“Is an avatar type chatbot effective? Held a webinar on the theme of

Majisemi Co., Ltd.
“Is an avatar type chatbot effective? Held a webinar on the theme of
Is avatar-type chatbot effective for Majisemi Co., Ltd.? We will be holding a webinar on the theme.
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・This webinar is a rebroadcast (recorded distribution) of the webinar held on December 7, 2022.
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・ Considering unmanned / labor-saving stores and reception
・ Considering introduction of automatic reception / remote customer service ・ Looking for DX stories with the mission of promoting DX
・ I want to do effective product PR on my own product site
■ “Chatbot” has been introduced as a foothold for promoting DX Digital transformation (DX) is something many companies and
organizations are working on. As a foothold, many people are introducing “chatbots”. Automatic response programs that act like people in daily conversations are used in areas such as customer (employee) inquiries and marketing. In addition, as remote work spreads, it has become commonplace to provide online services instead of the traditional face-to-face format.
In addition to being used for in-house FAQs and call centers, chatbots are expected to be used to save labor and improve efficiency as an alternative to counter work and reception.
■FAQs and customer support alone are not enough. How to make the most of chatbots?
However, the current situation is that the use of chatbots is limited, such as for FAQs and help desks, etc.
Also, there are so many types of chatbots on the market. Each tool has its own features, such as tools that can be introduced easily at low cost, can be used in combination with manned chat, knowledge sharing such as internal rules and business manuals, external system linkage with business systems and SNS tools, and multilingual support. am. ■ Introduce examples of high-performance tools such as avatar-type concierges and various external system/UI linkages
New work styles and non-face-to-face, non-contact responses that have changed due to the corona crisis are now required. How can chatbots be used to shift to new customer service methods, such as downsizing, unmanned stores, and staff reductions?
In this seminar, we will propose a chatbot that has higher added value and can be expected to be introduced. We will introduce an avatar-type chatbot terminal that enables automatic reception/remote consultation that operates with animation, and a product recommendation system that ranks and displays the most suitable products and services from multiple candidates, with demonstrations and case studies.
If you are a person in charge who is considering using a chatbot that can be expected to be more effective, please join us.
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Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems Corporation
■ Cooperation
Open Source Utilization Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Majisemi Co., Ltd.
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