IoT Consulting Co., Ltd. Survey of smartphone usage (2022)

IoT Consulting Co., Ltd.
Smartphone usage survey (2022)
-Survey on year-end and New Year sales and future expected campaigns-
IoT Consulting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Taichi Konno) published the results of a smartphone usage survey (2022) on the media “Location Phone” that delivers the latest information on cheap SIMs and smartphones. Announced.
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From the perspective of handling cheap SIM information at location phones, we conducted a questionnaire on which carrier was selected when applying for new or switching in 2022, the reason for contract, and the model purchased.

Survey results:
Aggregation period: January 12, 2023 to January 15, 2023
Target: 500 men and women in their 20s to 60s and older in the Internet questionnaire
■ Survey respondents on smartphone usage (2022)
[Image 2d19031-31-16715caf9372021406e0-1.jpg&s3=19031-31-3d4a441eb1b2ced337d043dea7e4b32b-1000x285.jpg
Female: 317
Male: 183
Under 20s: 107 people
30s: 194 people
40s: 130 people
50s: 61 people
Over 60s: 8 people
In this survey, more women responded, and many people, mainly in their 20s to 40s, responded.
■Did you sign a new contract or switch in 2022?
[Image 3d19031-31-8e25f860add9743b0e02-2.jpg&s3=19031-31-a15bda3e5b276b131c988ba105552854-1000x374.jpg
New contracts or transfers before 2021: 371
Transfer in 2022: 114
New contracts in 2022: 15
In response to the question as to whether they will sign new contracts or switch in 2022, 15 people answered new contracts and 114 answered that they switched from other companies.
It can be seen that about 25% of the total applied for new applications in 2022. In addition, 204 people answered that they changed carriers before 2021, so more than half of them have changed carriers, and it is expected that the number of carrier changes will continue to increase. ■Where will you be signing new contracts or switching carriers in 2022? [Image 4d19031-31-0c27a3a2917f8cd405cb-3.jpg&s3=19031-31-bf6683f9cf7d87e20b9c87ab60628479-1000x448.jpg
ahamo: 22 people
Rakuten Mobile: 21 people
UQ Mobile: 16 people
Ymobile: 14 people
Docomo: 11 people
povo: 9 people
au: 8 people
Softbank: 7 people
LINEMO: 7 people
Aeon Mobile: 3 people
OCN Mobile ONE: 3 people
Japan communication SIM: 2 people
mineo: 2 people
IIJmio: 2 people
NURO mobile: 1 person
HIS Mobile: 1 person
Cheap SIMs such as ahamo, Rakuten Mobile, UQ Mobile, and Ymobile were popular as carriers for new contracts or switching in 2022.
In particular, sub-brands of major carriers such as docomo, au, and Softbank occupy the top positions, and about 80% of people have contracted for cheap SIMs other than major carriers.
About 70% of the carriers before switching used a major carrier, so it can be said that many people switched from a major carrier to a cheap SIM.
■ Reason for contract
[Image 5d19031-31-b803efc13471c5caeaca-5.jpg&s3=19031-31-ad5d13c53c5e55acc343077c774daf69-1000x358.jpg
Because the monthly fee is cheap: 79 people
Because the family discount is substantial: 11 people
Because the terminal was bought at a good price in the campaign: 8 people Because the amount of data used has changed (the amount of data is insufficient, the amount of data is often surplus, etc.): 6 people Because I thought the communication speed was fast: 4 people Because it is safe with a major carrier: 4 people
Because the point reduction and cashback were advantageous in the campaign: 4 people
Because you are using other services provided by the carrier (optical line, electricity, etc.): 3 people
Introduction from acquaintances and friends: 2 people
Solicitation at home appliance mass retailers, department stores, supermarkets, etc.: 2 people
Because calls such as unlimited calls were advantageous: 1 person Others: 5 people
The most common reason for signing a new contract in 2022 or signing a new carrier was the answer regarding the price of “because the monthly fee is cheap”.
In addition, the most popular responses were related to fees, such as “there are a lot of family discounts” and “I was able to buy a device at a good price during a campaign”.
There were many responses regarding usage, such as “I thought the communication speed was fast” and “Because it’s safe with a major carrier.”
