Itanji Co., Ltd. Itanji “Interior construction-kun” comes up with “Omakase Plan”, a restoration service agency service

Itanji Co., Ltd.
“Omakase Plan”, a restoration service agency service for Itanji “Interior Construction Kun”
Itanji supports a series of operations from matching with a
construction company to witnessing the move-out and completion of construction.

ITANGI Co., Ltd., which makes real estate rental transactions smooth with technology, has announced that from January 26, 2023, “Interior Construction Kun Omakase Plan”
( will be provided sequentially.
In this service, Itanji will secure the construction company of the real estate management company (hereinafter referred to as the “management company”) for the restoration work of the rental property, from witnessing the move-out to ordering the construction, managing the construction process and documents, and confirming the completion of the construction. It is a substitute service. The exchanged documents and necessary information are stored on the web, so management work is also efficient.
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◆ Background
In a normal real estate transaction, after the tenant has moved out, the management company needs to carry out restoration work such as replacing the wallpaper of the property, cleaning, and repair work. In the past, when requesting construction work from a construction company, the management company had to communicate the necessary information (*1) via e-mail, fax, telephone, etc., creating a complicated process. In addition, since it is necessary to communicate with the construction company by phone and e-mail, and to hand over documents and photos each time, such as ordering, estimating, negotiating the price, and confirming the construction process, each work takes time. This is the current situation. Also, during the busy season when there are many movings, there are cases where the work cannot be carried out smoothly, such as the difficulty in finding a construction company to request, or the construction being delayed and the vacancy period being extended.
◆ Overview
From January 26, 2023, in the order and management system “Interior construction-kun” for restoration work of rental properties, securing the construction company of the management company for restoration work of rental properties, ordering construction from witnessing the move out, and construction. We will gradually start offering the “Interior Construction-Kun Omakase Plan,” in which Itanji takes care of the process, document management, and construction completion confirmation. (*2)
“Interior construction-kun” released in August 2022 required the management company to secure the construction company by itself and communicate directly with the construction company using the “Interior construction-kun” system, but with this service, The management company can secure Itanji’s partner construction company (*3) without having to search for a construction company on its own, so
construction can be carried out without waiting time even during the busy moving season, leading to a reduction in the vacancy period of the property. In addition, by simply completing the usage procedure and registering the construction project on the web, and checking the quotations and witness reports sent from the construction company, we can eliminate the complicated exchanges with the construction company such as witnessing the move-out, field survey, etc. You can leave it all to the person in charge at Itanji. In addition, exchanged quotes and reports are automatically saved on the system and can be checked at any time, saving you the trouble of managing information. In addition, this service supports not only restoration work after moving out, but also repairs while moving in.
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Itanji will continue to face the real estate industry’s challenges and provide end-to-end support, from property search to interior construction, to promote smoother real estate transactions.
(*1) Moving-out date, requested moving-out date, property information, tenant/contractor information, details of special clauses in the lease agreement, etc.
(*2) Available from Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba (as of January 2023) (*3) A partner construction company is a construction company that has signed a partner contract with us. We regularly check the quality of our work.
◆ Inquiries from real estate agents regarding this service
TEL: 03-6441-3954 (10:00-18:00, excluding weekends and holidays) URL:
◆ Overview of ITANDI BB +
ITANDI BB + is a DX service group for real estate rental business that provides end-to-end support from property searches to previews, tenant applications, contracts, renewals, and move-out procedures, as well as customer management functions. We are promoting the realization of rental real estate business that responds to the new lifestyle of the with corona era, and currently it has been introduced by about 2,000 rental real estate companies and is used at about 49,000 brokerage offices.
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[List of services]
Customer management and automatic property proposal system “Nomad cloud” Automatic response system for property confirmation calls “Bukkakun” Rental housing viewing reservation WEB reception system “Naimi Reservation Kun” Real estate-related WEB application reception system “application reception desk”
Real estate-related electronic contract system “Electronic contract-kun” WEB update/move-out system for rental housing “Renewal move-out” “Interior construction-kun” ordering and management system for restoration work “RPA-kun” automation system for real estate-related operations, etc. Rental management cloud “ITANDI management cloud” (scheduled for spring 2023) ◆ Overview of Itanji
Itanji Co., Ltd. is a real estate tech company that provides services to solve problems in the real estate rental industry with the mission of “smoothing real estate transactions with technology”.
Our main business, SaaS services for rental management companies and brokerage companies, grew rapidly with ARR +70% (*1) compared to the previous year. The number of electronic occupancy applications through this service is about 630,000 per year (No. 1 in the number of occupancy application services used for two consecutive years) We are promoting DX in the rental real estate industry, such as achieving a reduction of about 5 million sheets of paper annually by going paperless for moving-in application documents. (*2)
(*1) ARR: Annual Recurring Revenue. Calculated by multiplying month-end MRR at the end of each quarter by 12. MRR includes monthly usage fees, pay-as-you-go charges, and income from ancillary businesses. Compare ITANDI BB+ ARR as of October 2021 and October 2022 (*2) Target period: April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. No. 1 research contractor: TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd. (Location: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Ryoma Matsumoto)
Company name: Itanji Co., Ltd.
Representative: Shinpei Noguchi, Representative Director, President and CEO URL:
Headquarters: Sumitomo Realty & Development Roppongi Grand Tower 40F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 2012
Capital: 36 million yen
Business description:
・Development and operation of “ITANDI BB”, a website for real-time real estate agents
・Development and operation of “ITANDI BB +”, a group of DX services for real estate rental business
・Development and operation of online real estate rental service “OHEYAGO”

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