Industry-academia collaboration Rakuwakai Healthcare System × Kyoto Tachibana University

[Industry-academia collaboration] Rakuwakai Healthcare System × Kyoto Tachibana University
Comprehensive Agreement on Education and Research Cooperation Concluded for the Development of Community Medicine

Rakuwakai Healthcare System and Kyoto Tachibana University (Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City) have decided to conclude a comprehensive agreement on cooperation in education and research to improve the quality of medical care and nursing care and to develop the next generation of medical professionals. rice field.
partner institution
Medical Corporation Rakuwakai
Kyoto Tachibana University
◆ Comprehensive Agreement Details ◆
1. Education and research activities
2. Upgrading nursing profession and medical care
3. Regional medical development
Specifically, we will accept students from Kyoto Tachibana
University’s Faculty of Nursing for practical training and dispatch staff (professionals) to Kyoto Tachibana University as teachers. ◆Signing ceremony◆
Date: January 30, 2023 (Monday) 14:00-
Venue: Kyoto Tachibana University (34 Oya Yamada-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto) We will work on “creating a livable community” through
industry-academia collaboration.
Please come to the interview.
*Please contact the following in advance when coming to the interview. * Please check your temperature, wear a mask, and come with the minimum number of people.
[Image 1d114387-2-7b906e8f2a1a6244ce3f-0.jpg&s3=114387-2-9589afbedb9a65cb9bb12cf7f1716eb4-2616x1568.jpg
Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital
[Image 2d114387-2-ccdf7af816392b0e5916-1.jpg&s3=114387-2-9911216285567ac35d54e793dd0d8bc1-1000x667.jpg
Kyoto Tachibana University

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