iRidge Co., Ltd. Introduced “Kit-Curu” LINE mini app to attract customers to “Minamisunamachi Shopping C enter SUNAMO”

iRidge Co., Ltd.
Introduced “Kit-Curu” LINE mini-app to attract customers to
“Minamisunamachi Shopping Center SUNAMO”
Offer stamp cards and coupons in shopping campaign from 1/10
iRidge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kentaro Oda, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth: 3917, hereinafter “iRidge”) is a service that allows you to develop and operate LINE mini apps for sales promotions with no code and low cost. “Kit-Curu”
( operates Minamisunamachi Shopping Center SUNAMO (hereinafter referred to as “Sunamo”) (location: Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo/operated by Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management) Co., Ltd.), and announced that the LINE mini app “SUNAMO+” has been released from January 10, 2023.
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Introduction background at Sunamo
 Sunamo is currently operating a LINE official account, and is implementing measures using functions such as facility information distribution, lotteries, and questionnaires. However, due to the fact that POS differs for each tenant (store), we have not operated a facility point card so far, and we are able to grasp customer attributes and behavior, such as what kind of customer uses which store and how often. I wasn’t able to do it. This time, by introducing “Kit-Curu” in parallel with LINE’s measures, it will be possible to retain customers through stamp cards, and based on customer data such as the number of visits that can be obtained with “Kit-Curu” In addition, we aim to optimize distribution from various analyzes and LINE official accounts.
About the LINE Mini App “SUNAMO+”
The LINE mini-app “SUNAMO+” will be released in conjunction with the “Kaimon Stamp Challenge” that will be held at Sunamo from January 10th to March 31st, 2023, and the initial release will provide stamp cards and coupons. Users can start using “SUNAMO+” by reading the QR code installed in the facility with a smartphone, and collect stamps every time they make a purchase of 1,000 yen or more including tax at the target store. Collected stamps can be exchanged for coupons that can be exchanged for novelties, gourmet coupons, or coupons. From the management screen, it is possible to analyze what kind of people use it, and in the future, we plan to support limited coupons for customers who use it frequently.
About “Kit-Curu”
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“Kit-Curu” is a sales promotion tool for the LINE mini app that allows you to perform CRM (customer relationship management), store visit analysis, and measures to attract customers without introducing a point system in-house. In addition to coupons, stamp cards, and lottery functions for instant wins (a type that allows you to see if you win or lose on the spot), it is equipped with a membership registration function, a questionnaire, and a friend introduction function. It is also possible to create segments based on the usage status of coupons and stamps, registered attribute information, survey data, etc., and issue coupons limited to specific customers, limited-time coupons, and limited-quantity first-come-first-served coupons.
By uploading images and other items from the management screen, you can develop a LINE mini app with an original design without coding, and you can start using it in as little as three weeks after applying. Also, as a major feature, the management screen is designed to be used based on “what kind of sales promotion measures you want to do”, so anyone can operate it without learning marketing knowledge or learning how to use each function separately. .
iRidge Co., Ltd.
iRidge Co., Ltd. is a corporate OMO (Online Merges with Offline), we support DX in a wide range of areas such as retail tech, fintech, MaaS, VUI (voice interface), and business support. In addition to its industry-leading track record in app planning and development, OMO support also has strengths in app marketing. We support improvement.
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