INI’s Matsuda Shun appears in Poké Doko for 3 consecutive weeks! Aiming to become a Pokémon Master with Rainbo w! ?

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INI’s Matsuda Shun appears in Poké Doko for 3 consecutive weeks! Aiming to become a Pokémon Master with Rainbow! ?

A Pokémon variety show that travels around the world in a
Pikachu-shaped car “Dokokko Car” with Poké leader Ryogo Matsumaru, Poké rookie Hikaru Takahashi, driver Abareru and navigator “Cocker” (voiced by Shoko Nakagawa). “Where are you going with Pokemon!?” Over the three weeks of January 8th, 15th and 22nd, Matsuda Jin of the popular global boy group INI will appear at Poké Doko!
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INI’s Matsuda Shun, Kasumi and Kodak (Rainbow) appear in Poké where! [Image 2d2610-787-9fd32f44c7362501e62b-2.jpg&s3=2610-787-c1dc93079330d34cf7c334c18c983321-3900x2925.jpg
Matsuda likes Electric-type Pokémon. Together with Pikachu!
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In “Pokemon Scarlet Violet”, Matsuda seems to have chosen Nyaoha. At the OA on January 8th (Sunday), the comedian Rainbow dressed as Kasumi and Kodak, who adventures with Satoshi in the TV anime “Pocket Monsters: Aim for Pokemon Master”, which will start broadcasting from January 13th (Friday), will appear! Together with Matsuda, we aim to become a Pokémon Master and challenge Tokkun, who can distinguish between Pokémon’s voices! !
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Rainbow disguised as Kasumi and Kodak. “Kodak seems to be suffering from headaches…?”
“Which Pokémon’s voice is real!?” ! “Can you tell which one is the real Lucario!” ?
In addition, in the popular “Pokemogu!” corner, you can also make chewy sweets like the new Pokemon Pamo from “Pocket Monsters Scarlet Violet”! !
[Image 5d2610-787-1c57d020aa61e2a4f7af-4.png&s3=2610-787-4ce69ae2a92a120adbd4644b8e52cc23-1920x1080.png
Pamo-style chewy sweets made by Abareru-kun! !
* Hikaru Takahashi’s “High” is “Ladder”.
“Where are you going with Pokemon?” Broadcast every Sunday at 8:00 on TV Tokyo! * Broadcast dates and times are different in some areas. *Program content is subject to change.
Regular appearances: Ryogo Matsumaru, Hikaru Takahashi, Abareru-kun, Shoko Nakagawa (navigator)
Guest: Shun Matsuda (INI), Rainbow
● Official website: TV animation “Pocket Monsters Aim to be Pokemon Master”
Broadcast on TV Tokyo from 6:55 on Friday, January 13, 2023! * Broadcast date and time are different in some areas
● Official website: (C) TV Tokyo/Pokémon/ShoPro
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