I-Goods Co., Ltd. Started selling 5 types of OEM eco-friendly goods for hotels and inns

Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
Started selling 5 types of OEM eco-friendly goods for hotels and inns -Natural fashionable amenities that you want to take home-

In January 2023, iGoods Co., Ltd. (head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which produces original goods, began selling the fifth series of our original sustainable amenity goods series. The products to be released this time are the organic bamboo razor (using rice husk) “SUS bamboo razor – husk-”, the cotton body towel “SUS cotton body towel”, the PLA purse “SUS bio PLA bag”, and the wooden hairbrush “SUS Wooden hairbrush”. , 5 types of bamboo charcoal tumbler “SUS bio tumbler”. [Image 1

Bamboo, rice husks, cotton, biodegradable… New product lineup incorporating various “eco”
・Wooden hairbrush “SUS Wooden hairbrush”
A wooden hairbrush that uses natural thinned wood for the handle. The comb teeth are made of bamboo, which suppresses the generation of static electricity. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but it is also an eco-friendly product that reduces the amount of plastic used. [Image 2

 The use of wood contributes to the prevention of global warming because it reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Another feature is that the energy required for manufacturing and processing is very low. [Image 3

A hair-friendly brush that prevents static electricity
・Organic bamboo razor (using rice husk) “SUS bamboo razor -husk-” An organic razor that uses two types of eco-materials. The handle is made of natural bamboo that has been grown for more than three years, and the head is made of rice husks that are planned to be discarded. It features a gentle texture derived from nature.
[Image 4

Bamboo does not require pesticides and becomes a mature tree in three years. In addition, since it regenerates from the cut stump, there is no need to replant it, and there is no burden on the soil. In addition, the amount of rice husks discarded annually amounts to more than 100 million tons. Reusing rice husks contributes to reducing waste and plastic usage.
[Image 5

Rice husk is used for the head and bamboo for the handle.
・Cotton body towel『SUS cotton body towel』
A body towel made of 100% cotton that feels great on the skin. Cotton, a natural material, is characterized by its gentle texture and does not put a burden on the skin. Replacing plastic products that have been the mainstream in the past will lead to a reduction in plastic consumption.
[Image 6

Natural fiber cotton has excellent biodegradability, and depending on the conditions, it is said that it will be decomposed by
microorganisms and returned to the soil in about 6 months. In addition, we use paper strips for packaging, which leads to a reduction in packaging materials.
[Image 7

Soft and comfortable body towel
・PLA purse “SUS bio PLA bag”
A PLA drawstring bag that can be used as an amenity set bag. There are biomass materials, plastic reduction, and carbon neutral marks on the surface, so you can easily appeal to ecology. It is very comfortable to use because the handle can be adjusted to your preferred size. [Image 8

 PLA is an eco-friendly material that is derived from plants such as corn and is biodegradable and returns to the soil. Furthermore, since it is derived from plants, even if carbon dioxide is generated when it is burned, it is absorbed during the growth process, so it does not substantially increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It has been. [Image 9

Easy-to-use product with a wide mouth
・Bamboo charcoal tumbler “SUS bio tumbler”
An eco-friendly tumbler that uses 51% bamboo charcoal. By using bamboo charcoal, it leads to the reduction of petroleum-derived resources such as plastic. In addition, due to the characteristics of the surface of the bamboo charcoal material, when you pour beer, etc., it foams well and produces a creamy foam.
[Image 10

It has a luxurious feel and is recommended for use in hotel rooms and restaurant fixtures. In addition, the jet-black color that resembles bamboo charcoal is fashionable, so it can be used for sales to customers.
[Image 11

From 2021, we will be the first in the industry to start selling amenities and materials that promote plastic-free. It has been introduced to various hotels and ryokans so far, and it is popular for its stylish texture that feels like a gift that you will want to use not only when you stay at the hotel but also when you take it home.  Since the nature-derived design looks good on social media, word of mouth can be expected to spread from the unusual amenities. It is also possible to put a logo on each product (from 10,000 pieces / consultation required for inventory storage), so it is possible to create amenity with a special feeling.
In addition, we do not involve agencies, etc., and produce goods from planning to delivery, so we can respond quickly and flexibly, as well as provide highly transparent information on fabric purchases and production systems. . In November of last year, we acquired ISO9001 and 14001 certification, which certifies our high level of quality control and environmental friendliness. We also focus on thorough quality control to provide goods.
 We will continue to support all people and companies working on the SDGs through eco-manufacturing that is close to the world.
【Product Summary】
・Wooden hairbrush “SUS Wooden hairbrush”
[Table 11: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_1_695bbabc0cbbaad24cb6bfc8bfbc5c13.jpg ]
[Table 12: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_2_e3840bbc47b99e8d98f53065a3261cff.jpg ]
・Organic bamboo razor (using rice husk) “SUS bamboo razor – husk-” https://sus.i-goods.co.jp/products/sus-organic-bio-pla-bag
[Table 13: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_3_d988f981adcf9c487052d05658cb74b3.jpg ]
[Table 14: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_4_646ddf2a0b0e41dd4c2c91c90762c73a.jpg ]
・Cotton body towel『SUS cotton body towel』
[Table 15: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_5_cbc9c011bad200d2c7942c5e1a0d131c.jpg ]
[Table 16: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_6_4284519cb2a1da80ea9c4041ae4c6891.jpg ]
・PLA purse “SUS bio PLA bag”
[Table 17: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_7_f642a0174833d9bf3bc5a832237f5177.jpg ]
[Table 18: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_8_7e143904200646ea596828c152ac4ebc.jpg ]
・Bamboo charcoal tumbler “SUS bio tumbler”
[Table 19: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_9_00881882fa5cdc86715cce6d2fcf1cb0.jpg ]
[Table 20: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32175/table/194_10_ef3dc5aedbda584b382a5848ef1da95d.jpg ]
【Company Profile】
Company name: Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Shohei Miki
Established: January 20, 2016
Capital: 30 million yen
HP: www.i-goods.co.jp
Head office location: Ebisu Square 6F, 1-23-23 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6447-7742
Business: Designing, manufacturing, selling, and importing and exporting original goods and novelties that are fully custom-made [What is eye goods]
Our core business is the planning and production of full-order original goods. Our company has been manufacturing miscellaneous goods, novelty items, and product materials for department store sales, apparel, cosmetics, and the concert industry. Since February 2020, we have been actively producing various antivirus goods and disseminating goods information ahead of the industry. Furthermore, in response to the growing demand for SDGs, we wanted to support companies’ sustainable efforts, so we started disseminating
information on sustainable OEM business and SDGs. In addition, we are also launching the “SUS coffee” brand, which reuses coffee grounds, because we want to provide consumers with sustainable options directly. In this way, we have achieved stable growth despite being in the manufacturing industry, which is in a marked decline, by sensitively sensing the needs of society and speedily developing our business. In the “Ranking of Rapidly Growing Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region”, among more than 1 million target companies, we ranked 45th overall in 2021, 39th overall in 2022, and ranked 1st in Japan among domestic manufacturers. Highly rated outside.

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