Hyogo Prefecture Public Relations Strategy Division Hyogo Gokoku Federation Project Secretariat The award-winning works of the video contest MY HYOGO MOVIE 2022 that conveys “Your Hyogo” have been decided! !

Hyogo Prefecture Public Relations and Public Hearing Division MY HYOGO MOVIE 2022 Secretariat
The award-winning works of the video contest [MY HYOGO MOVIE 2022] that conveys “Your Hyogo” have been decided! !
Four works will be selected: Grand Prix Award, Special Award, Audience Award, and Governor’s Award.

Hyogo Prefecture General Affairs Department Secretarial Public Relations Office Public Relations and Public Hearing Section (5-10-1 Shimoyamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) will introduce the charm of Hyogo Prefecture to the inside and outside of the prefecture from July 15 to September 30, 2022. A contest was held to recruit videos to convey the message, and 160 unique works were collected from inside and outside the prefecture.
Mr. Takeryu Ishii, a film director and professor at Kobe Design University, and Mr. Kohei Maezono, a video creator from Hyogo Prefecture and CEO of Creator’s Campus, who are the judges of the contest. won the Grand Prix, and Mr. Maezono won the Special Prize. In addition, the Audience Award and the Governor’s Award, which are selected by popular vote, were also selected.
The Grand Prix winner will receive a prize of 200,000 yen and the right to order a prefectural government video production as a supplementary prize, and the special prize and audience prize will be awarded.
A prize of 50,000 yen will be presented.
The Grand Prix work will be broadcast on digital signage in Hyogo Prefecture as a promotional video for Hyogo Prefecture.
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[Grand Prix winning work]
[Image 1

As it is, Awajishima.
[Name of the winner] SilverNextLens
[Award Comments]
Thank you for giving me such an honorable award.
This work is a collection of the “as is” of Awaji Island, where I was born and raised.
I like to express the atmosphere of places and people with images, and I was conscious of not destroying that atmosphere.
Awaji Island is rich in nature, so we use a lot of drone footage that takes advantage of the location.
I would be happy if those who watched the video could feel Awaji Island as it is.
Finally, it is thanks to the people who took pictures that I was able to receive such an award. Thank you very much.
[Comment from Gakuryu Ishii]
I was honestly touched and touched.
In a short amount of time, I strongly felt the sense of realism and rich storytelling unique to video works. The unique atmosphere and feel of the land, the lively breath and humanity of the people who live there, are spelled out very freshly, affectionately, and carefully.
The frequent use of a bird’s-eye view shot by a drone and the accurate composition of elegant slow-motion shots reflect the present moment, while at the same time the magnificent mythical flow of time from far away. also made me feel
Every single frame of daily life full of unexpected surprises, the overwhelming and reliable quality of all the technology that accurately captures it, reconstructs it, and projects it, I can only take my hat off to the high degree of perfection. was. I will definitely visit Awaji Island again.
[Special award winning work]
[Image 2

Autumn Kobe Night Stroll
[Name of the winner] Mr. Art Museum with Ears

[Audience Award Winner]
[Image 3

Touring good places in Hyogo Prefecture
[Name of the winner] I want my subordinates to lose weight. Mr. Miss. A vote was held to determine the “Audience Award” from the 12 works that passed the primary selection.
As a result of the voting, out of a total of 11,018 votes, 4,423 were the most votes.

[Governor’s Award winning work]

[Image 4

Beautiful HYOGO
[Name of the winner] TKG and share house 365 days
An overview of this contest, other comments from the winners, and comments from the judges are posted on the website below.
Please see from the URL.
[Recruitment page] https://web.pref.hyogo.lg.jp/myhyogomovie2022/ [Result announcement page]
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