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It turns out that the antibody titer against the Omicron variant BA.5 is “lower the younger the age group”! Sm art vaccination techniques and infection avoidance measures to “visualize infection risk” to protect young people from i nfection 

Protex Co., Ltd.
It turns out that the antibody titer against the Omicron variant BA.5 is “lower the younger the age group”! Smart vaccination techniques and infection avoidance measures to “visualize infection risk” to protect young people from infection
Publish the results of an independent survey of the amount of antibodies possessed by the new corona by age group

Protex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Wako City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Masao Nishizaki) investigated the antibody possession rate against the new coronavirus at its own laboratory from September to November last year, and found that conventional stocks and Omicron stocks BA.5 Antibody prevalence against (BA.4) was evaluated by age group.
The survey was conducted by grouping the subjects into three groups: teens to 30s, 40s to 50s, and 60s to 80s. As a result, about 27% of people under the age of 10 were vaccinated for the third dose (as of December last year). A trend has emerged.
In recent years, vaccination has been promoted under the initiative of the government, but while the fifth vaccination rate for the elderly is progressing smoothly, the third vaccination rate for those under the age of 10 is about 27%, which is far behind (2022). As of December 12, from the Prime Minister’s Office HP). In addition, at the 108th Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Advisory Board (November 30, 2022), a report was made on the “New Coronavirus Antibody Prevalence Survey Using Leftover Blood Samples for Testing at the time of Blood Donation”. It was revealed that the prevalence of N antibody obtained by infection increased with age.
Therefore, Protex Co., Ltd. independently investigated the amount of antibodies against the existing strain of the new coronavirus and the currently prevalent Omicron BA. We have decided to clarify
[Survey overview]
Test purpose: Investigation of the amount of antibodies against the new coronavirus
Inspection method: Quantitation of antibody against spike protein fragment (receptor binding region [*1]) of conventional strain and Omicron strain BA.5 (BA.4)
Target: 389 people living in Japan who received Easy Doc (R) “mutant strain antibody test” and consented to the survey
Sample collection period: September 12, 2022 to November 29, 2022. 【Investigation result】
In this survey, the subjects are grouped into three groups: teens to 30s, 40s to 50s, and 60s to 80s. As a result of examining the amount of each antibody (antibody titer) against the conventional strain and the Omicron strain BA.5 (BA.4), it was found that the younger the age group, the lower the amount of antibody (antibody titer). It is thought that the difference in the number of vaccinations appeared in the difference in the amount of antibody (antibody titer).
On the other hand, it was reported at the 108th New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Advisory Board, which is one of the factors that resulted in higher N antibody prevalence, which is an indicator of infected people, in younger people in age groups with lower vaccination rates. It may be said that
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What was suggested in this survey is the relationship between the low level of antibodies (antibody titer) among young people and the high infection rate. Considering the current situation where the corona disaster is not over yet, it may be necessary to further promote vaccination of young people, including teenagers, in order to protect themselves from infection. In addition, those who are hesitant to vaccinate due to the possibility of aftereffects or side effects should undergo an antibody test against the Omicron strain, and based on the results, consult with a doctor to vaccinate and consider the optimal infection prevention measures. We hope that you will have a sense of security not only for yourself, but also for your family and other important people.
Even those who are said to be fine because they are infected are said to be less likely to develop antibodies even if they are infected with the Omicron strain. In order not to regret later, we recommend that you take an antibody test to confirm that you have antibodies and check the risk of infection.
[Points to note in this survey]
In this survey, there is a “selection bias” that people who have a high interest in measures against the new coronavirus infection participated in the survey, partly because they cooperated with the test for a fee. This bias may have influenced the results of this study.
[Survey on changes in antibody titers of 4th vaccine recipients] On the other hand, it is known that even if the amount of antibody is high after vaccination, the antibody decreases with time. According to the report of the 108th Tokyo Metropolitan Government Novel
Coronavirus Infectious Disease Monitoring Meeting (the figure below is created based on meeting materials), the neutralizing antibody titer (RBD) after the 4th vaccination remained almost unchanged until 3 months after vaccination. , and then attenuates, and the amount of antibody (antibody titer) is about 1/4 in May-June. As a guideline, it was imagined that it would be necessary to consider strengthening infection prevention measures when about 4 months have passed after vaccination.
[Image 2

