Information on press release from Matsui Securities Commemorating the start of the “Foreign Currency Settlement Service” for U.S. stocks from February 13 (Monday), we will hold a “Foreign Exchange Fee Free Campaign when Purchasing US Dollars”!

Matsui Securities Co., Ltd.
U.S. Equity “Foreign Currency Settlement Service” to Start on February 13th (Monday) To commemorate the launch of the service, the “Foreign Exchange Fee Free Campaign for US Dollar Purchases” will be held!
Matsui Securities (hereafter referred to as “our company”) announces that it will start a “Foreign Currency Settlement Service” for U.S. stocks from February 13, 2023 (Monday) (scheduled). By using this service, customers will be able to select either the US dollar or the yen as the transaction currency when ordering US stocks. In addition, we will add functions for foreign exchange transactions (“buying US dollars” for converting from yen to US dollars / “selling US dollars” for converting from US dollars to yen), which are necessary for foreign currency settlement.
In addition, to commemorate the launch of this service, we will hold a campaign to waive foreign exchange fees when purchasing US dollars from the same day (planned).
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■Features of foreign currency settlement and yen settlement
When buying and selling U.S. stocks in yen settlement (in yen), the yen will be converted into US dollars at the exchange rate at the time of purchase, and the conversion from US dollars to yen will be automatically performed at the time of sale at the time of sale. will be split. A currency exchange fee will be charged for each
transaction, but it is characterized by the fact that customers do not have to worry about exchanging currency themselves.
On the other hand, when trading US stocks with foreign currency settlement (in US dollars), there is no exchange fee, so it is possible to reduce transaction costs. However, customers are responsible for exchanging US dollars and yen. For example, when purchasing using foreign currency settlement, the customer must “buy US dollars” on their own, and when converting their US dollars into yen, they must “sell US dollars” themselves. becomes.
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(Example of selection of payment method according to trading style) 1.) Customers who want to use their US dollars from a long-term perspective →By focusing on foreign currency settlement, transactions with reduced exchange fees are possible.
2.) Customers who want to make transactions in an easy-to-understand manner → You can save the hassle of exchanging money by trading mainly in yen. “Matsui Securities U.S. Equity Service” offers real-time stock prices and best quotes that can be used free of charge by anyone who has opened a U.S. stock account with Matsui Securities, in addition to the lowest commission in the industry*1. We are enhancing our unique functions and services, such as a function that allows you to search for stocks from familiar keywords such as names and topical themes. The number of brands has also expanded to 1,600 brands*2, more than quadrupling in the first year since the service started, focusing on brands that are frequently requested by customers. From late February, we plan to gradually increase the number of ETFs we handle.
[Attractiveness of US stocks starting with Matsui Securities]
In addition, to commemorate the launch of this service, we will hold a campaign to waive foreign exchange fees when purchasing US dollars from the same day (planned).
■Overview of “No exchange fee campaign when buying US dollars” Start date: February 13, 2023 (Monday) (planned) ~
Contents: The exchange fee (25 sen per US dollar) that occurs when buying US dollars is free. In addition, foreign exchange fees will be waived when purchasing U.S. stocks in yen settlement.
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* No need to enter the campaign, there is no limit on the amount of US dollar purchases for which the campaign applies.
* Campaign details will be announced on our website.
Matsui Securities aims to provide products and services full of ideas that make investment fun, in order to support our customers’ enriched lives through investment experiences.
*1 According to our research, comparison with five major online securities companies (our company, SBI Securities, Rakuten Securities, Monex Securities, au Kabucom Securities), as of January 25, 2023. *2 As of January 23, 2023. Latest stock list:
-Explanation of risks and fees for products handled-
Basic Account Fee: About US stocks Trader name, etc. Matsui Securities Co., Ltd. Financial instruments trader Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 164 Member Association Name: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Financial Futures Association
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