“Infinite Lagrange Starlight Festival event held where the light of the starlight shakes the sky

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“Infinite Lagrange Starlight Festival event held where the light of the starlight shakes the sky

As 2023 has just begun, Infinite Lagrange offers pioneers the first surprise of the new year. It’s the season of reunion, and I can’t wait to get together. The Starlight Festival of “Infinite Lagrange” will be held again, and please enjoy more warm experiences and interesting contents.
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A celebration of the starlight, lighting up a distant voice Even in the cold universe, there is human warmth
Even in the endlessly cold universe, there is countless warmth. Throughout Lagrange’s long history, there are many original festivals created by the pioneers. And the “Starlight Festival” is one of the festivals where you can feel the warmth of human culture and gatherings. To commemorate the event of the beacon release in the “Higan Project” and to encourage mankind’s courage to explore space, people make the “Starlight Festival” within the Lagrange network from the first day of the first calendar month to the second day of every year. .
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“Starlight” is the result of all pioneers walking together in the endless galaxy of Lagrange. Every year around this time, the pioneers gather. In order to celebrate the past year’s harvest and pray for a good harvest in the new year, stars are sent out and congratulatory messages are sent. And the starlight in the sky also illuminated the way home for more pioneers thousands of light-years away.
Implementation of new ship blueprints “Starlight Festival” once again full update
It’s the season of reunion, and we should cherish the time we spend together. This year’s “Starlight Festival” event has even more content with the theme of “Family”, and there are rewards that can be obtained for a limited time. The light of the starlight shakes the sky. We dedicate a new gathering experience to all the pioneers. The “Star Sea Shuttle”, which was well received last year, is now available for unions. Outside of Single Mode, Settlers can race in Unions for speed, piloting UAVs to avoid various space obstacles, and aim to fly farther. In addition, Pioneers can now share and interact with each other on the newly added “Star Sea Race” chat channel.
The second surprise for this year’s Starlight Festival is the Gravity Challenge. There are 8 stages in the “Gravity Challenge”, and you can receive the corresponding rewards when you complete the challenge for the first time. In addition, new ship blueprints will be implemented in this “Starlight Festival”. The new ship blueprint “Star of Thunderbolt – Arsenal Ship” by the famous weapons maker “Thunderbolt Group” is equipped not only with the Thunderbolt Group’s ultra-high energy ion cannon, but also with a mobile munitions industry integration system. increase. Its flagship features give settlers a variety of tactics to choose from.
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Major manufacturer Noma Shipping has also released a new blueprint for the Ediacaran-class Support Ship. The “Ediacaran-class Support Ship” can deploy a variety of strategic UAVs to provide more diverse and comprehensive fire support for allies. It is also possible to build support ships, increasing the fleet’s ability to continue operations. It can be said that it is a “moving fortress” in space.
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The light of the starlight shakes the sky. Please play “Infinite Lagrange”, gather in a warm corner in the cold universe, let human culture shine with sincere passion, explore the Lagrange universe together, and enjoy this year’s “Star Light Festival” full of wonderful content. Please enjoy.
About “Infinite Lagrange”
A NetEase Games original space strategy mobile game. You can explore unknown star systems, enjoy movie-level high-definition fleet battles, and exciting large-scale battles that span hundreds of astronomical units. Countless relics, ruins and stories await your discovery in a galaxy full of history and romance.
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