■ Timing of new contract or switch in 2022
[Image 6d19031-31-98d9bc7020200afa49cf-6.jpg&s3=19031-31-3a44fea0565c001ace15293bb46e129c-1000x416.jpg
January 2022: 10 people
February 2022: 8 people
March 2022: 13 people
April 2022: 10 people
May 2022: 7 people
June 2022: 13 people
July 2022: 16 people
August 2022: 9 people
September 2022: 9 people
October 2022: 10 people
November 2022: 11 people
December 2022: 11 people
After 2023: 2 people
March and July were popular as the time to sign a new contract or switch in 2022.
It is thought that many people sign a new career contract when they start a new life or when they receive a bonus.
As of January 2023, discount campaigns are being held for those under the age of 18 on Ymobile, UQ Mobile, etc., other than major carriers. Therefore, it is expected that more people will subscribe to such cheap SIMs in the future.
■ Models purchased in 2022
[Image 7d19031-31-6b033ddbe49f21043892-7.jpg&s3=19031-31-434dcf948ca078c83f63af9bc2cff2b4-1000x490.jpg
From the perspective that location phone deals with cheap SIM information, we conducted a survey on new contracts in 2022, carriers and reasons for switching, and purchased models.
From the perspective that location phone deals with cheap SIM information, we conducted a survey on new contracts in 2022, carriers and reasons for switching, and purchased models.
iPhone: 47 people
Galaxy: 10 people
Xperia: 9 people
AQUOS: 8 people
OPPO: 7 people
arrows: 4 people
Rakuten Hand: 3 people
Redmi Note: 2 people
Google Pixel: 2 people
Tablet: 1 person
HUAWEI: 1 person
moto g31: 1 person
About half of the models purchased in 2022 purchased an iPhone. Galaxy, Xperia, AQUOS, etc. were particularly popular on Android. [Image 8d19031-31-ee6eec137881c2ac9583-8.jpg&s3=19031-31-34785f14561e524bd89a638e4bc0b219-1000x472.jpg
iPhone 13 series: 12 people
iPhone 14 series: 9 people
iPhone SE3: 9 people
iPhone 12 series: 7 people
iPhone 11 series: 2 people
iPhone 8: 2 people
iPhone SE2: 2 people
iPhone SE: 2 people
iPhone XS: 1 person
iPhone XR: 1 person
The most popular iPhones were the latest models such as the iPhone 13 series, iPhone 14 series, and iPhone SE3.
Also, although the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE2 are not the latest models, they are models that can be purchased at bargain prices at terminal sales such as Y!
■Did you take advantage of the year-end and New Year sale?
[Image 9d19031-31-bc5008dedaf23c9d9952-9.jpg&s3=19031-31-69ef48a4fb3e723fe0b56c8f19683221-1000x443.jpg
Did not use: 251 people
Didn’t know in the first place: 228 people
Used: 19 people
From now on: 2 people
Year-end and New Year sales were held from December 2022 to January 2023 not only for major carriers, but also for cheap SIM such as Ymobile and UQ Mobile.
This year, there are campaigns that allow you to purchase devices at a great price, campaigns that increase point redemption, and
carrier-specific New Year’s gift campaigns.
About half of the respondents answered, “I didn’t know about it in the first place.”
■ Expected campaigns and plans in the future
Finally, I would like to pick up some comments on the question, “What kind of campaigns and plans would you like to see in the future?” ================
・I would be happy if there was a campaign such as a discount during my birthday month.
・Since all the campaigns are for new users, I would like to see more campaigns for long-term users.
・I would be happy if there was a cheaper plan with unlimited calls and unlimited packets.
・I would be happy if there was a campaign where the latest model is practically free for a fixed period of contract continuation. ・I would appreciate it if there was a plan that makes the model fee cheaper. It costs about the same price as a personal computer, so it is difficult to change the model.
・I remember about 10 years ago, there was a 50,000 yen gift campaign for first-time smartphone subscribers or those who switched phones. I would love to have this campaign again.
・In 2022, I changed the model using the welcome program. I’m happy to be able to always use the latest model, so this plan that allows you to change models at a great price is helpful.
・I would be happy if there were advantageous campaigns such as cashback and point redemption when changing models together as a family.
・It would be nice to be able to select 15 or 30 minutes free as the flat rate option can only be selected for 5 minutes or 60 minutes. ================
There were many requests for campaigns and plans that would lower the monthly fee and purchase price of the model. Especially popular were special campaigns when purchasing a model, discounts for long-term users and birthday month discounts.
There are many campaigns for new contracts and switching, so I would like to pay attention to campaigns for model changes and long-term users.
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