IHI Corporation First Order for Standard Methanation Machine for Toho Gas Chita LNG Joint Terminal

IHI Corporation
First order received for standard methanation equipment for Toho Gas Chita LNG Joint Terminal
-Effective use of CO2 derived from biogas-

IHI is pleased to announce that the Toho Gas Group will supply the Chita LNG Joint Terminal with a methanation plant that produces e-methane (synthetic methane, CH4) that can be used as fuel for city gas from carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2). I have ordered the equipment. This methanation device is the first order for a
methanation device with a standardized design (hereafter referred to as the “standard device”), which was launched in October 2022. [Image 1d89117-82-5b482be5235ed988e340-0.png
Image of the methanation demonstration test
Toho Gas will work with Chita City on a methanation demonstration test*1 using CO2 derived from biogas. In this demonstration test, biogas-derived CO2 generated from sewage sludge treatment at the Chita City Nanbu Purification Center and hydrogen produced using electricity from cryogenic power generation*2 will be methanated and used as a raw material for city gas. This is an initiative that contributes to the effective utilization of local resources. It is expected to be the first in Japan to use e-methane synthesized by methanation as a raw material for city gas. In the future, we aim to decarbonize the gas itself through the large-scale social implementation of methanation equipment, and this demonstration test is scheduled to be conducted from 2023 to 2026.
IHI will proceed with the design of the series of processes up to e-methane production in this demonstration facility, and plans to deliver the standard equipment in fiscal 2023.
Methanation is a carbon recycling technology that produces e-methane, the fuel, by reacting carbon dioxide and hydrogen with a catalyst. E-methane can be produced from CO2 emitted at business sites and used as an alternative fuel to natural gas on-site, or can be injected into city gas pipelines for use at other business sites and ordinary households. increase. Since existing city gas infrastructure can be used, methanation is expected to be one of the key technologies for achieving carbon neutrality.
IHI has been working on the development of highly efficient
methanation equipment by making use of its unique high-performance, long-life methanation catalyst and reactor design technology for petrochemical reactors. Currently, we are working on increasing the size of methanation equipment and developing technology for
manufacturing lower olefins, which are raw materials for plastics, from CO2. We also have CO2 recovery technology and provide efficient solutions that combine methanation and CO2 recovery technology. In addition, IHI uses blockchain technology to record and visualize CO2 emissions/reductions calculated from equipment operation data using its “environmental value management platform,” converting it into environmental value and distributing it to external markets. increase. By applying this, it will be possible to quantify the environmental value of e-methane, convert it into a digital asset, and further promote the social implementation of methanation.
IHI will contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality by 2050 by providing engineering services that combine diverse solutions. (*1) Methanation verification test: For details of this verification test, please see the press release below.
June 6, 2022 Toho Gas Co., Ltd.
About “Methanation Demonstration Test Using CO2 Derived from Biogas” in Collaboration with Chita City
https://www.tohogas.co.jp/corporate-n/press/1229823_1342.html June 9, 2022 Chita City
Agreement signing ceremony for methanation demonstration between Chita City and Toho Gas Co., Ltd.
(*2) Cryogenic power generation:
A power generation method that utilizes the cold energy of LNG (liquefied natural gas).
■ Reference materials on methanation:
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https://www.ihi.co.jp/ihi/products/resources_energy_environment/boiler/index.html ■ Inquiries about the methanation system:
Please contact us by filling out the necessary items in the form below. https://www.ihi.co.jp/ihi/contact/form/form_ihi_10301.html
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