Imagina Co., Ltd. What is a PR strategy for gaining customer trust and improving employee engagement? Special co-sponsored seminar Tuesday, February 21 | Kanda, Tokyo

Imagina Co., Ltd.
《Branding x PR Strategy》What is the PR strategy for gaining customer trust and improving employee engagement? Special co-sponsored seminar [Tuesday, February 21 | Kanda, Tokyo]
Mr. Masahiro Kawata, CEO of MARK N Co., Ltd., and Yoshiki Sekino, CEO of Imagina Co., Ltd., will hold a branding seminar to explain how to connect corporate brand recognition.

《Overview of Branding x PR Strategy Seminar》
Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Time: 10:00-11:30
Venue: Urbannet Kanda Conference, 3-6-2 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Participation fee: Free
Lecturer: Masahiro Kawada CEO of MARK N Co., Ltd.
Yoshiki Sekino President and Representative Director, Imagina Co., Ltd.
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The size of the Japanese advertising market is expanding
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Quote: The chart above shows data showing changes in advertising expenditures in Japan. Total advertising spending in Japan is on the rise, and Internet advertising in particular is expanding rapidly with the spread of the Internet and smartphones.
As you can see from this data, “advertising” is the mainstream in Japanese society, and many companies are actively conducting public relations activities through advertising.
“PR strategy” is important because it is the era of advertising mainstream As many companies place advertisements on the media and on the Internet, information is complicated in the world.
Therefore, customers must select one product or service from a large amount of information.
Under such circumstances, the credibility of the corporate brand is an important factor in getting customers to choose us.
If you choose this product or service, you can increase the
probability that customers will choose it by having reliability. And media PR is a very effective measure for gaining the credibility of a corporate brand.
Media such as newspapers and television disseminate information from a third-party perspective after ascertaining value from an objective point of view.
Therefore, consumers can contact products and services with a trustworthy and honest attitude.
In addition, by making secondary use of the results of media coverage in the form of posting on SNS or posting on the website, it is possible to transmit information that is more reliable than
advertisements. At the same time, unlike short-term advertising, media performance is a long-term corporate asset.
By communicating effectively in this way, you will be able to get customers to choose you.
In-house PR strategy
Also, unlike advertising strategies that often rely on outsourcing, PR strategies can be in-house.
Employees are the ones who know best about the company’s good initiatives, their impact on society, and their changes. By creating a PR team and spending about a year learning how to communicate, you will be able to complete your own PR strategy.
In this co-sponsored seminar, we will also tell you about methods for self-propelled PR strategies through employee training.
PR strategy also leads to improved employee engagement
PR not only influences consumer behavior, but also has a positive impact on the company.
The fact that our company was reported on TV and in newspapers made our employees aware that their company and work had social value, and made them feel proud of belonging to that company. You will be able to work while
In addition, the above public relations members will communicate the attractiveness and potential of the company not only outside the company but also inside the company. Strengthening internal public relations will be a very effective initiative for companies that feel that they are having issues in instilling their philosophy.
If employees can increase their engagement through such internal and external PR measures, it will transform into an organization where employees themselves create added value and increase the company’s brand value.
What you can learn at the branding x PR strategy seminar
At the seminar co-sponsored by MARK N x Imagina, you will not only learn purpose and philosophy, but also learn how to strengthen the organization centered on managers for subsequent penetration, and PR strategies to communicate the brand inside and outside the company. I can.
・I want to develop management human resources
・I want to create an environment where all employees can work with a sense of purpose.
・I want to create a strong organization with a sense of unity and raise the company’s stage.
・I want to do PR that can effectively convey the brand
If you have such a sense of challenge, please take advantage of this opportunity.
Overview of Branding x PR Strategy Seminar
《Date and time》
Tuesday, February 21, 2023 10:00-11:30
Urban Net Kanda Conference, 3-6-2 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo “program”
■ Lecture 10:00-11:00 Branding methods practiced by successful companies (60 minutes)
-Imagina Co., Ltd. President Yoshiki Sekino-
・Issues of “people” in Japanese companies from the perspective of the world situation
・What is Imagina branding that values ​​“people”?
・Methods for establishment and permeation of philosophy
・PR strategy to consistently convey the corporate brand
・How to develop PR personnel
■Panel discussion 11:00-11:20
-Imagina Co., Ltd. President and CEO Yoshiki Sekino × MARK N Co., Ltd. CEO Masahiro Kawada-
・About the relationship between branding strategy and PR
・Specific way to proceed with PR measures
■ Questionnaire answer & individual consultation 11:20-11:30 《Lecturer Introduction》
■ MARK N Co., Ltd. Representative Director Masahiro Kawada
After graduating from university, engaged in management as the youngest manager at Tempos HD.
In charge of a major restaurant company, supporting marketing and PR for more than 3,000 stores nationwide.
After that, as the person in charge of the new business, he worked on business development with Mr. Takaoka, the former CEO of Nestlé. Construction of food delivery business and consulting services for multiple restaurants.
Established MARK N Co., Ltd., which mainly focuses on PR and BtoB marketing business, and supports more than 300 companies.
■ Imagina Co., Ltd. President Yoshinori Sekino
Graduated from London International School of Acting. After
graduating, he joined Imagineko Munikatsuone, where he worked on many commercials and movies such as Samsonite. After that, he was seconded to the investment department and served as general manager for Asia. Realizing the need for corporate branding in management, Imagina Co., Ltd. was established. He conducts brand consulting that connects outerwear and innerwear, and in recent years has focused on changing the awareness of managers and HR due diligence, etc., and is developing a branding business that places the most importance on “people.”
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