Impact thinking x original method Token Express Co., Ltd. provides impact thinking and its management method to certified NPO Kids Door

Token Express Co., Ltd.
Token Express Co., Ltd. provides impact thinking and management methods to certified NPO Kids Door

Token Express Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Konno, hereinafter referred to as Token Express), which supports the creation of a system that allows organizations to self-run and create impact by providing impact thinking and its management methods, is a certified NPO Kidsdoor. ) (Chairman: Yumiko Watanabe, hereafter: Kids Door), as part of its organizational strengthening, we provide programs that enable employees to utilize business design and management methods that maximize impact creation.
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Background of our support
Kids’ Door has taken on the new challenge of permeating the entire organization’s vision and mission in response to an increase in staff and diversification of stakeholders due to rapid organizational expansion in recent years.
To help improve this situation, Talk Express has decided to provide a unique program featuring “business design and management methods that maximize impact creation” and “self-propelled organization building.” . Participants in the program learn impact management techniques and share that knowledge within the organization, enabling employees with on-site work to link their daily work with the organization’s vision and mission. We aim to strengthen the ability to think from a perspective and align the entire organization in the same direction. [Image 2d52501-1-f27170163074a22f44ad-9.jpg&s3=52501-1-9ee4e9823861f517db9b4888cba64eb0-3900x2925.jpg
State of the training

Outcomes of this support and future prospects
First, we provided impact design and management methods for a small number of chief coordinators (leaders in the field).
After that, under the company’s escort, the chief coordinator shared knowledge with some on-site staff. We asked the chief coordinator to deepen his learning by sharing what he had learned with others. In the future, we plan to provide chief coordinators and on-site staff who have shared knowledge with a method of communicating with business stakeholders by utilizing the impact “blueprint”.
-Comment from Mr. Kotaro Matsumi, Executive Officer of Kids Door- [Image 3d52501-1-e4a2b3947640c8dd6041-1.jpg&s3=52501-1-ee321e02841d17f3e2a81553ea94bff4-1700x2126.jpg
Taking up the “Learning Support Project”, which is the core business of Kids Door, we will systematically learn about what kind of change the support target will create and how it will contribute to the vision and mission. I got the chance.
The members who participated felt that they were able to grasp the business they are involved in on a daily basis from a broader and longer-term perspective. I think it would be good if the purpose and direction of the project could be shared and discussed among staff, volunteers, part-timers, and other related parties.

-Comment from our representative Konno-
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Kid’s Door is an NPO with a wealth of experience that has developed learning support for children from economically difficult families with the vision of “creating a society where all children can have dreams and hopes.”
This time, I am very proud to have the opportunity to provide a business design method for maximizing and sustaining impact to Kids Door, a leading NPO in Japan.
This method was developed using the concept of “impact” to help companies realize their ideal future (= ideal society). We believe that the organizational form of a company (for-profit organization) or a non-profit organization is irrelevant. Through providing services to Kids Door, we were able to deepen our confidence in that idea. We aim to have Kids Door realize our service concept of “instilling impact thinking in the organization,” “creating a sustainable impact,” and “self-propelled mechanism.”
■Kids Door, an authorized non-profit organization
Since its establishment in 2009, it is an organization that has been working on the problem of child poverty in Japan. Provided learning support for approximately 1,900 elementary school to high school children from impoverished households in Tokyo, its suburbs, and Miyagi, and provided information support, food and stationery support to approximately 3,000 needy families raising children nationwide, and employment support for guardians. is being implemented. Yumiko Watanabe, the chairman of the board, is also a member of the Cabinet Office Advisory Council on Child Poverty Countermeasures and a member of the government committee.
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■ Token Express Co., Ltd.
Token Express Co., Ltd. is a professional that supports organizations that aim to create impact through business through impact thinking. Developed a unique method based on the front-line knowledge of impact measurement and impact investment. By introducing the mindset and skill sets necessary for impact creation, we support the creation of a self-propelled mechanism for impact design, measurement, and creation, and the transformation into an impact thinking organization. So far, we have supported major shipping companies, direct marketing EC companies, foundations, etc.
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