In 2023, zired will release “Compatibility Tarot Fortune-telling” for free to predict the perfect partner fo r you

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In 2023, zired will release “Compatibility Tarot Fortune-telling” for free to predict the perfect partner for you
What kind of men should you look out for this year? You can try a simple version of Tarot fortune-telling on this page.

On January 5, 2023, zired (URL:, operating company: Reachzem Co., Ltd.), a media specializing in fortune-telling, released “2023 Compatibility Tarot Fortune-telling”.
[Contents] Compatibility tarot fortune-telling in 2023
[Usage fee] Completely free
[Member registration] Not required
[Publication date] Scheduled to end from January 5, 2023 to November 30, 2023 [Venue] Special page (
[Participation method] Fortune-telling execution from the special page On January 5, 2023, zired (URL:, operating company: Reachzem Co., Ltd.), a media specializing in fortune-telling, released “2023 Compatibility Tarot Fortune-telling”.
Users can predict their own “perfect partner in 2023” with the tarot fortune-telling function. This tarot fortune-telling is performed by the one oracle method (a method of fortune-telling that selects one card), and you can fortune by choosing one inspired card from the nine that are developed after shuffling.
2023 Steps to use Tarot fortune-telling
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In addition, as an appraisal result, what was the card that was drawn, what kind of person is compatible in 2023 that can be read from it, and what kind of things should be kept in mind. You can receive messages from tarot cards about the characteristics of your perfect partner.
This automatic fortune-telling using tarot cards can be viewed from a computer, smartphone, tablet device, etc., and anyone can do it without any registration and completely free of charge.
<< 2023 Compatibility Tarot Divination zired
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– New open phone fortune information: -zired free fortune telling: This release special simplified version trial compatibility tarot fortune-telling
This time, as a special edition only for this release page, you can try a simple tarot that can be selected from 3 cards. The appraisal results are the same as the official version, so you can also view it as an appraisal sample.
● Compatibility tarot fortune-telling start
First of all, let’s imagine “I am involved with others in 2023”. Then choose one of the three tarot cards “A, B, C” below, relying solely on inspiration. Once you’ve decided, scroll down and read each result.
[Image 2d89586-48-928cdfa59d1529473e32-0.jpg&s3=89586-48-ecee807566a03448c857043a88bf9052-600x445.jpg

If you chose A, you will receive a “Judgement” card.
[Image 3d89586-48-48ca4eb3e7c0478b360d-4.jpg&s3=89586-48-64c242d73631cf4705a6032964360114-290x500.jpg
Good compatibility is “that person who gave up”
2023 is the year you rekindle old love.
It is implied that you will realize that the love you gave up is resurrected or the love that has been ruined due to complications is true.
Therefore, the perfect man for you will be someone you dated in the past, or someone you liked but gave up on for some reason.
When I was obsessed with the person I liked, I got caught up in unnecessary things and it didn’t go well.
But by giving up on him, you let go of unwanted feelings and moved on. If it is the timing of 2023, you will be able to open up with your opponent. If there is someone who thinks of you, it would be a good idea to act positively.
If you chose B, your “justice” card
[Image 4d89586-48-1d07ddd9a077ff1c8645-3.jpg&s3=89586-48-abfc14df0b66e15e24f8ea177b4228c1-287x500.jpg
The man who is perfect for you is the type who can assess things with an unbiased eye.
In 2023, it seems that you want to be evaluated correctly in your work and private life.
Therefore, you will expect your partner and the people around you to give you a correct evaluation of yourself.
As a person, I want to live without being ashamed of the world, and I am compatible with people who have their own sense of justice. Since you can see things with a calm eye, there is a high possibility that you will be involved in legal or administrative work.
Also, regardless of the type of job, they are more active as full-time employees belonging to large organizations rather than part-time workers or freelancers.
If you choose C, your “Hermit” card
[Image 5d89586-48-b325a7b4d738c7415074-5.jpg&s3=89586-48-0175fb07980a16ffdcaa48067d696c2c-289x500.jpg
The man who is perfect for you is the investigative type who is dedicated to exploring things.
The year 2023 is the year to complete the things you have built up so far, such as hobbies and work.
Therefore, in order to balance love, compatibility with a partner who can cherish each other’s individual time will improve.
During this period, you crave emotional connection and prefer platonic relationships to overly physical couples.
If there are no such people around you at this stage, you may have a chance to meet someone if you go to a stationery specialty store alone.
There is a high chance that you are picking up a yellow accessory in the store. << Let’s try the full version next Reachzem Co., Ltd.
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