IT service integrator BIPROGY introduces vulnerability management cloud “yamory”

IT service integrator BIPROGY introduces vulnerability management cloud “yamory” – Realizing the enhancement of DevSecOps through the use of SCA –
Vulnerability management cloud “yamory” (, hereinafter referred to as yamory) operated by the Visional Group is BIPROGY Co., Ltd. ) has been introduced.
For more than 60 years since its founding, BIPROGY has been providing contracted development and IT services for core systems and business systems in various industries as an IT service integrator. While promoting DevSecOps initiatives in the company’s IT service provision, yamory was introduced as a tool for utilizing SCA (Software
Composition Analysis).
This time, we interviewed Mr. Hazuki Murano of BIPROGY Tech Marketing & Design Planning Department and Mr. Tadataka Aihara of Process Outsourcing Division about the background of the introduction of yamory and the company’s efforts.
*AlesInfiny is a registered trademark of BIPROGY Co., Ltd.
[About Vulnerability Management Cloud “yamory”]
“Yamory” is a cloud service that automatically detects vulnerabilities in IT systems and manages and counters them. In addition to software vulnerability management, by providing security diagnosis and cloud configuration management (CSPM), it realizes all-in-one vulnerability countermeasures necessary for IT systems. We will streamline comprehensive vulnerability countermeasures for increasingly complex IT systems, aim for a world where technology can be used with peace of mind, and support the acceleration of DX in society.
Operating company: Assured Co., Ltd. (Visional Group)
[About Vision]
With the group mission of “New possibilities one after another”, we are developing various businesses that promote the digital
transformation (DX) of industry, mainly in the HR Tech area. We aim to build a corporate human resource utilization and human resource strategy (HCM) ecosystem, centered on recruitment platforms such as “BizReach” and the human resource utilization platform “HRMOS” series. In addition, we are launching new businesses one after another in the areas of M&A, Logistics Tech, Cyber ​​Security, and Sales Tech. URL:
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