Introducing 1000 yen products recommended for shopping around in the Rakuten shopping marathon and featured products with up to 50% coupons!

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Introducing 1000 yen products recommended for shopping around in the Rakuten shopping marathon and featured products with up to 50% coupons!
Shop around at the overwhelmingly popular shopping mall Rakuten!
Rakuten shopping marathon starts today! 1000 Yen Pokkiri recommended for shopping, featured products are now available!
Get it at a great price.
Rakuten shopping marathon starts today!
First enter from the special page. Half-price products are also available one after another.
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For Rakuten Shopping Marathon! 20 selections of 1000 Yen Pokkiri recommended for shopping without waste!

1000 Yen Pokkiri Products Recommended for Shopping at the Rakuten Shopping Marathon in January!
A sample of the eye cream “V Foaming Cream” released by the popular product Anasys is now available!
I want to try it first! Perfect for those who say.
[Image 1

[Trial size] Foaming cream 7ml
Take a look at the product page now-
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Korean cosmetics ANACIS sample 4-piece set 2300 yen
20% off the Korean facial equipment L-Face only now!
[Image 2d81952-144-90256e13173abb3fb963-1.jpg&s3=81952-144-fcd6228065f8a47ffeffd380355c21a9-1200x1200.jpg
Made its first landing in Japan through Gangnam Doll
ELFACE, a facial device born in Korea.
Although it is a facial device, it is different from the conventional one, It is a facial device similar to an electric acupuncture brush. Unlike the small and lightweight appearance, it is a powerful stimulus. Stimulates the muscles of the face and reduces worrisome face lines It improves sluggishness.
Just use it for 10 minutes every day
Daily makeup glue will be better!
Some places are small and do not take up space
One of the recommended points!
And you don’t need special gels or creams,
Some places can be used easily even over makeup
This is a recommended point.
♢Recommended for people like this♢
1. Beginners with facial equipment
2. Those who want to use it casually and easily
3. Those who like Korean beauty
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Outlet items are 50% off on a first-come, first-served basis! word of mouth
I was looking for a facial device and bought it because I often see it on Instagram. You can choose the output level you like, and if you increase it a little, your skin will be tightened and it will be effective! I was particularly worried about dull skin, but this one has a lymphatic mode and a skin elasticity mode, and I was looking for a machine that would drain the lymph and make the skin finer! ! It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but my skin tone has definitely improved. And the makeup glue is different! I bought this facial device and it has improved overwhelmingly ♪ It’s light so it’s convenient to carry around and I carry it with me even when I travel ^^ I highly recommend it! !
Popular No. 1! “Dermaskin peeling” where you can do authentic herb peeling at home
[Image 3d81952-144-dc5cf2ae9695f8404768-2.jpg&s3=81952-144-7af798c15c9f779fda87558d9fe9e41c-1200x1200.jpg
Dermask skin peeling from BQCELL, the best-selling product.
This is more than just a peel.
A special care product that allows easy herb peeling at home. You can expect a salon-grade effect, and you can visibly feel the change in your skin.
◇Recommended for people like this◇
1. Those who easily lose makeup due to keratin
2. Those who want to have moist skin
3. Those who want to have bright and smooth skin anyway
■Price: Regular price 9,800 yen (tax included)
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