Ichthys Co., Ltd. Released AI products that can be used for on-site safety management and anti-theft measures

Ichthys Co., Ltd.
Released AI products that can be used for on-site safety management and anti-theft measures
~ AI safety equipment check “GENBA-Checker”, AI intrusion detection “GENBA-Guardian” ~

Ichthys Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture; Co-CEOs: Fumitaka Yamazaki, Takashi Kano) announced on January 23, 2023, the AI ​​safety equipment check system “GENBA-Checker” and the AI ​​intrusion detection system ” GENBA-Guardian” has released an AI product that can be used for on-site safety management and anti-theft measures.
■ Issues to be solved by GENBA-Checker
In the past, on-site safety management was based on visual checks by people, and there were issues such as comprehensiveness,
recordability, and the number of man-hours required for checking. In response to this issue, we will realize labor saving and DX in safety management by automating the part of checking the safety gear worn by workers with AI analysis.
■ Overview of GENBA-Checker
AI judges whether workers are wearing safety equipment such as helmets and full harnesses correctly, displays the judgment results, and saves the evidence. AI judgment takes less than 1 second, so you can reduce the time spent on each person without reducing the quality of the check. The records will remain electronically, so you can refer to them later.
The equipment can be easily installed with a single tube, tripod, etc., and it is easy to operate, so it can be operated on site without much effort.
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■ Issues to be solved by GENBA-Guardian
Until now, anti-theft measures at worksites have had the problem of confirming the situation with human intervention, such as surveillance using security cameras and infrared sensing. In response to this issue, we will achieve significant labor savings by automating the detection of people and vehicles using AI analysis.
■ Overview of GENBA-Guardian
AI detects people and vehicles in real time, issues an alarm sound, and notifies the administrator by e-mail. An image of the detection is attached to the e-mail, which can be useful for quickly grasping the situation at the site. By setting the target to be detected, the monitoring time period, and the target distance, it is possible to use it optimally for each site and installation location.
The maximum detection distance is approximately 30m during the day and approximately 20m at night (*). A solar power option can also be added for operation in areas where there is no power supply.
(*This is the nighttime detection distance in places with lighting such as street lights.)
[Image 2d44685-32-fe1aaa233bc4e1bc38c6-1.jpg&s3=44685-32-f824d37b4f1f1acb36deddf376ea5135-486x552.jpg
■ Focus areas of Ichthys
Ichthys is working to promote digital transformation (*) for social and industrial infrastructure as environmental changes such as the aging of skilled human resources and aging equipment become urgent issues.
 In the future, we will further accelerate efforts to socially implement services that link robots, AI/XR, and 3D interlocking solutions, which are Ichthys’ strengths, and work to improve productivity, quality, and safety on site.

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