Interspace Co., Ltd. First appearance of AKB48 members. Experience yoga for the first time in the February/Mar ch issue of “Yoga Journal Japan” released on Friday, January 20!

Interspace Co., Ltd.
AKB48 member first appearance. Experience yoga for the first time in the February/March issue of “Yoga Journal Japan” released on Friday, January 20!

In the magazine “Yoga Journal Japanese Edition” published by Interspace Co., Ltd. (location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinichiro Kawabata, securities code: 2122, hereinafter Interspace), an Internet advertising and media management business, January 20 AKB48’s Yui Oguri, Ayaki Murayama, Momoka Onishi, and Yurina Gyoten will appear in the latest February/March issue, which will be released on Sunday (Friday).
The cover and feature articles are realized by the collaboration project of “Cover Acquisition Operation” of TV Tokyo’s crown program “AKB48, I heard you recently…” (every Tuesday at 1:30 am). In the magazine, Mr. Naruyoshi Miyazawa, a former Nogizaka46 opening member who is active as a yoga instructor, teaches yoga to AKB48 members who are new to yoga.
Yu Oguri, who said, “Not only did my body loosen up, but I was also very refreshed mentally.” Mr. Yi. Be sure to pay attention to yoga poses, off-shots, and yoga fashion of each of the four on the beach and vegetable gardens of the Miura Peninsula.
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[Overview of the February/March issue of “Yoga Journal Japan”] Release date: Friday, January 20, 2023
Price: 1100 yen
Issued/released by: Interspace/President
Yoga Journal Japan Official Instagram:
“Yoga Journal Japan” February/March issue Other features:
・ Special feature / “Opening and bending hip joint yoga training” that allows you to open legs, bend forward, balance, and advance poses ・ “Zero training” Supervised by Tomomi Ishimura, a trick stretch for forward bending and open legs
・Intestinal activity diary supervised by a physician
[Overview of Yoga Journal]
With the mission of “realizing a ‘well-being society’ through yoga,” we deliver evidence-based information on the mind and body through magazines and web media.
[Yoga Journal Japanese Version] ( A global version of a yoga magazine with a 47-year history in the United States. For yoga enthusiasts who enjoy yoga and health-conscious readers, we will disseminate yoga lifestyles such as pose practice methods, yoga fashion, health, and food. Another feature is that you can read translations of the latest articles in the American version. [Media link]
Official website:
Magazine Facebook: Online Facebook: Twitter: @yogajournaljp
Magazine Instagram: @yogajournal_japan
Online Instagram: @yogajournalonline
YouTube: [AKB48 / Profile of Yui Oguri, Ayaki Murayama, Momoka Onishi, Yurina Gyoten] [Image 2

Yui Oguri
2014 Started activities as AKB48 Team 8. In 2016, AKB48 46th single “High Tension” first selected member. In 2018, AKB48’s 52nd single “Teacher Teacher” was selected as the center for the first single title song, and became a core member of AKB48. Currently active in AKB48 Team 8 and Asai Team B.
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◆ Ayaki Murayama
2012 Introduced as a 13th generation student at AKB48’s 6th
anniversary special performance. In 2018, AKB48 51th single “Jabaja” first selected member. In August 2013, he was promoted to AKB48 Team 4, and in 2018 he became Team 4 captain. Currently active in Kuranoo Team 4 due to the formation of the cabinet.
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◆ Momoka Onishi
2014 Started activities as AKB48 Team 8. 2017 AKB48 47th single “Shoot Sign” first selected member. Currently active as a member of AKB48 Team 8 and Taguchi Team K.
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◆ Yurina Gouten
2014 Started activities as AKB48 Team 8. Ranked 36th in the 2022 edition of the annual “100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” by US film critic site TC Candler. Currently working as Team 8 and Kuranoo Team 4.
[About Interspace Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Interspace Co., Ltd. ( Location Shinjuku NS Building 8F, 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative Shinichiro Kawabata
Established November 8, 1999
Capital 984,653,800 yen (as of the end of September 2020)
Business description Internet advertising business, media management business [Contact for applications and inquiries regarding services]
Interspace Co., Ltd. Media & Solutions Division Nakahata
Phone: 03-5339-8725 Fax: 03-6302-3916
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Interspace Co., Ltd. Corporate Planning Office Public Relations Mitsumura E-mail: TEL: 03-5339-8680 FAX: 03-5909-4578 Details about this release:


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