However, the type of antibody produced by vaccination and the amount of antibody (antibody titer) vary from person to person. In order to know the risk of an individual becoming ill, it is important to understand the amount of antibodies against the currently prevalent variant (BA.5). The level of antibody retention allows us to effectively understand the degree of possible risk, and by
understanding that risk, we can take appropriate infection prevention measures, including vaccination.
In May of this year, the government policy will shift from “equivalent to 2 types” to “5 types” (while infection control is shifting to the responsibility of individuals), and by visualizing the risk due to this amount of antibody possession, It is expected that efforts to prevent infection will progress.
[About the mutant antibody test used this time]
[Image 3

Until now, antibody tests have shown that antibodies have been produced by infection or vaccination, but it has not been possible to determine which mutants have the antibodies.
For this reason, Protex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Wako City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Masao Nishizaki) has developed an easy doctor that can test antibodies against four types of Omicron strains BA5, BA2, BA1, and conventional strains at home. (R) We provide “mutant strain antibody test”.
▽This service TV news
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[Omicron strain mutation trends in 2022]
According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the BA5 strain currently accounts for more than 90% of new coronavirus infections. And when the Tokyo Metropolitan Government analyzed the samples of infected people in Tokyo, it was said that BA1 was prevalent from January to March, BA2 was prevalent from April to June, and BA5 was prevalent from July onwards. [Reason why “mutant antibody test” is required]
[Image 5

There are individual differences in the degree to which antibodies are produced by vaccination or infection. In addition, it is known that the amount of antibody (antibody titer) that rises once after vaccination decreases as the days pass. By doing the Easy Doc (R) “mutant antibody test”, you can know how effective the vaccination is and how much the antibody is several months after the vaccination. [Characteristics of “mutant antibody test”]
In particular, it is possible to check the amount of antibodies (antibody titers) of three types of Omicron strains BA5, BA2, and BA1. Antibodies against BA5 mutants that are currently prevalent can also be seen. * Reference value: Reference value for comparison of test results set based on literature. Details are explained on the app [Benefits of taking an inspection]
Knowing that you or your relatives have sufficient antibodies can help you feel more secure in your everyday life. Also, if you know that your antibody level (antibody titer) is low, you can pay more attention when traveling or watching sports. In the future, we would like to develop it into a judgment material for vaccination timing. [Outline of service]
[Image 6

Product name: Easy Doc (R) “mutant strain antibody test” (for research) Inspection items: Omicron strain antibody test (RBD region), antibody test to examine the effect of vaccination.
Antibody test to check past infection history (optional test) Blood collection method: Self-collection * Blood collection can be done at home Inspection method: Microarray automatic measurement system, ELISA method Application method: Apply from the “Easy Doc (R)” site on your smartphone or PC Sales price: 9,900 yen (tax included)
[Site URL]
Easydoc (R) URL is
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Company name: Protex Co., Ltd.
Address: Wako Riken Incubation Plaza, 2-3-13 Minami, Wako City, Saitama Prefecture
Business: Research and development of highly sensitive detection technology for viruses and bacteria, manufacture and sale of reagents, etc.
*1 An antibody that binds to the receptor binding region can be a neutralizing antibody.
*2 The reference value (120 AU/ml) refers to the amount of antibody (antibody titer) that is estimated to have a sufficient virus-blocking effect in an experiment using cultured cells (this estimate is based on experimental results. ). However, it does not mean that the effect will be lost if the value falls below this standard value, and the probability of exhibiting a sufficient effect is said to decrease according to the amount of antibody (antibody titer) (for antibodies against conventional strains, half the standard value). probability of about 80%).

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