 5 have already been granted.
・Flow of matchbox matching:
1. Register the date and time, number of people, hourly wages, conditions, etc. that the office will recruit at least 3 hours before recruitment
2. Job seekers select and apply for offices that meet the conditions 3. The office selects workers from among the applicants
4. Work at the office
About “Matchbox Technologies Group”
The Matchbox Technologies Group is a joint venture with Matchbox Technologies Co., Ltd., which provides “matchbox”, Fuzion’z Co., Ltd., which mainly manages Lawson stores, and Lawson. Lawson Staff Co., Ltd. In 2004, he founded Fusion’z and grew to become one of Lawson’s largest affiliated stores in Japan. Later, he established Lawson Staff to address the labor shortage and expanded the temporary staffing business nationwide. Seeking more flexibility, we established our company and started the “matchbox” business. Matchbox Technologies Co., Ltd. employs human resources of various nationalities, such as the United States and Vietnam, as decision makers in product development, marketing, and advertising business, and while it is a venture, it is developing products that are accepted globally. Company page:
-Company Profile-
Company name: Matchbox Technologies Co., Ltd.
Established July 1, 2015
Representative Director and President Hiroaki Sato
Head office location: 3-14-10 Meikekamiyama, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, 950-0945 Tokyo Headquarters 〒101-0054 3-4-2 Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Towa Kandanishikicho Building 3F
Main phone number 025-384-4457
Capital: 143.1 million yen (including capital reserve)
Contact information
matchbox consultation desk
TEL: 0120-425-362
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