J-move Co., Ltd. Otomemu Office All over Japan → Filling the world with energy! New idol group formation aud ition held!

J-move Co., Ltd.
All over Japan → Filling the world with energy! New idol group formation audition held!
Become a sparkling idol! Entry Deadline: February 28, 2023

Member auditions are being held to form a new idol group.
In order to fully support the dreams of women who want to become idols, Admission fee and lesson fee are free for successful applicants, and all basic activity expenses including transportation expenses will be borne by the office after debut.
Groups that have already made their debut and have a track record of one-man live performances and media appearances belong to them, and the support system of the office is firmly in place.
Entry method: LINE
Entry deadline: February 28, 2023
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Otomemu Office, which produces idols who fill the world with energy from all over Japan, has started accepting member auditions to form a new idol group.
Entry can be easily done from the LINE app, and those who pass the first screening can participate in idol lessons for free.
After debut, all basic activity expenses including transportation expenses will be borne by the office, and practice facilities that can be used anytime 365 days a year will be provided.
▽ Otomemu Office New Idol Group Formation Audition Official Site https://otomemu-audition.jp
▽ Otomemu office LINE official account for entries and inquiries https://lin.ee/yQzeCLf
LINE ID: @905dmloz
▽Entry deadline
February 28, 2023
▽ Merits of aiming for an idol debut at Otomemu Office
1. Activity costs 0 yen
In addition to free admission and lesson fees,
It is fully equipped with self-training facilities equipped with large mirrors and shooting facilities such as distribution, and can be used freely 365 days a year.
In addition, the office will bear all expenses related to activities such as costume fees and shooting fees.
2. Sticking to music, all original songs provided by professionals We will ask professionals who have worked on many representative songs of the idol industry and active artists to produce music.
3. Activities centered on one-man live
We also hold one-man live performances by all affiliated students and seasonal limited events.
A comedian may act as a guest MC!
▽ Eligibility
・Those who are not contracted with an entertainment production company or a specific music label
・Age: Under 22
·gender female
・ Those who can attend entertainment activities and lessons mainly in Tokyo ・ Those who can show their face in all contents
・ Those who can seriously work on idol activities
☆Inexperienced dancers and singers are also welcome as the lesson content is substantial!
▽ Selection flow
[Image 2

▽ Activities
・ Appearance in one-man live
・MV shooting
・Program appearance
・Corporate projects
and many others
It is also possible to expand the field of activity to celebrities. [Image 3

▽ Treatment
■Those who passed the first screening
Admission fee and lesson participation fee are free.
(Only transportation expenses will be borne by you.)
■ After debut
Basic expenses for activities such as lessons, costumes, photography, transportation expenses, etc. will be borne by the office.
Commission system.
▽ The instructors who support the activities are also first-class [Dance instructor]
■ 2011
Tokyo Dome SMAP back dancer
■ 2012
■ 2013
AKB48 “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” Back Dancer
■ Kiyoshi Hikawa backup dancer
In addition to choreography for many idols and singers, we also provide choreography for flash mob companies, showclubs, and restaurants.
[Voice training instructor]
Seika Setoyama
■ 1999
Received the Encouragement Award at the Kyushu/Okinawa Joint Starlight Audition ■ 2000
Major debut as a member of EARTH
33rd Japan Cable Awards / Cable Music Award
Received the 42nd Japan Record Awards Newcomer Award
■ Tie-up
・Ezaki Glico “Moose Pocky” “Poikaji” CM song
・Insert song for Nippon Television drama “Virtual Girl”
・Ending theme for TBS anime “Zoids”
・Opening theme for Fuji TV drama “Joshi Ana”
・TBS “Rank Kingdom” opening theme
・House Foods “Chat Time” CM song
・KAGOME “Morning Drinking Vegetables” CM song
many others
■ Appearance
・TV Asahi “Music Station”
・Fuji TV “FNS Music Festival” “HEY!HEY!HEY!”
・TBS TV “Utaban” “CDTV” “Japan Record Awards” “Japan Cable Awards” many others
☆ In addition, first-class professionals will back up everything related to activities, such as photographers, hair and makeup, choreography instructors, and composers.
▽ Otomemu office affiliated group introduction
[Image 4

The virgin’s figure stays for a while
Five people selected in the audition held in 2022.
Although she has no experience in dancing or singing, she has grown enough to hold a one-man live and appear on a TV program in the same year.
This audition does not require dance or singing skills when applying! As long as you are serious and enthusiastic, you can seize the chance to make your dreams come true!
☆Hold the appearance of a virgin for a while
One-man live performance
Appearance in live performance against the band
Performed by Mayobaka Gakuen
Scheduled to appear in the B-League halftime show
Shibuya Cross FM appearance
Shimokita FM regular appearance
Kyoka appeared in the drama “Open please”
MV shooting
many others
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMFRtgZCv98]

▽ Comment from the person in charge of the audition
All you need is your sincere thoughts.
・Fill all over Japan with energy with the power of “idol”!
・ I want to deliver happiness and excitement to many people! ・I want to enjoy singing and dancing!
・I want to make my dreams come true!
That feeling is transmitted, creates excitement, transforms into energy, We will connect people from friend to friend, spread endlessly, and fill Japan and the world with energy.
Because we want to make dreams come true together with you who are serious We will support you thoroughly!
We are looking forward to your application!
▽Operating company information
J-move Co., Ltd. Otomemu Office
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