Hyogo Yakult Sales Co., Ltd. A visiting lecture was held at Kobe Women’s University

Hyogo Yakult Sales Co., Ltd.
A visiting lecture was held at Kobe Women’s University
Career imaging by introducing initiatives of “food education business” in companies

Hyogo Yakult Sales Co., Ltd. will hold a seminar on December 5 (Monday) and December 9 (Friday), 2022 for students of Kobe Women’s University (Suma Ward, Kobe City) with the theme of “Efforts on food education in companies”. We held a lecture on delivery of cooked foods.
■ On-site lectures at universities
Mamiko Asada, registered dietitian and public relations manager at Yakult Hyogo, was in charge of the course. We are talking about the role and work content of.
In the on-site lectures at the university, students learn about food education and cooperation with local communities, the relationship between lactic acid bacteria and intestinal health, and Yakult products. It is intended to be an opportunity to learn at
The on-site lecture at Kobe Women’s University has been held every year since 2017, and a total of 16 times, including the December 2022 event, has been attended by a total of 1,306 students.
Date and time: Monday, December 5, 17:15-
Department of Education, Faculty of Letters
Number of participants: 111
Date and time: Friday, December 9, 15:20-
Faculty of Home Economics
Number of participants: 35
Date: Friday, December 9, 17:15-
Department of Education, Faculty of Letters
Number of students: 101
Venue: Kobe Women’s University Suma Campus
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■ State of delivery lecture
In the first half of the on-site lecture, we talk about the corporate philosophy of the entire Yakult Group and Yakult Hyogo’s food education business. Aiming to help promote health in the community, we also explain the role expected of registered dietitians in conducting food education projects and corporate activities.
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In the second half of the course, we will give a mock lesson and commentary on the “Stomach Genki Class”, which is a visiting lesson for elementary school children. By looking at the lesson from the perspective of the recipient, the participants experience the teaching method and various teaching styles.
[Explanation using a food education apron]
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[Length experience with small intestine model]
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[poop quiz]
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On the day of the event, everyone was enthusiastic about taking notes. When using aprons and models of the small intestine for dietary education, we used visually appealing teaching materials to deepen understanding. In addition, through the “poop quiz,” participants were able to reflect on their own lifestyle habits and participate while having fun. In the future, I would appreciate it if you could use it when you are involved in food education projects toward your future dreams.
■ Voices of participants
・Yakult has always been indebted to me since I was little, so I was happy to hear about it this time.
・I will try to spread the word about Yakult and intestines not only to myself but also to those around me!
・The image of the company, the merits of the company called “Yakult”, and the activities that are actually being carried out are taught from the perspective of a university student, an elementary school student, and a teacher. It was helpful.
・I was interested in how the products were developed and wanted to know more. ・I was wondering what to do when I was teaching as part of a class, and I was worried about the content and speaking style, but after taking Yakult’s on-site lecture, my anxiety eased. In addition, I was interested in the efforts being carried out in hopes of people’s health.
■ About Kobe Women’s University
Kobe Women’s University is a private women’s university located in Suma-ku, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Based on the founding philosophy and purpose, we view the functions of the university as education, research, and contribution to the community. We are training women who will contribute to the development of human society.
Kobe Women’s University HP https://www.yg.kobe-wu.ac.jp/wu/
■ About Hyogo Yakult Sales Co., Ltd.
Yakult Hyogo was born in Hyogo in 1956, based on the wish of Dr. Minoru Shirota, the founder of Yakult, to help as many people as possible get healthy as soon as possible. . Hoping for the health of everyone in the community, we practice “a company that values ​​the community the most” and aim to be a company that is said to be “the company that the community wants to value the most”, a company that can provide the best impression and hospitality in Hyogo Aim for 【Company Profile】
・ Company name: Hyogo Yakult Sales Co., Ltd.
・Head office: 137-1 Takatsubashi, Tamatsu-cho, Nishi-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo ・Representative: Yasuhisa Abe, President and Representative Director ・Foundation: 1956
・Business description: Dairy lactic acid bacteria beverage sales, soft drink sales, food sales, cosmetics sales
・URL: https://www.hyogo-yakult.jp/
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