Interview with former Japan national soccer player Inui! Sogo Omi Beef Trading Co., Ltd. | 2023 management policy presentation was held

Comprehensive Ohmi Beef Trading Company
[Interview with former Japan national soccer player Inui! ] Sogo Omi Beef Trading Co., Ltd. | 2023 management policy presentation was held Sogo Omi Beef Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, President: Tatsuhiro Nishino), which provides a meat wholesale business, will announce its management policy for fiscal 2023 at Ritto Sakira Hall on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. We held a meeting.

On January 10, 2023 (Tuesday), Sogo Omi Beef Trading Co., Ltd. held a 2023 management policy presentation at Sakira Hall in Ritto after taking thorough measures to prevent infection with the new
coronavirus. rice field. Starting with President Nishino’s peace treaty, former Japan national soccer player Inui and President Hosokawa of nadeshiko Co., Ltd. also took the stage, and the event was held with a total of over 100 people.
Sogo Omi Beef Trading Company Management Policy Presentation We were able to welcome the 4th term at this management policy presentation. The program of the management policy presentation held is as follows.
[Image 1d103761-14-2630aa67d9fb0110770c-0.jpg&s3=103761-14-3e5b425da6a1d152a19244f1bef3a6c3-3840x2560.jpg
Theme of this management policy presentation
to the next public stage
1. Fourth management policy announcement
Person in charge: President Nishino
2. financial reporting
Person in charge: Director Nozaki
3. personnel report
Person in charge: Corporate Planning Office Director Kanayama 4. guest lecture
Nadeshiko Co., Ltd. President Hosokawa
5. Dialogue interview
Former Japan national soccer player Takashi Inui
6. Employee Award Ceremony
Person in charge: Director Tamemura
Digest of the content of the 4th Management Policy Presentation [Image 2d103761-14-14411d9a99ee057f5e5f-1.jpg&s3=103761-14-151308fb510d109ef9cb2b65d37b2469-3840x2560.jpg
Representative Director and President Nishino
1. Fourth management policy announcement
From our representative Nishino,
・Initial thoughts at the time of founding for listing in 2025 ・Marketing strategy for each business
I was able to talk about. On top of that, I explained the policy of the three-year management plan to achieve listing.

[Image 3d103761-14-00fa0b432956d091a42a-5.jpg&s3=103761-14-cbdc1d350d8e3462f1b0c4d4953cd4c6-3840x2560.jpg
Director Nozaki
2. financial reporting
From our director Nozaki,
・Business performance in 2022
・Sales analysis of existing stores
・Regarding plans to open new stores in 2023
・Budget plan for 2023
We talked about four themes.

[Image 4d103761-14-c68599ffe81ec1887185-6.jpg&s3=103761-14-3b1254e0fa746899cec4ad608b768900-3840x2560.jpg
Corporate Planning Office Director Kanayama
3. personnel report
From our corporate planning office director, Kanayama,
・By 2025, the group will have 80 employees (increased by about 50) ・Establishment of a “development program” adapted to the expansion of personnel ・Establishment of an environment where a wide variety of human resources can play an active role
I talked about three themes.

[Image 5d103761-14-1962fb5df7bfbe73425c-7.jpg&s3=103761-14-2367c83093b7616ba7b89ecd7a47cb6d-3840x2560.jpg
Nadeshiko Co., Ltd. Mr. Hosokawa
4. guest lecture
Mr. Hosokawa, president of nadeshico Co., Ltd., took the stage and gave a lecture on the importance of working with a managerial mindset. [Image 6d103761-14-06336d749128770904f4-10.png&s3=103761-14-07bdeae01c4d7ba657d1896b39da465b-1870x918.png
Former Japan national soccer player Inui

5. Dialogue interview
We invited Inui, a former member of the Japan national football team, for an interview. Inui, who grew up in Shiga, talked about the important things to do as a soccer player, starting with his memories of Omi beef.
[Image 7d103761-14-a681addf93090fdf2e8d-9.jpg&s3=103761-14-cc034294362593fa390280aefd53d582-3840x2560.jpg
This year’s MVP Manufacturing Division Otsubo

6. Employee Award Ceremony
We held our annual employee awards ceremony. This time, the award ceremony was held in three categories: the Rookie Award, the Best Net Profit Award of the Year, and the 2022 Annual MVP.

About next year’s event
It will be held next year on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. We also accept tours from other companies, so if you have a company that would like to participate, please contact us from the company website.
Date: Tuesday, January 9, 2024
Time: 12:00-15:00
Venue: Ritto Performing Arts Center Sakura
Address: 2-1-28 Misuzu, Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture
Company information
Company information Company name: General Ohmi Beef Trading Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Tatsuhiro Nishino
Headquarters: 5-2-25 Misuzu, Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture 520-3031 Business description: Restaurant business, franchise business, meat wholesale/meat processing business, export business, ready-to-eat food business, tourism business
[Image 8d103761-14-0ff27b0056c4da471405-11.jpg&s3=103761-14-16a56dcac5979a2c9f9af730c2078080-617x530.jpg

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