Information on the 36th “Grant-in-Aid Foundation Forum 2022” sponsored by the Grant-in-Aid Center

Grant Foundation Center
Information on the 36th “Grant-in-Aid Foundation Forum 2022” sponsored by the Grant-in-Aid Center
Aiming for Alliances Based on Diverse Collaboration ~Creating Opportunities to Evolve and Deepen Grant Foundations and Grant Projects~

In recent years, the environment surrounding grant foundations has brought about major changes, such as the establishment of a 10 trillion yen university fund, a new system to support higher education, and the use of dormant deposits to provide funds. In addition, Mr. Masakazu Tokura, chairman of Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), spoke at a conference on the realization of a new capitalism based on the “Grand Design and Implementation Plan for New Capitalism” and the “Basic Policy 2022.” ”, an expert meeting was held on the modalities of the public interest corporation system in the new era, and an interim report was published on December 26, 2022. This review of the public interest corporation system will have a great impact on future public interest activities by the private sector. As a trustworthy subsidy foundation, we are entering an era in which new initiatives are required in order to develop subsidy activities aimed at the development of a better society. Through the theme of “alliance based on diverse collaborations,” the grant foundation grasps the changes in systems and trends, and how to overcome and demonstrate individuality. We aim to be a forum where you can find help leading to creation. We hope that many people will deepen their understanding of the activities of the Foundation through this forum.
Overview of the event (applications, etc. Theme: Aiming for alliances based on diverse cooperation
~Creating opportunities to evolve and deepen grant foundations and grant projects~
Date: February 2, 2023 (Thursday) 13:30-17:05
Venue: Zoom online (from the perspective of preventing infection with the new coronavirus)
Participation fee: Group unit (general group) 9,900 yen (tax included), (center member foundation and individual participation) 6,600 yen (tax included)
13:00 Opening remarks and purpose of the forum Masayuki Deguchi, President, Foundation Center for Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
13:40 Guest greeting Mr. Masakazu Tokura, Chairman of Japan Business Federation Overseas message Mr. Derek Ray-HillDirector of International Strategy & Corporate Services,
Charities Aid Foundation
13:50 Part 1: Sessions for cooperation and alliances
Moderator: Gen Watanabe, Visiting Professor, Graduate School of 21st Century Social Design, Rikkyo University Director, Foundation Center [Case report]
◇ Perspective of organizational management Mr. Hiroaki Harada, Managing Director of the Nissan Foundation
◇ Business Promotion Perspective Mr. Atsushi Ishida, Managing Director, Minna de Tsukuri Foundation Okayama
◇ Perspectives on human resource development and exchange: Specified non-profit corporation Civil Society Creation Fund
Executive Director/Senior Program Officer Emi Yamada
14:20 break
14:25 [Information exchange meeting (breakout room)] All participants 14:55 [Overall review and exchange of opinions based on reports from case reports]
◇ Panelist case reporter
Keiko Kiyota, Executive Director, The Canon Foundation
Kazuhiko Hanasaki, Executive Director, Grant Center, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
15:40 Break
15:50 Part 2 Issues and problems for creating new public utilities [Rare Report] Legislative Thoughts and Recent Issues Surrounding Public Interest Corporations/Expectations for Subsidized Foundations Mr. Osamu Kitagawa, Secretary General, Public Interest Commission, Cabinet Office
16:20 [Exchange of opinions/Q&A] ~ In response to the idea of ​​the public interest authorization committee
Moderator: Masayuki Deguchi, Chairman of the Grant Foundation Center ◇ Panelist Mr. Osamu Kitagawa, Secretary General, Public Interest Accreditation Committee, Cabinet Office
Ms. Tomoko Hasegawa, Managing Director, Japan Business Federation Mr. Hajime Watanabe, Managing Director, The Mitsubishi Foundation Eriko Kameoka, Chairman of the Kashiyama Scholarship Foundation Ms. Natsumi Oishi, Executive Director, Senri Cultural Foundation 17:00 Closing remarks and summary of the forum Kazuhiko Hanasaki, Executive Director, Foundation Center
*Please note that the contents of the program are subject to change. Please see the flyer. Details about this release:


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