IBC Co., Ltd. Started providing “IT Failure 119 Advisory Service”

IBC Co., Ltd.
Started providing “IT Failure 119 Advisory Service”
~Consulting service that solves IT failures by utilizing operational and analytical know-how and knowledge cultivated over 20 years~
IBC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyuki Kato, hereinafter referred to as IBC) will provide network system
performance monitoring for customers using the next-generation MSP service “SAMS” provided by IBC. In January 2023, we launched the “IT Failure 119 Advisory Service”, a service that investigates the cause and provides technical support for sudden events such as IT failures, utilizing the performance analysis know-how that we have been involved in for many years. We will inform you that we will start offering from the 17th.
“SAMS” utilizes the performance analysis know-how that has been involved in performance monitoring of network systems for many years, and supports the stable operation and failure response of the system on behalf of the customer with a manned monitoring system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It started in August 2017 as a service aiming for an infrastructure environment that does not cause failures together. By entrusting everything from design to monitoring operation to IBC, and providing improvement proposals and permanent
countermeasure planning, many customers who are suffering from a shortage of personnel in the information system department, which is called a so-called “single-minded system”, are popular. This is the service we provide.
In today’s diversifying infrastructure environments such as servers, networks, and clouds, there are requests from customers who are unable to keep up with their specialized knowledge, lack a dedicated person in charge, or want a technical consultation point in case something happens. In response, the “IT Failure 119 Advisory Service” released this time provides “SAMS” customers with a consultation service for all aspects of IT infrastructure, including troubleshooting, root cause investigation, initial response when a security incident occurs, and general IT infrastructure. With this, IBC will be able to support the customer’s system operation in a centralized manner, from monitoring operation to troubleshooting in the event of a failure, contributing to the continuity of the customer’s business. In addition, based on the experience of “SAMS” customers, we will consider providing similar services to customers other than “SAMS” customers in the future.
■ Service contents
This is a technical support service that considers the entire IT infrastructure, investigates the root cause, isolates problems, supports the initial response to security incidents, and offers general consultation, etc., which is not supported by general maintenance services.

●Available time: Available from January 17, 2023
●Provided price: From 150,000 yen per month (excluding tax)
-Corporate Information-
[About IBC]
Since its establishment in 2002, IBC has developed a business specializing in the field of performance monitoring, developing and selling IT system performance monitoring tools that grasp the operating status of IT systems and signs of failures, as well as consulting. I’m here.
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