In inheritance, the most important thing is to achieve a happy and prosperous old age rather than tax savings!?

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In inheritance, the most important thing is to achieve a happy and prosperous old age rather than tax savings!?
The book “A book to read if you think, ‘What should I do if my husband dies?'” (Author: Takeshi Shimane) Released today!

Crossmedia Publishing Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Koichiro Kobayakawa) will release a book on January 16, 2023, “A book to read if you think, ‘What should I do if my husband dies?'” (Author: Takeshi Shimane) ) will be published. Life expectancy is increasing, women are living longer, and in many cases they are leaving husbands. This book includes case studies based on the author’s abundant consultation cases, and carefully explains how to prepare for smooth inheritance procedures and how to respond specifically when inheritance actually occurs. It’s a book.
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Only “30%” of all people are taking inheritance measures
According to AlbaLink Co., Ltd.’s “Awareness Survey on Inheritance Measures” (2021), only about 30% of the respondents are taking inheritance measures. Japan is rapidly aging. Interest in inheritance is increasing year by year, but it seems that there are still few people who are actually prepared for inheritance.
“I’m curious about the inheritance, but I don’t know what to do…” Isn’t this what most people say?
Why “when my husband dies”?
Women, who have a longer life expectancy than men, often face inheritance in various ways, not only from their husbands, but also from their own parents and their husbands’ parents, and inheritance tends to be a very difficult issue for women. There is a status quo. For example, the inheritance of the husband’s parents is legally considered distant, and the wife may be barred from being a “relevant party.” In reality, there are many cases where the wife takes care of the husband’s parents, but such a judgment is made.
In the midst of the loss and grief of losing a husband, there are many times when you will face severe inheritance problems. It is necessary to cherish the thoughts of “the side who leaves the property”. But more than that, isn’t it most important to prepare so that the “leftover family” can live happily and spiritually without worrying about money? The important thing is whether the wife (family) left behind can spend the rest of her life happily.
This book is not intended to guide those who want to prepare for future inheritance or those who are already facing inheritance, how to reduce inheritance tax. We will explain the “attitude and mindset” to proceed with the inheritance smoothly, as well as the basic knowledge of inheritance and specific countermeasures.
Points of this book
In this paper, we will delve into three points.
1. Be prepared by imagining “what if your husband dies” and imagining possible problems.
2. Dealing with problems that may occur in inheritance with the highest emphasis on the perspective that “the remaining person will live a rich life”
3. Based on 1. and 2., understand the basic flow of inheritance in advance, even if it is simple.
In Chapter 2, representative cases are presented based on actual cases of inheritance, making it easier to visualize inheritance and the problems that may arise along with it. If you are interested, you may want to read from Chapter 2.
◆ Examples covered in Chapter 2
・”Inheritance of a surviving wife and children”
・”Inheritance of a surviving husband”
・”Inheritance of a husband who was the youngest child and the eldest son of a couple without children”
・”Inheritance of a husband who owns a lot of profitable properties” ・”Inheritance of the owner’s husband”
It is useful for various people because it summarizes many things about inheritance that not only the “wife” but also the “remaining side = husband” should know.
Table of contents (excerpt)
Introduction Who is inheritance for?
Chapter 1 Let’s think concretely about “just in case”
–What is the inheritance problem that the remaining wife faces? — Chapter 2 Learning from actual troubles
–Five inheritance stories that puzzled surviving wives and families– Chapter 3 What should I do in 10 months?
    ──The basics of “what happens” and “what should be done” in inheritance―― Chapter 4. To fulfill the “inheritance that enriches the life of the remaining wife”
in conclusion
Author biography
Takeshi Shimane
Representative tax accountant of Shimane tax accountant office. Born as the eldest son of a family of full-time farmers in Saitama Prefecture. Aspiring to become a tax accountant with the desire to “guide the inheritance of the family’s family smoothly”, he passed the tax accountant examination at the age of 24. After graduating from university, he taught a tax accountant course at a vocational school and experienced a sales position at a certain insurance company. Since then, he has been involved in more than 100 inheritance cases a year as an inheritance tax expert. He co-authored “A book to fulfill a harmonious inheritance” (Gentosha Media Consulting).
Bibliographic information
“A book to read if you think, ‘What should I do if my husband dies?'” [Image 2

Author: Takeshi Shimane
List price: 1,628 yen (main unit 1,480 yen + tax)
Format: 46 size / 192 pages
ISBN: 978-4-295-40787-4
Publisher: Cross Media Publishing Co., Ltd. (Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.) Release date: January 16, 2023
Handling: At bookstores nationwide and online bookstores
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