Ishikawa Zweigen Co., Ltd. Limited-time concept shop OPEN at Apita Town Kanazawa Bay on Saturday, February 4!

Ishikawa Zweigen Co., Ltd.
2/4 (Sat) Limited time concept shop OPEN at Apita Town Kanazawa Bay! hummel x WAYZ CONCEPT SHOP by zweigen

From February 4th (Sat) to February 19th (Sun), at Apita Town Kanazawa Bay in Kanazawa City, the apparel brand “WAYZ” developed by Zweigen Kanazawa and a Danish sports brand supplier. will open a limited-time concept shop for “hummel” in Apita Town Kanazawa Bay.
[Image 1d45234-619-dedf9d56e0e40d4330d0-0.jpg&s3=45234-619-317bfe5ded6e1bd530585781e9276eb7-1800x945.jpg
■ Fourth time for three consecutive years
Following 2021 and 2022, the concept shop will open before the start of the season. Last fall, it was the first time it was held in the middle of the season, and this is the fourth time. The location will be the same as in 2022, in the Kirei port (Building C) of “Apita Town Kanazawa Bay”.
■ Lineup
We have a large number of unisex products, and we have items that can be enjoyed by both men and women. From the standard colors of black, gray, and navy, to refreshing colors such as terracotta and green, light outerwear for the spring and summer of 2023 will also appear. [Image 2d45234-619-c11df9caa6c9a02b3b84-1.jpg&s3=45234-619-4f04417871dabd16cdccf90ab1ff2b3f-1800x945.jpg
In addition, we offer a wide range of apparel such as items that you can enjoy setting up as office casual, jackets that accent your everyday wear, bags and caps.
[Image 3d45234-619-c513e458d0f250be1fd8-2.jpg&s3=45234-619-f14ddfc6b541b33e167d4f444885258e-1800x945.jpg
From February 10 (Friday), the second week of the store opening, we plan to sell lucky bags containing player wear as Zweigen Kanazawa and goods using the 2023 uniform pattern.
[Image 4d45234-619-b746179fbb79969df7d4-3.jpg&s3=45234-619-2d287a7c4c8a2f351c86e0f98ebc2a56-1800x868.jpg

Uniform for the first prize! Garapon lottery held!
Bring a purchase receipt of 5,000 yen or more including tax at each tenant of Apita Town Kanazawa Bay to this shop and hold a Garapon where you can win discount coupons! “2023 Authentic Uniform” will be presented to the first prize!
[Image 5d45234-619-9b847e36a8b91078ef10-4.jpg&s3=45234-619-554484e3c6c2ecb660d1568bdaec69c4-1800x500.jpg
Eligibility: Those who have receipts for purchases of 5,000 yen (including tax) or more at each tenant of Apita Town Kanazawa Bay     *Except for Don Quijote across from Apita Town Kanazawa Bay and this shop Note: Receipts are limited to those issued during the opening period of this shop (February 4th to February 19th)
Others: Can be combined with multiple tenants
    Please come to this shop with a receipt that satisfies the above Prize: 1st prize 2023 authentic uniform (1 person)
    2nd prize hummel hand towel (100 people)
    3rd class Apita Town Kanazawa Bay specialty store shopping coupon (500 yen) (100 people)
4th prize Zweigen Kanazawa home game match ticket 500 yen coupon (1,800 people) [Image 6d45234-619-a9fda7079956b0dc7c0b-5.jpg&s3=45234-619-aa378d71eed43052a6b6bee1d57f04fc-1800x800.jpg
Store name: hummel x WAYZ CONCEPT SHOP by zweigen
Location: Apita Town Kanazawa Bay (4-56 Muryoji, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0333) Inside Kirei Port
Period: Saturday, February 4, 2023 to Sunday, February 19, 2023 Hours: 10:00 – 21:00 *According to Apita Town Kanazawa Bay
Click here for the concept shop special site:
Pre-open overview
Date: February 3 (Friday) 14:00-20:00
*Limited to media and invited customers.
When you come to the interview, please contact the following contact (Mr. Nakano).
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