Inagora Co., Ltd. Inagora, which develops cross-border e-commerce business, announced the winning products of Wandou Grand Prize “WANDOU BEST BUY 2022”

Inagora Co., Ltd.
Inagora, which develops cross-border e-commerce business, announces winning products of Wandou Grand Prize “WANDOU BEST BUY 2022” ~Selected products supported by Chinese users in 2022 from a total of 5 categories: food, health, skin care, makeup, and personal care through the cross-border EC app “Wando”~

Under the slogan “Shopping has no borders,” Inagora Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO: Yonge Okina Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) operates the cross-border EC platform “Wando”, which
specializes in Japanese products for Chinese consumers. On January 16, 2023 (Monday), Wandou Grand Prize “WANDOU BEST BUY 2022” award ceremony will be held. Awarded products that are supported by users. The award ceremony was broadcast live to China.
[Image 1d15714-194-487d827e3f1d597d03cb-4.png&s3=15714-194-7e93c6c1d5642cf45fa6a2c0042f2bd5-1451x743.png
Wandou Grand Prize “WANDOU BEST BUY 2022” Winning Products List The Wandou Grand Prize “WANDOU BEST BUY” is an event that selects and awards products that can be said to be the face of the year, highly rated by a judge made up of Chinese customers, KOLs and Inagora buyers. It is a popular project that aggregates the accumulated know-how and experience of the EC platform “Wando”.
Following on from last year, this year’s WANDOU BEST BUY 2022 will be held for the second time, placing greater emphasis on the “customer’s real point of view”. We solicited participation votes from users of The list of award-winning products is a lineup that can be said to be the list of Japanese products that are the most popular among Chinese customers in 2022.
Overview of Wandou Grand Prize “WANDOU BEST BUY 2022”
■ Selection method:
During the target period, we will carry out the “Choose your favorite treasure” campaign for users of WeChat, Weibo, and Redbook, which are major Chinese SNS platforms, in addition to the Wandou app, and plan food, health, skin care, makeup, and personal care. You voted for your favorite products in 5 categories. In each category, for example, the Skin Care Awards are subdivided into lotion, serum, sunscreen, face wash, and face mask categories, so we can read the needs of Chinese customers in more detail.
Based on the results of this vote, the judges evaluated the products based on the sales performance of the Wando app over the past year and created an award list. From major brand products to niche brand products, a wide variety of products are available.
■ Voting date and time:
January 6, 2023 (Friday) to January 11, 2023 (Wednesday)
*For customers in China, the award results will be announced in one category every day from January 12, 2023 (Thursday) to January 16, 2023 (Monday), with the final announcement date being January 16, 2023. On Monday (Monday), we held the 2022 Bean BEST Award Ceremony LIVE.
[Image 2d15714-194-f3a1979031a01ddeeed9-0.png&s3=15714-194-339a76a31febb02a15dfaf89dab31726-1986x582.png
“Choose Your Favorite Treasure” campaign banner and Wando Award Ceremony LIVE ■ Judges:
“WANDOU BEST BUY 2022” is an award backed by reliability and expertise. This year, in order to be fairer, we have invited a total of 8 experts who are well-known KOLs and Inagora buyers in 5 categories active in Redbook.
The jury selects award-winning products based on consumer demand and sales data, knowing the merits and characteristics of the products. ・Redbook KOL: Mr. 维哥在東京、@本天吃啥、@美金的臏油酰、@腼腆 special、@food scientist little sister ・Mr. Chen Xue, a well-known stylist in China
・ Momo, a make-up artist
・Buyer of Inagora
[Image 3d15714-194-db9524c3ab69079911f5-1.png&s3=15714-194-8f9f5e4b7234f9968064dd7d5d9bac3f-2080x640.png
[Image 4d15714-194-97a070dfcfdd76a3bbc6-2.png&s3=15714-194-078abf3f98a9d089e4358147c94c13f7-2075x648.png
The award ceremony of the Wando Grand Prize (Inagora Vice President Shigehisa Tsuda, and from the top left: Yamamoto Kampo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Ajinomoto AGF Co., Ltd., Tokiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and ARTISTIC&CO. GLOBAL Co., Ltd.)
Inagora will continue to introduce more Japanese products to Chinese customers and provide a place for them to enjoy Japanese products and lifestyles.
■Overview of Inagora Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Sumitomo Ichigaya Building 6F, 1-1 Ichigaya Honmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Company Established: December 15, 2014
Representative Director and CEO: Eisho Okina
Under the slogan “Shopping has no borders”, we are engaged in a cross-border e-commerce business that develops excellent Japanese products and services for China through the Internet, as well as a complex ancillary business such as content production, logistics, and overseas marketing associated with the above. I’m here. Inagora is a one-stop solution type B to B to C cross-border e-commerce that solves all of the problems that Japanese companies inevitably face when considering overseas expansion: cross-border information, cross-border logistics, and cross-border payment. We operate the platform “Wando Platform”. By handling all processes such as product translation, logistics, payment, marketing, customer service, and other channel development, we absorb the cultural gap between Japanese companies and Chinese consumers and support Japanese companies’ expansion into China. By simply delivering products to Inagora’s domestic warehouse in Japan, Japanese companies can enter the huge Chinese market more easily than adding an additional domestic e-commerce shop.
[Image 5d15714-194-bf6beb3a6b807f50da5f-3.jpg&s3=15714-194-0beb31aea17ecd9427fbb69216e9c44f-1500x803.jpg
Image of Wando Platform

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