Instructed by a holder of the Precious Metal Skills Test Level 1! How to make authentic silver accessories using “ipad jewelry CAD”

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Instructed by a holder of the Precious Metal Skills Test Level 1! How to make authentic silver accessories using “ipad jewelry CAD” Professional jewelry craftsmen will teach you seriously online! Use your time at home to become an accessory CAD designer

“Have you ever wanted to find something that you can be passionate about while staying at home?”
While staying at home, you can acquire the skills to make full-fledged silver accessories using iPad.
In recent years, due to the increased time spent at home,
More and more people are using their free time to make things at home as a side job or as a hobby.
One of the most popular activities is making accessories such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. For making accessories, 1. A simple method of combining existing parts using a jump ring 2. A forging technique in which hard precious metals are cut with a thread saw, scraped with a metal file, and welded with a gas burner 3. There are a wide range of methods, such as a casting technique called “WAX,” in which a material with a low melting point, such as candle wax, is shaved to create a prototype.
However, unlike those techniques, we are now in an era where CAD data, which is used by many professionals in the jewelry industry, can be created using only an iPad, without using a computer.
This time, Mr. Eisei Umeki, who holds the first grade of the precious metal technician test, which is also a national qualification, and Kuniyoshi Hasegawa, who is active as a traveling jewelry designer, YouTuber and MAGICO Co., Ltd., will launch a new ipad jewelry CAD course. .
As a trial version, we will hold an online “Let’s make a feather necklace 1 day course” where you can experience creating prototype data for advanced accessories with CAD using iPad.
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In this one-day course, we will make a popular feather necklace in the silver accessory industry. In the past, other company’s computer software, which was mainly used in the jewelry industry, was not good at organic designs with movements, but with this ipad accessory CAD, we can create designs with such movements down to the smallest detail. can be entered.
We have entered an era where full-fledged accessory CAD creation can be done at home, without the need to use expensive software or expensive computers, regardless of location.
It has been decided that the iPad accessory CAD course will start in February 2023, and many participants have already applied.
There are several people who hold the same Precious Metal Technician Test 1st grade as Mr. Umeki. ・Currently, there are companies that are running jewelry retail stores and are considering new customer demand ・Already have CG graphic software production skills. A wide range of people from beginners to experienced people have decided to
participate in this course in order to acquire the technology of ipad jewelry CAD, such as those who have it.
The ipad software is updated every day and the functionality is getting better. Devices are getting smaller these days, so it is highly likely that the iPad will become the main device for CAD production in the future, rather than the personal computer. The day when it becomes natural for designers to be able to create 3D designs instead of 2D designs has already arrived. With this course as a starting point, creators who can deliver accessories made with ipad to many people in the world will spread throughout Japan.
▼ Let’s make a feather necklace with ipad jewelry CAD
1 Day course dedicated page
(Details can be found on the page above.)
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