Immediately after its release, “Hanko” has become a hot topic among high school girls on SNS.

JSI Co., Ltd.
Immediately after its release, “Hanko” has become a hot topic among high school girls on SNS.
# A new proposal for graduation photos! Custom-made gift sinju will release a new stamp product “Graduation” for graduation celebrations
On Sunday, January 1, 2023, Oiwainkan, a seal gift for graduation and adult celebration, “Graduation” will be released from custom-made gift sinju.
JSI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1086-3 Tenjin Chujo, Fujikawa-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture / President: Akira Saito) will launch a custom-made gift from sinju on Sunday, January 1, 2023. Oiwainkan has released a seal gift “Graduation” for graduation and coming-of-age celebrations.
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We have been enlightening the culture of proposals using personal seals, and the culture of gifting matching seals and “matching seals” to married couples at the time of registration and wedding ceremonies. This new product aims to spread the culture of giving “Oiwainkan”, which is a gift of “name” that is a seal that faces the life that was given, and is a seal culture that is unique to Japan, and Yamanashi Prefecture, which boasts the largest share in Japan The purpose is to further revitalize the stamp industry.
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■ What is “Oiwainkan Graduation”?
A seal case set with “wishes and thoughts for your child” engraved to celebrate your child’s future “step” such as birth, advancement to the next grade, etc. It is a souvenir and gift that can be used at various milestones where a seal is required, such as as a commemoration of graduation, as a gift for your child, as a celebration for friends who have graduated.
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■ “Oiwainkan ‘Graduation’” product features
1. Can be used for various procedures necessary for children in daily life It can be used as a seal in various situations where a seal is required, such as opening a bank account and applying for insurance. * Bank seals and registered seals can also be created.
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2. A design in which the seal and the case are linked
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3. You can print your wishes and thoughts for children, friends, couples, etc. in the seal case. 15 different words
1. Let’s always be on each other’s side / 2. We are friends forever. / 3. Lifelong youth! / 4. Friends are treasures for life / 5. Cherish the heart of gratitude / 6. Believe in yourself and move forward / 7. Cherish today / 8. Progress day by day / 9. Failure is the foundation of success / 10 After the rain comes a rainbow / 11. If you get lost, choose the one that excites you / 12. Discover something new every day / 13. Be greedy. Be flexible. / 14. Let’s enjoy adversity / 15. Pinch is an opportunity
* You can also enter freely within 30 characters.
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■ Product overview
Product Name: Graduation
Developed patterns: 4 patterns (school uniform, sailor suit, blazer pants, blazer skirt)
Price (excluding tax): 7,500 yen (1 set (seal, case))
Product URL:
Gakuran/Sailor Uniform
Blazer pants/blazer skirt
Product features: With the motif of “school uniform”, the seal is a school uniform, the seal case has the same pattern as the seal, and the motif is cherry blossoms, with the hope that you will not forget the passion and bonds of your school days even after graduation. You can choose from 2 patterns that look like the school crest.
*Please contact us if you would like to have your school’s original school uniform made as a graduation gift.
・School uniform / sailor suit
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・Blazer pants/Blazer skirt
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・The case can be selected from 2 patterns: one with the same pattern as the seal pictured above, or a pattern similar to the school badge with a cherry blossom motif.
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■ About “sinju”, custom-made gifts for families
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sinju was born from the meaning of “giving” the last name given by “parents” to you. In addition, sinju is also attached to the “pearl,” which has been carefully nurtured inside the mother shell for many years, and eventually grows and grows to show that beautiful brilliance. also represents The symbol mark expresses the correlation diagram of the genealogy inherited by the family with a series of tree roots.
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■About the seal industry in Yamanashi Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture is the number one producer of seals in Japan, accounting for 50% of all seals in Japan, and 90% of the seals received when graduating from junior high school. Yamanashi Prefecture has a long history of the seal industry.In the Edo period, a huge crystal was excavated in the territory of Kai Province (Yamanashi Prefecture). It is said that an engineer who was engaged in the production of seals traveled all over the country, preaching the importance and usefulness of seals, as well as their necessity in daily life, and pioneered sales channels. The technique of hand carving, which takes a long time to learn, was certified as a traditional craft designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2000 as “Koshu hand carved seal”.
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