In love with bright red strawberries… ISETAN Strawberry WEEK Held at Isetan Shinjuku from January 11, 2023 (Wednesday) !!

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.
[In love with bright red strawberries… ISETAN Strawberry WEEK] Held at Isetan Shinjuku from January 11, 2023 (Wednesday) !!
Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Main Building B1F Food Collection Dates: January 11 (Wednesday) to 17 (Tuesday), 2023

Rich sweets using various production areas and varieties are appearing one after another from popular patisseries and specialty stores! From all 10 brands that will be open, we will introduce the buyer’s recommended strawberry sweets!
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On January 15th, “Strawberry Day”, we would like you to enjoy “strawberries” more casually and in various ways and arrangements! This event started with the idea of ​​​​and will be held for the third time this year.
-Hotel New Otani Patisserie SATSUKI- and -Tokyo Kaikan- from luxurious royal sweets, to luxurious parfaits and pudding a la mode that are particular about the production area and varieties of strawberries, everything is full of strawberries! The perfect balance of sweetness and sourness is now in season! There is no doubt that you will be satisfied with your taste buds and heart as you eat the luxurious strawberry sweets that have been refined by professional techniques. Don’t miss this opportunity as there are limited items and limited quantities available only at the Isetan Shinjuku store!
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【伊勢丹新宿店】いちごスイーツフェア開催! 華やかでキュートな限定アイテムは見逃せない

6 Strawberry Sweets Recommended by Buyers!
■-Tokyo/Tokyo Kaikan-Limited to Isetan Shinjuku! “Maron Chanterrie” made with Amaou
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[Limited to Isetan Shinjuku]-Tokyo Kaikan-Amaou no Marron Chanterie (1 piece) 1,620 yen Limited to 30 pieces each day
Tokyo Kaikan in Tokyo Marunouchi, which celebrated its 100th anniversary, has a classic western confectionery “Marron Chanterie” that has been loved for a long time. Fresh cream, concentrated amao puree, and flavor are mixed in, giving it a slightly pinkish color and a cute appearance. Softly strained chestnuts are hidden in the strawberry cream, and if you take a bite, the harmony of the refreshing sweet potato and the gentle sweetness of the chestnut spreads throughout your mouth. Don’t miss the limited flavors of traditional sweets that can only be found at “ISETAN Strawberry WEEK”! ■-Tokyo/Hotel New Otani Patisserie SATSUKI-Luxury shortcake using 8 large Hakata Amaou
[Image 3

-Hotel New Otani Patisserie SATSUKI-New Extra Super Amaou Shortcake (1 cut) 3,456 yen Limited to 30 each day
Patisserie SATSUKI has created a lot of buzz with its “Super Series” including “Super Melon Shortcake”. “Extra Super Amaou Shortcake”, which was born in 2014 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the hotel’s opening, will be released with further evolution. About 8 pieces of “Hakata Amaou”, also known as the “King of Strawberries,” are used for each piece, and topped in 3 styles: dice cut, half cut, and large whole. A special cream that combines wasanbon and vanilla beans with fresh cream from Omuta, Kyushu, and two types of sponge dough with different flavors bring out the taste of Hakata Amaou. A perfectly balanced shortcake is the perfect treat!
■-Tochigi/Fruit Dining Palette-Special parfait where you can eat and compare 3 kinds of Tochigi brand strawberries
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-Fruit dining palette-Three kinds of strawberry parfait (1 serving) 1,900 yen Eat-in price Limited to 50 each day *Demonstration sales Founded in Tochigi Prefecture, one of Japan’s leading strawberry producing areas, after working as a fruit store and fruit parlor, it is now a locally loved restaurant -Fruit Dining Palette-. A special parfait that generously uses three kinds of Tochigi’s representative strawberries, “Skyberry”, “Royal Queen”, and “Tochiaika”, will be available for demonstration sale.
They use fresh cream made in-house that hasn’t changed the taste since the fruit parlor opened about 50 years ago. Fluffy and moderately sweet, it brings out the flavor of fresh strawberries. The parfait is a simple composition of fresh cream and vanilla ice cream that allows you to enjoy the original taste of strawberries. Try comparing the charms of strawberries produced in Tochigi Prefecture, the Kingdom of Strawberries.
*Please note that the variety may change depending on the strawberry harvest situation.
■-Tokyo/Patisserie & Cafe Delemo-Plenty of carefully selected strawberries. Chocolatier’s special parfait
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[Limited to Isetan Shinjuku] – Patisserie & Cafe Delimo – Parfait Strawberry Panic (1 piece) 1,341 yen Limited to 200 each day *Demonstration sales
Chocolatier Kazuaki Eguchi’s patisserie -Patisserie & Cafe Delemo-, which has its main store in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, introduces “Parfait Strawberry Panic”. As the name suggests, it is a satisfying parfait that is full of strawberries to the point of panic. Strawberries with a good balance of sweetness and sourness are the main characters, and are topped with strawberry-filled chocolate cream and pistachio ice cream unique to chocolatiers. The sweet and sour taste of
strawberries, the deep flavor of chocolate, and the richness of pistachio are a trinity that will delight your taste buds.
Strawberries can be eaten as is, then mixed with cream or ice cream, and so on.
■-Tokyo/Hugsy Donuts-Special donuts with strawberries and cream sandwiched between fluffy dough
[Image 6

