Ichinomiya City / Inazawa NY Kitchen Ara Coffee 100 yen! |Parties and group reservations available|Hamburg er, pasta, cheese curry, Benedict|Leaf Walk Inazawa

RAVIPA Co., Ltd.
[Ichinomiya City / Inazawa NY Kitchen Ara] Coffee 100 yen! |Parties and group reservations available|Hamburger, pasta, cheese curry, Benedict|Leaf Walk Inazawa

The New York Kitchen ARAI Leafwalk Inazawa store (operated by RAVIPA Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo) will hold a New Year’s gift campaign. We offer a set of coffee for 100 yen. Reservations are accepted on the WEB page: https://newyork-kitchen-arai.com/reserve/ [Image 1d54365-586-2eecbe3f18541f566f6c-0.png&s3=54365-586-9da1a5ffbee54133725eb6e1052f4060-1080x1080.png
Isn’t it time to finally be released from the hectic new year’s holiday? From New York Kitchen Arai, we will carry out a New Year’s gift campaign to celebrate the New Year, albeit in a small way. Please take this opportunity to enjoy our proud coffee made with carefully selected beans!
We look forward to welcoming you back to New York Kitchen Arai in 2023. *Coupons can only be used once per person.
We have great value menus such as lunch sets and cafe time sets! [Image 2d54365-586-1316c9cb538ae177a7e4-2.jpg&s3=54365-586-adcbeb717eea924dd24a9aa171bc4a13-724x1024.jpg
[Image 3d54365-586-4ca2359ee1aabc1eff07-1.jpg&s3=54365-586-301e93ff7445648f4b7c5be26b606ba8-724x1024.jpg
The secret of the popularity of New York Kitchen ARAI is the box seat where even one person can spend a relaxing time!
There is no doubt that you will be surprised by the atmosphere of the store reminiscent of New York and the variety of hearty dishes. We look forward to welcoming you.
[Image 4d54365-586-4e0ae88e6ae0ece5cb04-3.jpg&s3=54365-586-427a5b5946c3aed55b126f1768888fb9-2048x1366.jpg
* Measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus
Thorough hand washing of employees, installation of hand disinfection equipment, temperature measurement before work, wearing of masks, etc., ventilation of the room, calling for social distancing when crowded with customers, and places where customers have many opportunities to touch We are disinfecting with alcohol spray, and we will continue to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures. ■ Hours of use
15:00-21:00 (2-hour system)
Reservations can also be made by phone.
New York Kitchen ARAI Leaf Walk Inazawa
Phone: 0587-50-7151
HP: https://newyork-kitchen-arai.com/
■ Address
7-1-2 Nagano, Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture
Leaf Walk Inazawa 1st Floor Restaurant Area Floor 169
New York Kitchen ARAI
TEL 05-8750-7151
HP: https://newyork-kitchen-arai.com/
■ Reservation
Reservations can also be made by phone.
Phone: 0587-50-7151
Official website: https://newyork-kitchen-arai.com/reserve/
Tabelog: https://tabelog.com/aichi/A2302/A230201/23080700/
■Company profile
RAVIPA Restaurant Division Co., Ltd.
2-43-1 Ikebukuro Aoyagi Building, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director Toru Arai

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