[Limited to Isetan Shinjuku] – Hugsy Donuts – Donut Strawberry Sandwich (1 piece) 401 yen *Demonstration sale
A donut shop in Seiseki Sakuragaoka that is open only on weekends. For this event, we will make special sweets that sandwich custard, fresh cream, and fresh strawberries with our specialty donuts.
The dough is made by blending 3 types of wheat and fermenting it with yeast. The texture is fluffy and the sweetness of the wheat stands out. The caramelized dough, plenty of cream and strawberries are perfectly balanced, and the fruity sourness of the strawberries matches the sweetness of the donuts. The firm sweetness goes well with strong brewed coffee.
■-Hyogo/Arrow Tree-Heavy volume of Amaou! Retro gorgeous pudding a la mode [Image 7

-Arrow Tree-Amaou Princess (1 piece) 2,808 yen Weekdays only 20 points, Saturdays and Sundays only 50 points
The last thing we would like to introduce is the pudding a la mode produced by -Arrow Tree-, which originated from a fruit and vegetable wholesaler. It is a gorgeous sweet that lives up to the name of “Princess”, which is unique to the same brand that is particular about “Amaou” from Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture.
In a large cup, Amaou compote gelée, fresh cream with pistachio paste, and sponge are layered, and topped with smooth custard pudding and large Amaou beans. The original cream, made with Hokkaido fresh cream and Italian pistachio paste, enhances the sweet and sour taste of strawberries. The combination of fresh Amaou and melting custard pudding is a delicious combination! Treat yourself like a princess. Introducing the recommended products of other store brands at once! ■-Kanagawa/Marco 102- A special freshly made pie with a “crispy” crust filled with cream with chunky strawberries and soy milk cheese cream. [Image 8

-Marco 102- Strawberry pie (1 piece) 471 yen *Demonstration sales ■-Tokyo / PRESS BUTTER SAND-Freshly baked butter sandwiches that harmonize the sweetness and sourness of Amaou strawberries baked one by one at the store
[Image 9

-PRESS BUTTER SAND-Freshly Baked Butter Sandwich-Amaou Strawberry-(1 piece) 249 yen *Demonstration sale
■-Tokyo/POINT ET LIGNE-Limited to Isetan Shinjuku Store, which is made with domestically grown wheat and topped with branded strawberries. [Image 10

-Ito King- Strawberry candies with Amaou strawberries (1) 810 yen *Demonstration sales
*All prices include tax.
List of store brands/representative items (honorifics omitted, in no particular order)
・Tokyo/Hotel New Otani Patisserie SATSUKI (New Extra Super Amaou Shortcake) ・Tokyo/Tokyo Kaikan (Amaou no Maron Chanterrie)
・Tochigi/Fruit Dining Palette (three kinds of strawberry parfait) ・Tokyo/Patisserie & Cafe Delimo (Parfait Strawberry Panic)
・Tokyo/Hugsy Donut (Doughnut Strawberry Sandwich)
・Hyogo/Arrow Tree (Amaou Princess)
・Tokyo/POINT ET LIGNE (strawberry sandwich)
・Tokyo/PRESS BUTTER SAND (Butter Sandwich -Amaou Strawberry-) ・Fukuoka/Ito King (Dora King Ace, Strawberry Candy)
・Kanagawa/Marco 102 (strawberry pie)
*Stores and products are subject to change without notice. Please note.

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